Everyone wants a perfect pair of butts. There are ways by which you can enhance their appearance and Brazilian butt lift is one of them. Brazilian butt lift is also known as “Buttock augmentation with fat transfer”. We have thousands of customers who are happy with the results they got from the treatment. It is the best solution to get a physique you wish for. In this treatment, the size of butts is increased by transferring fat thus the overall look is improved. The procedure has gained a lot of popularity because of its highly convincing results.

Aim of the Treatment:

The Brazilian Butt Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan aims to make the butts look bulky by increasing its volume. The patient’s own fat is injected in the butts to add fullness to them. The treatment is safe and delivers wonderful results to the patients. Keep this in mind that it is not a suitable option for you if you are bothered by excess and sagging skin on buttocks because it is not a butt lifting procedure.


As a result of the treatment, you will get a smoother, firmer, rounder and bigger butts. The results will become noticeable once the swelling subsides completely. They are long-lasting but require maintenance. One session is not enough to get the exact results you want. In most of the cases, the patient has to wait for about 6 to 8 months to see the final improvement. Sometimes, Brazilian butt lift is performed along with Sculptra fillers to get maximum results of the treatment. It not only enhance buttocks but also helps the patient lose fat in common problem areas.


If you are not happy with the appearance of the backside then you can consider Brazilian butt lift in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. You are a perfect candidate for treatment if,

  • You want to get a well-sculpted and attractive figure
  • You butts are flat and you feel like they need fullness
  • You are physically healthy and your age is above 18
  • You are a non-smoker and you do nor consume alcohol
  • You have butts that are relatively smaller than other body parts
  • You want to increase the size of butts without using implants


Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure has countless benefits. A few of them are listed below,

  • Get a fuller, rounder and appealing buttock contour
  • Gives a good shape to bumps
  • The results are natural-looking and last for many years
  • No implants are needed therefore it is less-invasive as compared to traditional buttlift
  • Gives aesthetically attractive look to the flat butts
  • Corrects balance between upper and lower body
  • Low risk of complications and side-effects


The treatment is available for both men and women but mostly, women tend to get this because of being more beauty conscious. You need to prepare yourself for the treatment ahead of time. Here are some tips that will help you get the best results of the treatment,

  • Avoid smoking and stop alcohol consumption 2 weeks before the treatment
  • Discontinue taking blood-thinning medications to get better healing results
  • Take all the prescribed medications regularly


The procedure is simple and outpatient, no night stay is needed. Following are the steps that are performed in the procedure of Brazilian Butt Lift in Islamabad Pakistan,

  • If a smaller amount of fat is being transferred, local anesthesia will be enough
  • In the next step, fat is removed from the areas that have excess fat
  • The fat stores are purified and prepared for injecting them into buttocks
  • Three to six incisions are made around the buttocks for fat transfer
  • The purified fat is injected in specific areas of bumps to provide rounder and fuller look to them
  • In the end, incisions are closed up with stitches


Here is a list of aftercare instructions of Brazilian butt lift procedure in Islamabad,

  • Avoid putting pressure on your butts for some days after the procedure
  • Follow a recommended diet plan to maintain healthy body weight
  • Sleep on your stomach for at least 7 days after the treatment
  • Drink plenty of drinks to keep your body hydrated
  • Avoid smoking and drinking to eliminate the risk of complications


Most of the patients usually take 3-4 weeks to fully recover from the treatment. You can resume your social activities but strenuous exercises should be avoided for the first three weeks after the surgery. Soreness and swelling are probably the most common side-effects of the treatment but don’t worry they are temporary and disappear within a week.

Cost of Brazilian butt lift:

The cost of buttock augmentation with fat transfer in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is not fixed because various factors affect it. Some notable cost factors include,

  • Selection of the surgeon
  • The geographical location of the clinic
  • Surgery related expenses
  • Amount of extra fat

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