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The smooth, well-defined, and firmer abdomen is a symbol of a beautifully contoured body profile. Abdominoplasty commonly called Tummy Tuck in Islamabad Pakistan is coming forward by providing a cosmetic solution to people who don’t like their body shape. The treatment works by removing excess fat and loosely bound skin from the middle and lower abdomen. This causes tightening of abdominal muscles leading to the reduced appearance of protruding posture. Remember, this technique isn’t preferred for bodyweight loss.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck:

  • Reshapes the contour of the belly area
  • Builds up more exercise tolerance
  • Strengthen and tighten abdominal muscles
  • Corrects saggy skin and removes stretch marks
  • Aids in getting improved body posture and tone

Results of Tummy Tuck Islamabad:

A more rigid and smooth tummy is achieved, lasting for a long. Depending on the expertise of the surgeon, technique, and equipment used, patients come up with noticeable changes. Muscles of the abdominal wall tighten Skin that has lax over time. The final results of Tummy Tuck are observed after the complete internal healing process some people also Prefer Botox Injections to tighten skin.

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Who Is Candidate?

This cosmetic procedure of Tummy Tuck in Islamabad, Pakistan is suitable for men and women who wish to get a flat, slim, and smooth tummy. You can be an ideal candidate for the procedure if:

  • You are not a sufferer of skin allergy
  • You are mentally and physically stable
  • You are unhappy with the texture of the abdomen
  • You are a non-smoker and don’t intake alcoholic drinks
  • You truly expect positive outcomes from the treatment
  • You have unattractive loose skin around the abdominal region

Aim of Treatment:

Tummy Tuck Treatment following removal of excess and fats aims to help millions of patients by providing enhanced physical appearance. This is achieved by tightening the skin tissues and muscles of the abdominal wall. The major goal is to reveal a properly shaped and well-contoured waist with quicker recovery. By attaining desired cosmetic goals, abdominoplasty is progressing throughout the world with a high satisfaction rate.

Technique We Use:

In order to achieve the desired results, the surgery can take about 4-5 hours. Complete abdominoplasty or partial/mini-abdominoplasty is carried out depending on the patient’s condition. Steps involved are:

Applying Anaesthesia:

The patient is administered under general anesthesia. This is done to cause numbness. A patient is made unconscious of the environment. This step helps in carrying out the procedure with no discomfort.

Incision Creation:

A small incision is created horizontally in between the public hairline and belly button. The surgeon gives proper shape to the incision and positions it accurately and precisely that depends on the amount of skin removal. Following the procedure, the second incision is made in the upper abdomen. This is done for pulling down the skin. The excess skin is trimmed with the help of medical equipment and the surrounding skin is sutured.

Opening of Belly Button:

Once the incisions are created and saggy skin is eradicated, it gives rise to the opening of a new belly button. The belly button is further cracked and sutured into a definite position.

Tummy Tuck Islamabad:

Incisions are made closed with the help of sutures, tapes, and clips. The whole procedure completes and results in a perfectly contoured abdomen.


Once the treatment is done, the patient feels mild swelling, bruising, and little changes in the sensation which settle down within 2-3 days. Heavy exercises are usually restricted. A sufferer can return to daily activities after 2 weeks of treatment. Compression wearing is advised for better healing and keeping the blood flow normally. Stitches are not required to be removed as they get dissolve themselves.

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Glamorous Clinic Islamabad is offering cosmetic tummy tuck treatment that makes the procedure more appealing for people. Interested patients should discuss the procedure in detail with an expert surgeon and consider all the advice before deciding whether to undergo surgery. Our board-certified surgeons have years of experience performing Tummy Tuck Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi and are happy to help you in achieving the appearance you want. Fill in the consultation form and book your appointment today.