Lipomatic Treatment In Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost


When there are extra fats in our body, the fats raise the development of fatty tissues under our skin. This condition has undermined causes. Generally, these are known as benign development or tumors that are very less harmful to the human body. If these fats disrupt you, you can undergo lipomatic treatment. These fats may appear on your neck, shoulder, arm, thigh, abdomen, etc. Some people want to get rid of this fat immediately. One of the best treatments for lipoma is Lipomatic treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan which is available at our glamorous clinic. If you want to know about the lipomatic diagnosis you can read the blog which is being discussed next.

What is Lipomatic Treatment?

Lipomatic treatment is a procedure that takes out extra fat from the body. This can remove excess fat from the body with only a few problems at one time. The patient does not feel any wilting on his/her skin. People usually go for this procedure to change their looks. After the surgery, the recovery may take 3 to 7 days. 

Methods Available at Our Clinic:

The methods we use for the Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad at our glamorous clinic are given next for you to make a better decision.

Surgical Treatment:

It is the most reliable method to remove fats with the help of minor surgery. After the surgery lipoma never grows back. As it is a surgical procedure, you will need some time to recover. The stitch’s marks will go away with time. Depending on the amount of fat the surgical treatment sessions can vary. Mostly it is done in one session and no further visits are required. 


Lipoma can also be treated by the process of liposuction. This treatment helps in the reduction of the swelling body. The fatty material is excreted out with the help of a syringe having a needle attached to it.

 Through Steroid:

Another most common method for the treatment of lipoma is Steroids Injections. These injections are applied to the affected part of the body that produces shrinkage of the lumps resulting in a body that is more defined and perfect.


The results of lipomatic treatment are not instant. You may feel that you have attained a few pounds of weight despite losing. Lipomatic treatment can erase nearly 10 pounds of extra fat cells during the process. The skin may look swollen due to fluid reservation. You will see the inflammation. subsides. You can wait for results for 1 to 3 months depending upon the number of removed fats.

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Lipomatic treatment has many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • The process is not time taken and also the recovery after the surgery.
  • Local anesthesia can be used in this operation.
  • Swelling and Disruptions in this process are very less.
  • This treatment is more suitable than any other because there are low fat and body injuries.
  • The subcutaneous fat and its equilibrium does not increase either.
  • There are very low chances of infection.
  • There will be no demand to be in the hospital and the patient will be discharged after the treatment of lipoma.

Ideal Candidate: 

An ideal and perfect candidate for the treatment of lipoma is someone:

  •  Who has a level of BMI less than 30?
  • Someone who wants the reshapes of their body and wants it slim.
  • In strong mental and physical health. 
  • If you have good elasticity.
  • Someone who has strong and good muscle tone.
  • People who avoid smoking.
  • People who do not have any permanent illness.
  • Someone who wants their body unique from others.


Liposculpture with Lipomatic Treatment is commonly done under local anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is prescribed if the process is used over a larger site or in combination with other processes.

The method is more likely to liposuction. The cannula tube perforates the adipose tissue and damages it by rotating and vibrating. These movements do not destroy blood vessels or fat cells. The Lipomatic suction out the fat cells can be used again as fillers and inserted into the other areas or parts of the body like the thigh, face, chest, etc.

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Aftercare and Recovery: 

Pain, accumulation, and bruising are common after the Lipomatic process. However,the downtime for this treatment is very less.

  • After having surgery, wear special clothes for the recommended time as prescribed by your surgeon, generally, within two weeks, which is very less than liposuction, which is prescribed for three months.
  • Try not to use cold and hot compresses on surgical areas.
  • Take the bath twenty-four hours after the treatment.
  • Generally, you can travel in forty-eight hours.
  • Take care of your routine diet to take meals with or without oil or salt.
  • Try to avoid exercise for two weeks.
  • However, you can take bath after two weeks.


The average cost of  Lipomatic Treatment in Glamorous Clinic Islamabad ranges from XXXX.

Factors Impacting the Cost: 

The cost of Lipomatic Treatment  is impacted by the given factors:

  • Kind of anesthesia.
  • Numbers of targeted sites.
  • The expertise of the  medic
  • level of the clinic
  • The area of the hospital.

Free Appointment:

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