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Blood from gums is often considered not a serious issue, but if it is ignored for a long time it can lead to serious oral health complications. People often see blood from their gums while flossing or brushing but simply ignore it as if it will go away on their own. But if you notice bleeding gums more often then it’s time that you consult a professional dentist and get the right Gum Bleeding Treatment in Islamabad for your issue. This guide will help you discover more about this treatment and how it can prevent the blood from your gums.

Gum Bleeding- A Common Problem!

The occurrence of blood while teeth are brushing or flossing is gum bleeding. The bleeding can range from a mild problem to a severe issue. It’s common for the majority of people to experience this issue, but most people tend to ignore it as if it is nothing. However, occasional blood from gums can occur to any individual but if it occurs more often it may be a sign of an underlying oral problem that should be checked immediately. Ignoring the blood from gums may lead one to develop serious gums disease or other problems. So do not ignore any blood, swelling, or redness in your gums, and get them checked as soon as possible.

Why Does Blood Occur in Gums?

Although blood in gums may seem like a pretty normal issue for many people, this problem may occur due to the following reasons:

  • The build-up of plaque due to poor oral hygiene is one of the common factors for bleeding gums.
  • Due to an underlying gum disease, such as periodontitis, and gingivitis.
  • Medications of certain doses can also increase the risk of bleeding.
  • The change of hormones during puberty, or menopause.
  • People who have a deficiency of vitamins C and K are more prone to gum bleeding.
  • People who smoke a lot are also more prone to bleeding gums, as smoking can impair bleeding.

Treatment Results:

Getting the right treatment for your gum bleeding problem will help eliminate the swelling, redness, and bleeding from the gums. After the treatment, your gums will be more healthy and will be less prone to bleeding. The results of the treatment offer permanent prevention from bleeding gums, but it’s very essential for individuals to follow proper oral care to maintain good oral health and healthy gums.

Some Prevention Tips:

Below are some important tips that can help prevent bleeding in gums:

  • Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day by using a brush that has soft bristles.
  • Try to floss regularly as it will help prevent plaque buildup.
  • Visit your dentist early for any underlying dental problems.
  • Use a good quality mouthwash, as it will help kill the bacteria and ensure healthy gums.
  • Use warm salt water to rinse your mouth.
  • If you are a smoker and consistently struggle with bleeding gums, then you must try to avoid this habit.

Treatment Options For Bleeding Gums:

Various treatment methods can help treat the problem of bleeding gums, our dentist at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will suggest the most suitable treatment method after a proper examination of your gums:

  • Improve Your Oral Hygiene:

If the bleeding from gums is mild then it can be prevented by maintaining proper oral hygiene, which involves proper brushing, flossing, and use of a good antiseptic mouthwash.

  • Professional Cleaning:

Proper dental cleaning performed by a professionally trained dentist will help remove the plaque and bacteria from teeth which will help prevent any inflammation and bleeding in the gums.

  • Laser Gum Treatment:

Laser gum therapy can help kill any bacteria and plaque that is present on the patient’s teeth. The laser light also helps remove the areas of affected gum tissue.

  • Medications:

In cases where the gum bleeding is mild, the dentist may prescribe you some specific mouthwashes and medicines that will help prevent the issue and make your gums more healthy.

  • Lifestyle Changes:

Making certain lifestyle changes such as quitting the habit of smoking, and eating more fruits and vegetables can also improve the health of your gums.

What To Expect At The Dental Appointment?

If you have been experiencing the problem of bleeding gums then try to do your proper research and visit a professional dentist.

  • Discuss your oral hygiene practices with the dentist.
  • Inform the dentist about how many times you have experienced this problem.
  • Also, discuss your current medication with your dentist.
  • The patient will have to undergo dental x-rays.
  • The doctor may also recommend you undergo a complete blood count CBC test.

Cost Details:

At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best procedures at effective, yet affordable costs. The Cost of Gum Bleeding Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan will vary for each patient and will be informed to you after the proper dental examination. The following factors may influence the cost:

  • The type of gum bleeding treatment.
  • The dental consultation fee.
  • Experience of the dentist.
  • Dental clinic location and reputation.
  • The severity of the case.
  • Medication fee.

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Proper oral hygiene can help prevent many oral issues. But if you are experiencing bleeding in your gums more often than normal then you can book an appointment for Gum Bleeding Treatment in Islamabad. Our experts will inform you more about the procedure details. Kindly fill out the consultation form on our website if you wish to book an appointment at our clinic.