Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Islamabad Glamorous Clinic

Short Scar Breast Augmentation represents a modern advancement in cosmetic surgery, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their breast size and shape with precision and minimal scarring. Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Islamabad Pakistan, also known as limited incision breast augmentation or minimal scar breast augmentation, has revolutionized the field by providing patients with natural-looking results and shorter recovery times. 

Short Scar Breast Augmentation:

Short Scar Breast Augmentation, in short, minimal incision breast augmentation, and limited scar breast augmentation are the same. It is a surgical procedure that increases the size and improves the shape of the breast with the slightest visible scarring. Unlike traditional breast augmentation surgeries where scars can be easily visible, the short-scar techniques use incisions that are minimized in size and strategically placed to create the illusion of a scar-less augmentation procedure.

Aim of the Treatment:

This novel technique aspires to give the patients realistic results as the new tissue blends perfectly with the existing breast tissue; in effect, the patient’s appearance improves and so does their self-esteem. Applying small incisions and the latest surgical techniques Short Scar Breast Augmentation leads patients to pleasant outcomes with minimum damage around the tissues whereby there are better recovery times and higher patient satisfaction.


A major benefit of this procedure is the avoidance of visible scars due to the creation of small, subtle incisions which are designed considering anatomical features like the contour and direction of scars. It causes scars that are flatter and they also go with the natural curves of the breasts, promising a more desired aesthetic end-product. Beyond these, the accuracy in terms of position and clinical placement as well as contouring impacts the creation of the natural breast appearance. To patients, expecting soft and symmetrical breasts that are appropriately proportionate to their body leads to a feeling of increased self-confidence and a sense of contentment with their appearance.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Individuals seeking to enhance the size and shape of their breasts
  • Patients desiring minimal scarring and natural-looking results
  • Those with realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure
  • Individuals in good overall health with no underlying medical conditions that may pose risks during surgery
  • Non-smokers or those willing to quit smoking before and after the procedure to promote optimal healing
  • Patients who have completed their breast development and are at a stable weight

Pre Procedural Instructions:

  • Follow the surgeon’s dietary guidelines before surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking and limit alcohol intake.
  • Arrange transportation to and from the clinic.
  • Complete preoperative tests and evaluations.
  • Discontinue certain medications as directed.
  • Maintain hydration and a balanced diet.
  • Prepare home for post-operative care.
  • Adhere to additional pre-operative instructions from the surgeon.

The Procedure:

Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan procedure includes incisions in the areola region, under the breast fold, or in the axilla (armpit) but these will depend on the patient’s particular anatomy and desire. The surgeon by using these incisions smartly creates a pocket either behind the breast skin or beneath the thick pectoralis major muscle of the chest. These can be pushed out or compressed leading to a fluctuation in the intended contour to be achieved. Hence, the implants will be placed to suit the desired size and shape.

Recovery Period:

Ladies who have Short Scar Breast Augmentation should be informed that the healing period usually lasts up to several weeks. If there is some pain, swelling, and inflammation around the breasts during the first days post-surgery, they will pass the time and get better. Almost all people can revert to limited activities even within a few days but for the next couple of weeks, you should avoid the tasks which are strenuous or heavy and allow the body time to heal completely well. Surgical components are worn according to the doctor’s instructions for comfort while swelling is also minimised. The doctor will also require you to follow up with all the post-surgery appointments to check up on the repeat success and also answer any query that will arise.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • As recommended, take your pain control medicine to relieve your pain.
  • For the subsequent weeks, be sure to steer clear of strenuous exercises and heavy object lifting.
  • Comply and put a sports bra on like your doctor advises.
  • Keep all the follow-up appointments for monitoring and guiding you.
  • By wound care, you will be advised to follow and do what your surgeon tells you.
  • Have a balanced diet and sufficient water intake for healing post-treatment.

Cost of the Treatment:

The cost of Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Islamabad Pakistan typically varies depending on factors such as the surgeon’s experience, the location of the surgical facility, the type of implants used, and any additional procedures performed concurrently. On average, patients can expect to pay anywhere from PKR 250,000 to PKR 600,000 for the procedure. It’s important to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to obtain an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Final Thoughts!

If you’re considering Short Scar Breast Augmentation, schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and determine if this technique is right for you. With careful planning and expert guidance, you can achieve the beautiful, balanced breasts you desire while enjoying a swift recovery and renewed confidence.