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Injuries or wounds from burn accidents can often leave traumatic memories behind. These accidents not only leave awful memories but also affect a person’s skin too. The wounds from these accidents are painful and even hard to look at. The victims of burn accidents often suffer too much, and their body, and skin is also impacted a lot in the process. In the past, it was completely possible to help treat burn wounds or remove the scars. But with the effective method of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan, patients can heal their injuries, making their wounds less visible.

A Guide To Burn Reconstructive Surgery:

The branch of plastic surgery that is dedicated to addressing burn wounds to help the victims restore their daily life functions is burn reconstructive surgery. This surgery has been life-changing for millions of people across the globe. It not only helps heal the wounds but also helps heal the inner wounds that occur due to trauma. This surgical technique has helped many people overcome the aftermath of burn incidents. So if you or your loved one has been through a traumatic burn accident, then this surgery can help heal your traumatic wounds.

People Who Can Undergo Burn Surgery:

Our professional experts at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad are highly trained to handle, the emotional, and physical wounds of burn patients. Our experts carefully examine your traumatic wounds and then inform you about the candidacy criteria for the therapy.

  • People who wish to permanently heal from burn injuries.
  • Individuals who are healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure.
  • If your initial wound healing has been completed.
  • Individuals looking to gain back their aesthetic appearance.
  • If your wounds bring back the memories of the incident.
  • People who wish to get rid of their wounds, and scars through effective treatment are ideal candidates.

Main Goals of Burn Wound Treatments:

  • To help people regain their lost confidence in themselves.
  • To lessen the risk of infections.
  • It offers to help individuals in boosting their self-esteem.
  • To control the pain, emotional, as well as physical.
  • It also lessens the non-viable tissue.

Burn Injuries Treatment At Glamorous Clinic:

Our plastic surgeons at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad understand the pain, and grief that the burn patients have to go through. It can be both mentally, and physically stressful. So we offer viable treatment options to help one overcome their burn wounds.

  • Skin Grafting:

One of the best methods for the coverage of burn wounds is to cover them with healthy skin taken from the healthy part of the body. This method is known as skin grafts. The practitioner utilizes the donor skin from regions such as buttocks, and tighs to cover the burned area. The new skin helps generate more new skin cells while healing the region.

  • Tissue Expansion:

This is an ideal procedure that helps promote new skin by using a balloon that looks like an expander. This expanding balloon consists of saline water. Over time the balloon stretches under the skin and promotes skin to expand and stretch. Once the skin stretches to its ideal size the practitioner will remove the balloon.

  • Microsurgery:

This is an intricate procedure performed at a microscopic level which allows the practitioner to reconnect the nerves, and blood vessels with precision, to allow the optimal healing of the damaged area.

  • Flap Surgery:

The flap surgery process transfers a certain section of tissue including skin blood vessels, and even muscles from a healthy body area to a damaged area.

Measures To Follow Post-Burn Surgery:

Your practitioner will provide you with a list of post-care details, that you must commit to following:

  • To promote meticulous healing, take good care of the wound site.
  • Burn victims should try to attend emotional support counseling.
  • After the therapy, the wound area may be itchy, but do not scratch, or itch it in any case.
  • To achieve proper healing please avoid smoking.
  • The first two days of recovery may be a bit stressful, but the results will be worth it.
  • Take your medicines on time.

The Benefits it Offers:

Burn reconstructive surgery offers the following benefits to people who had to go through traumatic burning experiences.

  • The surgery offers great peace of mind for the victims.
  • The patients can feel confident in themselves again.
  • It helps the patient get over their traumatic accidents.
  • Once your skin heals, it will feel more normal.
  • The patients can cherish the results for life.

Cost Details:

To learn about the Cost details of Burn Reconstructive surgery at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad you will first have to have a proper consultation with our expert burn plastic surgeons. The cost of the treatment will vary for each individual. The following factors may impact the final charges:

  • The amount of wound that requires treatment.
  • Β At which stage the wound is?
  • The experience of the plastic surgeon.
  • The reputation, and location of the clinic/hospital.

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