Botox for Wrinkles Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan Price & Cost

Botulinum is used to reduce wrinkles, forehead lines, and creases around the corners of the eyes without surgery. With no anesthesia, no scarring, and minimal to no delay, the injectable takes place in the clinic and the procedure lasts for five minutes. Injecting the toxin has evolved into a routine aesthetic treatment. Since 2002, Botulinum Cosmetic has emerged as a viable option for treating facial wrinkles. When administered by a licensed and skilled doctor, it has an excellent safety record. An odd appearance shouldn’t follow an effective treatment.

The person can scowl, grin, or act astonished without developing creases and wrinkles across their face. The results are minor, and they won’t noticeably alter their appearance as though they had received treatment. Read all about the Botox for Wrinkles Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & PakistanΒ on the page below.

The Essence of Treatment:

By inhibiting the main chemical signals, Botox prevents movement. According to the notion, regular Botox users decrease their facial muscles over time, which slows the transformation of active lines into static wrinkles. In essence, the person is reducing facial muscle movement and limiting muscular contractions. Consequently, they are delaying or stopping the development of creases over time. Doctors emphasize that wrinkling is delayed rather than eliminated.


The toxin’s effects are assured and reliable. By hiding the appearance of creases and wrinkles on the skin, it helps the client look youthful and vibrant. Along with many other medical difficulties, it aids in treating migraines, crossed eyes, excessive sweating, and other disorders. This impact is however transient. The tendons are entirely capable of constricting the skin once more after three to four months. Re-treatments are thus required to keep the effect lasting.

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  • It is a very safe and efficient form of treatment.
  • The skin looks smooth and supple when the creases are addressed.
  • The process is easy and painless.
  • It gives one a new, young appearance.
  • The individual gains more self-assurance and self-worth.
  • A recipient’s look is enhanced and upgraded
  • A single treatment only lasts for a few mins.

Ideal Candidate:

If you have a modest to severe appearance of wrinkles and forehead creases, you are an excellent candidate for Botox injections. Individuals whose wrinkles haven’t been strongly ingrained for decades respond to Botox the quickest. It is significantly more beneficial to begin in your 30s, 40s, or perhaps even 50s than to use Botulinum for the very first time in your 60s or 70s. But many individuals of all ages who see effectiveness with Botox stay using it for years to prevent wrinkles.

How Do the Injections Work?

The way Botox for Wrinkles Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan functions is by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for face creases. The best part about botox is how well-targeted it isβ€”it just treats the desired location while leaving the nearby areas unaffected. This injection, which is a secure, FDA-approved version of the neurotoxic protein known as botulinum toxin, prevents muscles from contracting and wrinkling the skin by blocking nerve signals.

Initial Consultation:

The skin specialist will talk about your problems with creases and the various treatments you have undergone throughout the Botox appointment. The individual is required to inform us more about their treatment objectives. Doctors will assess the health history and the severity of the wrinkles. If the individual chooses to undergo a Botox procedure, doctors will design the best treatment strategy to address each wrinkle issue. Do not be afraid to inquire about the course of treatment.

The physician checks to see if the patient has an allergy to the poison. Before beginning the therapy, a test is conducted on a tiny region for this. To check the state of the epidermis, a clinical diagnosis is also done. The specialist will next provide a set of guidelines to be performed to get ready for the injections.


According to the treatment region, the Botox procedure typically lasts 15 minutes. For the majority of individuals, Botox injections can be performed without anesthetic. However, in some circumstances, a topical anesthetic may be used. Small doses of the Botox solutions will be administered in multiple treatment regions. Depending on the facial characteristics and the depth of the creases, the number of injections per location may change.

  • The specialist cleans the region to be addressed before marking the spot where the poison will be administered.
  • To create the mixture, the toxin is combined with a saline solution.
  • Then, a fine syringe is used to administer the injections.
  • The markings are gradually taken off, and then the substance is administered right into the muscles.
  • The technique is not performed under anesthesia.
  • The therapy is typically not too painful, and following treatment, the patient can resume their normal activities.


  • After receiving the injectable, the treated area shouldn’t be in direct sunlight for several days.
  • The individual shouldn’t use any chemical-containing cosmetics or undergo any other procedures on the injection site.
  • Additionally, consuming alcohol and smoking should be prevented for at least two weeks.
  • Everybody recovers completely at a different pace. It often takes two weeks to fully recover.

Side Effects:

  • The person must get the injectable again after a few months, or at least 2 times a year, to keep the outcomes because this isn’t a lasting solution.
  • The treated area may bleed a little after the treatments.
  • Other small complications could include sickness or stomach trouble.


The average cost of Botox for Wrinkles Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan ranges from Rs. __ to Rs. __ per injection. The final cost of the treatment depends on the current condition of the patient and their requirements. The final estimate is determined by the dermatologist.

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