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Cosmetic problems can make person’s life worse. Glamorous clinic is a leading provider of cosmetic surgeries and uncountable non-surgical treatments in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our goal is to provide high quality cosmetic surgery services to our patients. We are known for excellent results and congenial environment that we provide to our patients.

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We have practitioners who are well-trained in aesthetic field. They have 30+ years of experience and are still working to gain more. These experts are helping millions of individuals to help them loo

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We welcome you to meet our expert cosmetologists if you are seeking best results cosmetic surgeries or non-surgical procedures. Glamorous clinic offers several anti-aging treatment to help you get a


Glamorous clinic is well-known for its highest customer satisfaction ratings. We have more than 10,000 happy patients who are completely satisfied with the outcomes of our aesthetic procedures. Our e

Glamorous Clinic Islamabad

Cosmetic surgeries aim to improve the aesthetic appearance of the person. At Glamorous clinic, we have an excellent team of cosmetic surgeons, skincare specialists, trichologists, cosmetic dentists and staff. Our expert know what you are looking for and always available to pamper you as per your desires. The clinic’s doors are always open for you to get in touch with our best plastic surgeons and skincare specialists.

About Us

Glamorous clinic is an award winning cosmetic surgery and laser & skincare clinic located in the heart of Pakistan. We are delighted to announce that our providers use innovative cutting edge technologies to provide wonderful results to the sufferers. Common cosmetic procedures that we offer at our clinic include liposuction, tummy tuck, brea

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Compromising on quality and safety of the treatment increases risks of patient’s complications. Dynamic clinic has never compromised on both these things. Some cosmetic procedures expensive but they always provide excellent results. The clinic has promised to be the best. We all know that how confident you feel when you walk out a cosmetic clinicwith being satisfied from the service you received.You can get the looks you have always wished for and enhance your beauty from head to toe.

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What Our Clients Say

  • My decision of getting laser hair removal treatment from glamorous clinic was awesome. I’m extremely satisfied and happy from the results I got.

    Sania.A Laser Hair Removal
  • Yesterday I visited the clinic to attend my first session of hyperhidrosis treatment. At first I was nervous but after spending some time I was completely fine because the staff was very co-operative and friendly. I’m looking forward to my next session

    Waqas.B Hyperhidrosis Treatment
  • Had hand rejuvenation treatment today and I’m ecstatic satisfied by the results. Love this clinic. Their healthcare services were extra-ordinary and the environment was very friendly.

    Tayyaba.H Hand rejuvenation
  • I’ve been visiting Glamorous Clinic for months to get PRP treatment. They have always tried their level best to deliver best results to me. I highly recommend this clinic to others because the treatment went really well.

    Bilal.M PRP Treatment

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