Best Doctors for Psoriasis Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition and your dermatologist or the doctor can be the right partner in clearing your skin from this. Psoriasis can be painful and it is necessary to manage it with special care and treatment. Anyone can get it on any part of the body and especially in the sensitive areas of the body. It is important to find a skin expert with whom you are comfortable and who performs the treatment in the right way. If you are in search of the Best Doctors for Psoriasis Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan then keep reading the following blog as we will dive deeper into it.

Psoriasis Treatment:

The Glamorous Clinic has skin care experts who will examine your psoriasis condition and will perform the treatment accordingly. The two most common types of psoriasis are as follows:

  • Topical Treatment:

If the psoriasis is on a small area of the body and mild then the skin expert will prescribe you topical medications. It may include retinoids which will slowly reduce the overproduction of cells. Most importantly you should not buy any topical creams or ointments if the doctor has not prescribed them as they can worsen your psoriasis.

  • Phototherapy:

In phototherapy, the UV rays of a specific wavelength are directed toward the affected area of the body. This light will reduce skin inflammation and will normalize the excess production of cells and helps in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

For getting the treatment make sure you choose a highly skilled and expert dermatologist so he will perform the treatment in the best way.


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What Kind of Doctor Treats Psoriasis?

A skincare expert or a dermatologist will treat the psoriasis condition. A dermatologist deals with all skin concerns. He will design a treatment plan for you according to your skin condition and need and will perform the treatment accordingly.  

Tips to Find the Best Doctors for Psoriasis:

Make sure the doctor to whom you are going is the Best Doctor for Psoriasis in Islamabad & Pakistan. Following are the tips which will help you to figure out who is the best doctor:

  • They have a history of treating many psoriasis patients with successful results
  • They are up-to-date and use the latest techniques and medical equipment
  • He is a board-certified doctor
  • He listens to all your desired goals carefully
  • The doctor is well known for his amazing work

Glamorous Clinic Features Best Doctors:

At the Glamorous Clinic, we ensure that every treatment is performed in the perfect way. Our clinic has been awarded one of the best skin care clinics. We have highly qualified dermatologists who are famous for their work and friendly behaviour. Following are the two best dermatologists in Islamabad that we have are:

  • Dr. Asmat:

Dr. Asmat has an FCPS in dermatology and is one of the most skilled and expert doctors. He is an expert in performing aesthetic procedures and treating skin concerns. If you have psoriasis and you want treatment then must get a consultation with him. You can trust him blindly. He will examine your skin and will suggest you the treatment accordingly. Dr. Asmat will help you get clear skin with no risk of any side effects.

  • Dr. Shahnaz Muazzam:

She is one of the most experienced dermatologists who has been treating skin concerns for more than 22 years. The techniques and equipment she uses are the most advanced. She has a specialization in cosmetology and dermatology. Dr.Shahnaz will treat all your skin-related concerns in the best way. She will listen to all your desired goals and will perform the treatment. Want to know more about Dr.Shahnaz then check her credentials.

Decide the Psoriasis Treatment with a Dermatologist:

The doctor will select the type of treatment based on the following points:

  • The severity of the psoriasis
  • Your past medical and skin history
  • Experience with the previous treatment

You should keep in mind that it will take some time to select the best treatment after considering some points and your skin sensitivity level. 

Final Thoughts!

If you are dealing with psoriasis and want to get rid of it, then book an appointment with the Best Doctors for Psoriasis Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan by filling out the form. Our dermatologist will guide you about the treatment procedure and will perform the treatment in such an effective manner that you will achieve the desired results in a short period of time.