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People with issues like false chewing, misalignment, and the sleeping disorders can treat their issues through the Jaw Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan. When these problems are left untreated, affect the physical appearance of the person so much. An expert surgeon carries out the process because the procedure is a complicated one. Malocclusion and the position of the jaw are treated by the surgery. To get this effective and affordable surgery you may need to read all about the procedure. Everything you need to know is mentioned below!

Ideal Candidate:

People with the following problems can get treatment. The issues that can be solved by the procedure are the ones present below:

  • When you have chewing problems
  • Speech issues
  • Want to improve the overall face symmetry
  • To treat the face breakdown
  • Having complications related to the breathing
  • Patients with sleep apnea can get the treatment 
  • Protruding teeth can be treated 

Results of Jaw Surgery:

After getting the Jaw Surgery, the outcomes received will be permanent. It will give a dramatic change in appearance. The candidate will enjoy the new look. This surgery is a sensitive one, so you should choose a skilled doctor. 

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What is Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery is a procedure for correcting the upper and lower jaw. The bite of the patient gets enhanced after the procedure.This is responsible for the alignment of teeth.  Simple to complicated cases can be treated by the procedure. The treatment is also called orthognathic surgery. There are different types of surgeries that can be done. These are as follows:

Upper Jaw:

In the upper jaw surgery, the doctor will cut the bone present above the upper teeth and the roof part of the mouth. This upper part of the jaw will be adjusted in a way such that it becomes equal to the lower jaw. This treatment can be tackled on a computer. Due to the excess bone open bite occurs. That is why the process removes the extra bone. Once the treatment is done, the jaw will get straight and the bone will adjust to the new position.

Lower Jaw Surgery:

The doctor cuts the area behind the molars and the jaw area to allow mobility in the front jaw.

By allowing this movement the jaw can be adjusted according to the desire. This adjustment can be done with the help of plastic and screws. 

Chin Surgery:

To reshapes the chin this surgery is used this is done either by the enhancement or reduction of the chin area. Cuts are done on the chin area and silicone implants are used to carry out the rejuvenation process. In order to make the chin small extra bone is removed. 


When the Jaw Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is done there are many benefits that can be achieved. These are mentioned below:

  • The overall appearance of a person improves
  • Bite issues will be treated
  • Teeth will perform their functions more properly
  • The confidence of the person increases
  • The jaw will get enhanced and the deformities will get solved


Before going for the treatment the doctor will do some procedures that are important. Some X-Rays or essential tests will be done. Your medical history will be checked. Sometimes braces are applied before the procedure so that the jaw can get fixed. The doctor cleans the teeth of the patient before the procedure. Patients will be given complete instructions regarding the treatment. Medications are arranged before the procedure to control the bleeding or swelling that can occur after the therapy. 

After Care:

Well, when the surgery gets finished there are certain things that can happen. Such as swelling and bruising. Your lips may feel a little swollen or may cause pain. In order to speed up the recovery rate, you need to limit the movement of your jaw. The patient needs to hold the jaw in place for this the physician applied for surgical plates. Stop smoking for a few days because smoking can slow down the healing process. Do not do hard activities and stop chewing hard food. 

Recovery Period:

The rehabilitation period is around 12 months and the patient requires to take good oral hygiene and a cleaning routine. The patient started getting normal in the first 6 months. You need to visit the clinic frequently after the procedure because the doctor will examine your condition. By this examination, your screws and plates will be removed. 

Risks of the Surgery:

There are some little side effects that can occur due to the surgery. These are written below:

  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Pain 
  • Numbness
  • Eating issues at the start 

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