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The first and most fundamental requirement of a human personality is to have a full crown of hair, and this desire never goes out of style. But unfortunately, some people experience significant hair loss, which can lead to balding issues and is more typical in males. Fortunately, we have good news for you. No need to worry; now you can fulfill your dreams. New hair regrowth PRP therapy Islamabad can assist you to achieve your full head of hair, thanks to the cosmetic industry’s steady advancements, but there is always one thing that bothers humans, which is suitable facility selection. If you too are curious about it, avoid wasting your valuable time; we have the Best Doctors for PRP Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Islamabad  just go through the complete page and grab your answer.

Aims of the PRP Treatment:

PRP treatment is the safest and most natural therapy, It is quicker than other aesthetic procedures,  and it can improve hair growth; it has no side effects because no chemicals are involved in this procedure; an individual’s own blood is extracted from the body and then filtered for the extraction of plasma. As the platelets and red blood cells contain growth factors, which are great for promoting rapid wound healing and tissue regeneration, they are then injected into the targeted site. In addition, this platelet behavior not only addresses hair loss issues but it works as an age-reversal remedy and heals practically all skin irregularities. It is also approved by the FDA.

Pre-Procedure Care:

The Best Doctors for PRP Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan must advise you on precautions before the treatment for effective outcomes, and you should make the necessary preparations for this. The pre-procedure care is given below:

 Avoid alcohol product consumption.

  • Avoid taking thinners, medications, or homeopathic remedies because they can have a negative impact on your health.
  • Avoid smoking, and ensure that you only take medications as directed by your doctor.

PRP Injection Procedure:

The process is easier to use as a whole than any other sophisticated surgical method. It is performed in the following steps:

  • Firstly, the expert will take a particular amount of blood (which determines how much of the sample will be used) from the patient’s arm and centrifuge it to separate the platelets and plasma.
  • Then, a prepared plasma mixture is administered to the exact areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss or thinning.
  • Direct circulatory contact with injected plasma improves follicular health and causes substantial regrowth.
  • The span of the process is very minimal; it depends on the applicant’s severity of the blading area.
  • Then you will be advised about post-process care and the next session.

Recovery and Aftercare:

After getting done with the treatment, you can resume your normal activities without experiencing any major setbacks. If at all feasible, take a few days off from work to rest. Additionally, to protect the treated area, wear a clean cap. You can resume applying topical ointments to your scalp after 48 hours, but you must follow the below-mentioned tips for quick outcomes:

  • Avoid combing for at least one weak.
  • Keep the place dry and protected.
  • Do not scratch the targeted area.
  • Do not apply any hair transplant color from the chemical until final outcomes.

Benefits of PRP Treatment:

This treatment option serves in a variety of ways, and you can gain significant abilities from this process. The main advantages are given below:

  • It strengthens the hair by preventing the current hair from thinning.
  • It increases the existing hair’s diameter.
  • The risk-free process involves no cuts or incisions.
  • Because your own material is used, the technique is non-allergenic, and there is no rejection.
  • Through regeneration, the scalp will have less fatty dandruff.
  • The hair is getting darker and denser as it is connected.
  • It is a completely non-invasive method.


The Cost of PRP Therapy in Islamabad starts at PKR 13,000,  It is a general estimate of the expense because it varies and can be influenced by multiple factors, including the restorative area, the number of sittings, the physician’s level of knowledge, and the clinical location of the center. Contact us if you’re looking for effective results at reasonable prices. You won’t need to pay more because we offer the high-quality services of qualified doctors.

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PRP therapy is presently gaining popularity as a remedy for almost all hair problems. From minor to extreme, it affects every particular place, even the ones that are exceedingly challenging to access. The most suitable approach of effort to determining and treating your hair problem is from a very standardized place. Glamorous Cosmetics has the Best Doctors for PRP Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. You can determine any queries; we are always available to provide you with the knowledge of the professionals, also we are offering our first free consultation, just fill out the below-given form.