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Cavities in teeth are a common problem and can occur even with proper oral care and hygiene. Often when our teeth are exposed to certain acids repeatedly they can start to decay or develop holes in them. Negligence in dental care can also cause the bacteria to settle on teeth which can result in cavities or tooth decay. If you are someone experiencing sensitivity in teeth due to cavities then it’s time to get the proper treatment for it. Getting Dental Tooth Fillings in Islamabad Pakistan at the right time can help save your teeth from decaying and the bacteria from spreading to the surrounding teeth. So continue reading to learn how dental fillings can benefit your teeth and how they work.

Protect And Restore Your Smile With Teeth Fillings!

The restorative materials that are used for repairing and filling damaged teeth are dental fillings. The dental fillings help restore and protect the teeth when they start to decay or develop holes in them due to bacteria. The treatment works by removing the damaged part of the teeth and filling it with a suitable dental filling. Dental fillings are super helpful in treating cavities, and they help the teeth from further decaying. If the cavities are left untreated they can worsen over time and can also damage the surrounding teeth, so it’s essential to get cavities checked as early as possible.

Reasons To Get Dental Fillings:

Cavities can lead to tooth decay if they are not treated at the right time. Dental fillings are the perfect treatment for treating and getting rid of these cavities. Getting the dental fillings promptly can help save one’s natural tooth structure, and maintain optimal oral health. So if you wish to save your teeth from decaying or further damaging then it’s essential to get your cavities treated at the right time.

Ideal Candidates:

When you visit our Glamorous Clinic Islamabad our dentist will first carry out a thorough examination of your oral health to examine the condition of your dental problem. Below are several points that make you an ideal candidate for dental fillings treatment:

  • Individuals who notice cavities in their teeth.
  • People with carked teeth.
  • If your dental filling has to be replaced
  • The cavity/hole in your teeth is causing you pain.
  • You experience pain while eating or chewing.
  • Individuals who experience sensitivity of tooth due to hot or cold food items.

Material of Dental Fillings:

The dental fillings come in different materials, and our experienced dentists at our clinic will recommend the most suitable filling material after a proper examination of your teeth, and after discussing the treatment budget with you because different fillings have different price ranges:

  • Porcelain.
  • Ceramic.
  • Gold.
  • Tooth-colored (resin fillings).

Before A Dental Filling:

Before coming for your dental filling appointment the patients must follow the below instructions:

  • Brush your teeth before your dental appointment.
  • Visit a professional dentist for your fillings.
  • Discuss with your dentist the type of fillings you want to get according to your budget.
  • The dentist will first examine your tooth decay condition on initial consultation.
  • Avoid eating sugary or sticky items before your appointment.

Procedural Details:


The dentist will first examine the tooth condition before starting the filling procedures. Then based on the condition of your teeth he will select the most suitable type of filling.


To ensure a comfortable and pain-free procedure the dentist will numb the tooth with general anesthesia.

Removal of Decayed Part:

After anesthesia application, the dentist will begin to remove the decayed tooth part by using a dental drill or laser. The dentist will clean the cavity area by using this device.

Placing the Dental Filling:

In the next step, the dentist places the prepared filling material into the cavity area to match the natural contours and the color of the teeth.


In the case of composite filling the dentist will use a special light to help the filling bond with the teeth. Whereas the amalgam fillings harden over time.

Final Adjustments:

The dentist will then check the bite adjustments and will make further adjustments to ensure proper fitting of the filling.


The last step is to polish the teeth that have a filling.

Post Dental-Filling Care:

Once the dental treatment is complete the dentist will provide you with proper aftercare details that you must follow to maintain proper oral hygiene:

  • The patients must not eat anything hard after 24 hours the treatment.
  • If you experience that your cavity is disturbing you or if you notice sensitivity then insult your dentist.
  • Brush and properly clean your teeth twice a day to prevent them from decaying.
  • After the fillings treatment, you must eat soft foods for some days.
  • You must know that each filling has a specific lifespan of a few years, so make sure to renew your fillings after some years.

How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost in Islamabad?

The Cost of Dental Fillings in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is not fixed. Our experts will inform you about the dental filling cos details after a proper examination of your cavities. The cost may vary due to the following factors:

  • The number of cavities you have.
  • The type of filling used.
  • The severity of tooth decay.
  • Experience of the dentist.
  • Reputation of the dental clinic.

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