Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Pakistan Islamabad Aqua Price

A few years ago it was not possible to attain a bright and white skin color as there were no effective procedures that can alter the skin as per the desire of the patient. A lot of people these days are more concerned about beauty and aesthetics in which the white skin tone is the main one. To convert dark skin into a whiter one, the best and most modern technology is the Aqua Skin Whitening Injection in Pakistan. Most of people think that these injections are really expensive and not in the range of an average person which is not true at all. The Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Islamabad, Pakistan is in the range and really reasonable. You can have an idea from the blog below!

What are Skin Whitening Injections?

These are whitening injections that contain vitamin C in them. The skin tone will become fair and bright after the treatment. The effects of the procedure become visible after some sessions. A safe and effective treatment for dark complexion. These injections are injected into the vein and muscles. Time required to complete the process s about 15 to 20 minutes. 

Results of the Treatment:

The outcomes of the treatment will become visible after three months. Almost 12 injections are required to treat the issue. The outcomes of the injection are not permanent so at least one injection is needed per month to maintain the results. 

Ideal Candidate:

Anyone who has the following issues or goals is the perfect candidate for the treatment:

  • People with dull dark skin tones
  • If you want to gain full confidence
  • You should be an adult to opt for the treatment
  • You must have a realistic approach 
  • Wanna have bright & glowy skin 


The Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Pakistan range from PKR 20,000 TO PKR 50,000. However, the treatment  price relies on various elements, these elements are present below:

Factors on Which Price Depends:

Standard of the Clinic:

It depends on the reputation of the clinic from where you are receiving the treatment because level plays an important role in therapy. The more respectable and popular clinic delivers impacts that are wanted by the patient.

Establishment of the Hospital:

The place at which the clinic is currently present specifies the price of the procedure. As our is present in Islamabad the cost for the therapy is according to its location. 

Services Available at Clinic:

If your clinic is providing you with facilities that are for your comfort then you will spend accordingly. 

Knowledge of the Physician:

When the medic is skilled & more encountered then he will demand more of the strategy as he totally comprehends how to tackle the procedure.

The Condition of the Patient:

The condition of the patient’s skin selects the overall expense structure. People with more skin issues require more effort. 

Number of Injections Used:

The number of injections needed to treat skin diseases decides the charges for the treatment.  Worse skin conditions require more injections 

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