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Do you hesitate while smiling because of having crowded teeth? Or do the crowded teeth impact your confidence? Well, you’re not alone in this. Thai dental issues are common and millions of people around the globe suffer from having crowded teeth. But the best part is that this issue can be treated with a suitable dental treatment while ensuring to enhance and align your smile. If you also have the same problem then it’s time for you to enhance your smile by Crowded Teeth Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan. Read our guide below to discover more about this dental procedure and the benefits it offers.

Understanding Crowded Teeth:

The orthodontic issue that results in crowding of teeth due to lack of space or insufficient space in the jaw is crowded teeth. Although people mostly think of it as aesthetic concerns, if teeth crowding is left untreated it can cause many issues, such as difficulty in cleaning resulting in bad oral hygiene and health. There are many options to treat crowded teeth either in children or adults. If this issue affects your smile and your confidence then it’s time to finally get the right treatment for overlapping teeth and enhance your smile.

Factors That May Lead To Teeth Crowding:

Many factors may result in an individual developing crowded teeth, such as:

  • Inherited traits can influence jaw size and tooth alignment.
  • Early tooth loss can also disrupt the eruption pattern of permanent teeth.
  • Childhood habits such as thumb sucking, or using pacifiers for a long time.
  • Injuries to the mouth can also lead to dental trauma resulting in crowded teeth.
  • An unpleasant jaw shape or size may not provide adequate space for all the teeth.

Right Candidates For Treatment:

If you lie in the below category then you are a suitable candidate to opt for crowded teeth treatment:

  • If you suffer from having overlapping or misaligned teeth.
  • If your crowded teeth make oral hygiene difficult.
  • People who are concerned about their smile due to teeth overlapping.
  • If you feel self-consious about your smile.
  • People who have discomfort or pain associated with crowded teeth.

Why Treat Dental Crowding?

Leaving the dental crowding untreated can lead to many orthodontal complications such as:

  • As the dental crowding is difficult to clean it makes the chances of developing plaque and cavities higher, which can further lead to tooth decay.
  • Oral hygiene and teeth brushing can become a difficult challenge due to overlapping of teeth.
  • The crowded teeth can also lead to many other dental complications such as tooth erosion, dental fractures, and excessive wear.
  • In some cases, the dental crowding can also result in speech articulation causing lisping or difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds.
  • This issue can also impact the aesthetic appearance of one’s smile and can also impact facial harmony and balance.

Dental Crowding Treatment Options:

Glamorous Clinic Islamabad offers the following effective methods for the dental crowding issue. Please note that our dentists will first examine the severity of your tooth crowding and then will suggest the most suitable treatment option:

  • In severe tooth crowding the dentists may recommend tooth extraction. In this process, the dentist will remove the tooth to create space for teeth alignment.
  • In complex cases of crowding the dentist may recommend you orthognathic surgery to achieve optimal alignment.
  • Braces are one of the most effective options when it comes to dental crowding. Our dentist will recommend you the most suitable braces after examining your teeth’ crowding severity.
  • The dentist may also use Invisalign to move the teeth into a more aligned position


Teeth crowding has three types.

  • Mild crowding in which the teeth slightly overlap one another.
  • Moderate crowding includes more significant or misalignment of teeth.
  • In severe crowing the teeth may be twisted, rotated, or impacted due to lack of space in the mouth.

Results From Dental Crowding Treatment:

The results from the treatment will vary for each patient. However, after a specific time and continuous treatment, the patients will be able to notice a more aligned smile. And you will not have to worry about your crowded teeth while smiling.


Seeking treatment for the dental crowding can help one achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved dental aesthetic.
  • Zero hesitation and more confidence while smiling.
  • Lesser risks of developing dental problems.
  • Easier maintenance of the oral hygiene.
  • The treatment offers long-term results of good oral health and improved confidence.

How Much Does Crowded Teeth Treatment Cost in Islamabad?

To learn about the Cost of Crowded Teeth Treatment in Islamabad you will first have to have a detailed consultation with our dentists. At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad we will inform you about the treatment costs after a proper examination of the severity of your dental crowding. However many factors may influence the cost, such as:

  • Severity of overlapping teeth.
  • Experience od the orthodontic.
  • The reputation of the dental clinic.
  • The type of dental treatment.
  • The number of sessions.

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