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People are often not comfortable with the saggy skin on their bodies, and that is completely normal. Weight loss can leave a good impact on our bodies but it often leaves behind the unwanted droopy skin. Well if the age, weight, or pregnancy has left you with droopy butts. Then do not worry, as you’re not alone in this. The procedure of Buttock Lift in Islamabad Pakistan is gaining quite a lot of popularity and has helped the majority of people achieve more lifted buttocks while removing unwanted sagginess from the region.

How Does Buttock Lift Helps:

Working out, or following certain diets often has no impact on the saggy skin. And if you are struggling from having extremely saggy skin on your buttocks area. Then a butt lift can help by removing this extra skin and lifting the remaining area to ensure proper body curves. The procedure of gluteal lift aims to help achieve a firmer, and lifted appearance, that people often struggle to achieve on their own. This artistic procedure will address certain problems in the butts region, so keep on reading to learn more details about it.

People Who Can Opt For Butt Lift:

At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad our healthcare providers always first have a brief consultation with the clients to discuss their goals, and to make sure that they classify to undergo surgery for butt enhancement.

  • People who wish to achieve a more aesthetic, and lifted appearance.
  • Individuals who are experiencing flabbiness, or sagginess due to age, or weight loss.
  • If the sagging skin around your buttocks makes you self-conscious while wearing certain outfits.
  • People who are fit, and healthy, and do not have any health issues, or active infections can undergo this cosmetic procedure.
  • People who have undergone the liposuction procedure.

Expected Outcomes:

The outcomes from the Butt Lifting procedure will be more visible once the swelling subsides. The candidates can expect a firmer, lifted butt, which will enhance their profile, as well as their figure. For the longevity of the results, the candidates must commit to following a healthy lifestyle. With the excess saggy skin gone, people feel more confident in themselves and also feel more confident while wearing different outfits.

How To Prepare For A Butt Surgery?

We know life can be a little difficult with droopy skin hanging all the time. Our experts will inform you about the necessary instructions after having a proper consultation with you.

  • The surgeon will carry out a complete health assessment of the patient to ensure the suitability for the procedure.
  • You will also have to stop taking your current supplements, and vitamins.
  • Also, avoid taking any medicines that may lead to blood-thinning.
  • Your surgeon may also take pictures of your buttocks to compare the after-treatment results.
  • The candidates should also try to maintain a stable weight for 6 to 12 months before their surgery.

Surgical Details:

The surgical procedure of Butt Lift can take up to six hours or more, depending on the severity of the condition. It has the following steps:

  • The first step is to administer general anesthesia or intravenous sedation for the patient’s comfort.
  • In the lower back area, the expert will create an incision extending from one hip to the other.
  • By using the technique of liposuction the practitioner will remove the excess amount of skin from the surrounding areas.
  • The next step is to tighten the tissues, muscles, and the skin.
  • After tightening, the excess skin is trimmed to help achieve a more tauter, and contoured butt.
  • The last step of the procedure is the precise closure of the incisions.
  • Your surgeon may either perform a Brazillian Butt lift or Butt Liposuction, the type of procedure will depend on the type of treatment that the candidate requires.
  • In some cases, patients also opt for additional procedures along with butt enhancement, such as tummy tuck, thigh lift, and liposuction.

Instructions For Recovery Period:

Our team at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will briefly guide you about proper details regarding the recovery period.

  • There will be minimal scarring, swelling, and bruising so rest well, and allow time for healing.
  • To ensure optimal healing the candidates will have to wear compression garments.
  • You can return to your work, or your daily activities when your practitioner allows you.
  • For managing pain, the candidates will be given painkillers.

Some Potential Risks:

Although butt surgeries are generally safe, some risks may occur:

  • Infection if care is negligent.
  • Scarring.
  • Swelling.

The Top Butt Lift Benefits:

  • The treatment helps enhance your curves.
  • The candidates can enjoy a better fitting in their favorite outfits.
  • A renewed self-assurance.
  • No more saggy skin.

Cost Details:

At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad the Cost of Butt Lift is not fixed. We will inform you about the final cost details after examining your condition and learning more about your expectations. The cost may vary due to the following reasons:

  • The condition of your buttocks.
  • The amount of droopy skin.
  • Surgeon’s experience.
  • Reputation of the clinic.

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