Alarplasty in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost and Price

Do you wish to enhance your asymmetrical or wider nostrils? Or do you feel self-conscious about how your nostrils appear? The cosmetic procedure of Alarplasty in Islamabad Pakistan offers a safe and effective solution for individuals seeking to address their wide and asymmetrical nostrils to achieve a more balanced profile. In this guide, we’ll help you discover more details about this cosmetic surgery procedure, its working, and its benefits. So keep reading to learn more insights into the procedure.

Understanding Alarplasty!

Alarplasty or alar base reduction is a cosmetic procedure that aims to correct the wider nostrils by reshaping or refining them. This procedure focuses on correcting the wider nostrils to help achieve balanced facial harmony. By sculpting the nostrils the procedure helps one achieve a more proportionate and balanced appearance. It provides a natural-looking contour to the entire face. So, if you lack confidence in your life due to your wider nostrils, then the alarplasty might be the best solution to your problem.

Results Alarplasty Offers:

The alar base reduction process can offer the following results:

  • It helps improve facial symmetry by refining the width and shape of the nostrils.
  • Enhanced nasal aesthetics that complement the overall facial features.
  • The procedure has minimal scarring and a short recovery period in comparison to other nasal surgeries.

Candidates Who Can Opt For Alarplasty:

At our clinic, our surgeons will first examine your suitability criteria for the treatment to make sure that you are in good health to undergo the surgery:

  • Individuals who have wide or asymmetrical nostrils that detract from facial harmony.
  • People who desire to refine the appearance of their nose without significant nasal tip or bridge alterations.
  • One must be in good health to be an ideal candidate for the surgery.
  • People who understand the risks and benefits associated with alarplasty and are committed to following the pre and post-surgical instructions.
  • The right candidates for the treatment are those individuals who donot like the shape of their wider nostrils and are aiming to correct it through surgery.

Preparing For Alar Base Reduction Surgery:

It’s very essential to consult a professional plastic surgeon when it comes to delicate nasal surgeries. One wrong step by an inexperienced surgeon may lead to the worst surgical outcomes. When you visit our expert surgeons at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad they will first examine your nasal shape and then will inform you about some pre-procedure instructions that you must follow:

  • When you consult an experienced plastic surgeon make sure to be very open about your concerns and expectations regarding the procedure.
  • Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the procedure.
  • The patients will have to avoid their current supplements and smoking in the weeks leading up to surgery.
  • The patients must follow the surgeon’s instructions about fasting on the day of surgery.
  • If the patients have any allergies or infections they must inform their doctor about them before the surgery.
  • The patients will also have to avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages a month before their nasal surgery.

A Surgical Guide To Alarplasty:

The alar base reduction is an outpatient procedure performed by experienced surgeons at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad.

  • The initial step of the procedure is making the markings on the nostrils to be adjusted, taking into account the patient’s desired outcome and facial proportions.
  • After giving the patient anesthesia the plastic surgeon will begin creating incisions on the marked points. These incisions can be either made inside or outside of the nose depending on the surgical technique chosen.
  • After carefully creating incisions the surgeon will then remove the extra tissues or cartilage from the wing of the nose to achieve a more symmetrical appearance.
  • Then the surgeon will meticulously close the incisions making sure that there is no visible surgical scar left behind.
  • The patient is observed for several hours and then is given proper recovery instructions. 

A Guide To Recovery:

Although the alarplasty procedure has a quicker recovery period than other nasal surgeries the patients will notice certain swelling and bruising for quite some time.

  • The patients will also observe certain pains after the surgery but our surgeons will prescribe the best painkillers to help with the pain in the healing period.
  • The patients can observe better, visible results once the post-surgical swelling and bruising subsides. This might take a few weeks so please be patient in your recovery period.
  • You must wear your nasal splint for a few weeks.
  • It’s essential to sleep keeping your head in an elevated position.
  • Do not excessively touch or rub your nose area.
  • Visit the doctor for the removal of stitches at the proper time.

Alar Base Reduction Benefits:

  • The treatment helps improve the width of the nose while enhancing one’s facial harmony and symmetry.
  • Individuals gain more confidence and self-assurance in themselves.
  • The best part of the procedure is that it not only fixes your wide nostrils but also offers minimal, less visible scarring.
  • You will no longer have to hesitate about your nasal asymmetry.
  • The nose will appear to be more proportionate and balanced.

Alarplasty Cost Details:

Well, the Cost of Alarplasty in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan at Glamorous Clinic will vary for each patient depending on the shape and size of their nostrils. You must know that as this is a cosmetic procedure no insurance can cover its cost. Other factors that may influence the cost are:

  • The reputation of the clinic you choose.
  • Type of surgical incisions.
  • The experience of the plastic surgeon.
  • The complexity of the alar base reduction.

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