A dermatologist specializes in treating conditions related to skin, hair, and nails. They are an expert in identifying more than 3,000 derma conditions (eczema, psoriases, skin cancer, and many others), even those not visible to the ordinary person.

Skin is precious, and taking care of it should be a priority for all. An essential organ that helps protect our organs is a defence mechanism against harmful diseases, shields our blood vessels, and most importantly, controls our bodily temperature. In other words, it displays how healthy our body is.

Considering all aspects, Glamorous Clinic brings the best way of taking care of one’s skin by providing professional assistance. Looking at our Renowned Best Dermatologists in Islamabad Pakistan will surely be of good use.

What is to Know about a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist specializes in treating the essential organ of our dear existence. They are expert medical professionals or a skin specialist with distinctive competencies who diagnose, treat, and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails by providing the best quality services.

Dermatologists possess a medical degree specialized in the subject matter related to crucial organs, have extensive training, almost 12 years of learning to diagnose and treat more than 3,000 conditions of the skin, hair, and nail, and have cosmetic excellence. Individuals visit a dermatologist when they are not comfortable with their current appearance and other related concerns.

Facts about a Dermatologist:

  • Earns a four years Bachelors Degree
  • Four years of Medical Schooling
  • Extensive 1-year time span training
  • Three years of Residency (working alongside experts by completing 12,000 – 16,000 hrs treating patients)
  • Few seek enhancement in the field by pursuing fellowship training

Satisfactory Outcomes:

A dermatologist treats a multitude of diversities of skin, hair, and nails conditions. From life-threatening skin cancer to warts, their health concerns with the emergence of chronic issues due to the weak immune system, allergic reaction, bacteria or virus, and others. Dermatologists currently working in Glamorous Clinic have a satisfaction rate of almost near 100%. Patient satisfaction is our priority.

What is the Expertise of a Dermatologist?

Dermatologist not only cures a person’s outer look but also provides the Expertise in detecting the root cause of the condition. They examine the patient, diagnoses the problem, and treats the root cause by recommending suitable treatment with proper post-treatment care. Simpler words, dermatologist helps with hair loss, acne scars, moles, varicose veins, and haemangioma. Furthermore, the dermatologist also does the treatment of sunburn, melanoma, and other aging conditions.

Queries related to Best Dermatologists in Islamabad:

  • Q: What exactly is the fee range of Renowned Dermatologists in Islamabad?

A: Initially, Renowned Dermatologists in Islamabad offering their services at a lower cost, around 2,500 rupees, to the Highest price, 40,000 rupees depending upon the condition and the criteria of treatment.

  • Q: When should we consult a Dermatologist?

A: Consult a dermatologist when an individual suffers from any derma condition. If you have trouble resolving your skin issues, you have the right to ask for professional help.

  • Q: How does a Dermatologist cure acute skin conditions?

A: After a thorough examination of a condition, the dermatologist suggests antibiotics (ointment or medication), which help reduce the root cause of the skin conditions leading towards its cure.

  • Q: How should one get prepare before visiting a Dermatologist?

A: Before visiting any dermatologist, the recommendation is to come without applying any cosmetic product for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Aesthetician vs. Dermatologist:

A dermatologist is a medical professional certified to diagnose and treat severe skin, hair, and nail issues compared to Aesthetician, which works under a dermatologist. Both dermatologists and aestheticians promote healthy skin, hair, and nail, but their experiences differ.

Average Cost of a Dermatologist in Islamabad:

Mostly Renowned Dermatologists in Islamabad provide consultations free of cost at the initial encounter. On average, consulting a dermatologist costs 1,500 rupees at its lowest and 40,000 rupees at its highest depending upon treatment procedure and patient’s condition. After that, when the diagnosis is complete, with a patient’s consent, they charge the lowest at 2,500 rupees for treatment, and the cost increases depending upon procedure and condition. You can discuss easy finances and discounts with the dermatologist during the time of initial consultation.

Meet the Team of Best Dermatologists at Glamorous Clinic

When it comes to your health, there is no compromise with that. To provide you the best services for your derma conditions, we have assembled the finest team of experts in town. We are here to hear and deliver our Expertise on your problem and assure our best care.

The experts we have in our Clinic guarantees safety, proper diagnosis, and the best possible treatment. To get to know all about our team of Renowned Dermatologists in Islamabad Pakistan, keep reading.

Our Top Dermatologists are:

Dr. Abida Sardar

She is the highest-ranked and most successful in her dermatologist career Dr. Abida Sardar, linked with this field since 2010. Her reputation is well-known all over Pakistan. Her humble gratitude, professional Expertise, and unique techniques to deal with skin issues speak for themselves.


  • Studied at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)
  • Studied at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
  • Later became a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

Working at Glamorous Clinic:

Dr. Abida Sardar has been with us for six years. Her Expertise and success rate at our Clinic made her amongst the top-ranked dermatologist.


  1. PRP
  2. Botox
  3. Fillers
  4. Dermabrasion
  5. Chemical Peel
  6. Micro-needling
  7. Vampire Facelift
  8. Hair Transplant

Dr. Tayaba Iqbal Kazi


King Edward College of Medicine, which is considered one of the prestigious institutions of medicine, Dr. Tayaba Iqbal Kazi is our best. Her nature and Expertise are proof that her patients are always satisfied with the treatment.


Her experience lies in both clinical and aesthetic dermatology.

Working at Glamorous Clinic:

Her Expertise and services in our Clinic have a success rate of over 5000 satisfied patients and skin procedures.


  1. Chemical Peel
  2. Photo Rejuvenation
  3. Fractional Laser CO2,
  4. Micro-dermabrasion
  5. Radio Frequency Treatment
  6. Dermapen

Dr. Huma Hasnain Major (R)


  • Bored Certified
  • Served in Army Force
  • Attended various national and international dermatology/cosmetology seminars
  • Other related Conferences to enhance her skills
  • Member of Pakistan Dermatological Association (PDA)

Working with Glamorous Clinic:

Both diagnoses and treatments of Dr. Huma have received a positive response.


  1. Filters
  2. Wart Removal
  3. Microblading
  4. Cryotherapy
  5. DMK Enzyme Therapy
  6. Hydrafacial
  7. Skin Toning

Dr. Maryam Malik


  • A patient-oriented dermatologist who views dermatology as an art
  • Provides patients with glamorous aesthetic appearance

Working with Glamorous Clinic:

Dr. Maryam’s Expertise makes her the most sought out dermatologist who has been working with us for five years approximately.


Hair Transplant

  1. PRP
  2. Micro-needling
  3. Laser Treatment
  4. Botox
  5. Fillers
  6. Microblading
  7. Peeling
  8. Facial
  9. PDO Threat

Expectations Related to Dermatology Appointment:

At a Dermatology appointment, you will meet several team members, your dermatologist, a nurse, a consultant, and sometimes for better assistance, a dermatology resident depending upon your treatment procedure.

Most of the time, individuals consult dermatologists when having skin concerns compared to hair and nail conditions. Our primary goal is to provide our utmost best analysis, ensuring the condition’s level and accurate interpretation of the problem.

The first consultation period is a minimum of 35 minutes and can be extended depending upon the patient’s conditions. Dermatologists usually provide you an accurate prognosis, take a history of previous skin-related issues and medical issues as well as ask about current symptoms.

By the end of the consultation, you will receive recommendations for your better care, and if any surgery is required, a surgeon will give you a call and schedule your surgery as soon as convenient.

For more details regarding this, you may contact us any time.

Suitable Dermatologist?

With the many talented dermatologists, the competition is very high. For better judgment and selection of a suitable dermatologist, you can review:

  • Credentials
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Improvise treatment plan system
  • Gratitude

Meeting with the professional may also help you decide on a suitable dermatologist for you.

Why Us?

Glamorous Clinic is known for its best quality services and prioritizes patient satisfaction. With a high-ranked Renowned Best Dermatologists in Islamabad Pakistan, we assure you that you receive our utmost best services with 100% safe procedures. Our patients are our priority, and we never compromise on that. We provide:

  • Quality post-procedure care
  • Easy and Affordable Procedural charges
  • Qualified team of Expertise
  • Health Restoration
  • Pediatrics Dermatology
  • Unique and new technology
  • Safe and Friendly Environment

So, if you are looking for a fantastic experience treating your skin, hair, and nail conditions, do schedule your appointment with the best dermatologists in town.

Online Consultation:

Due to current circumstances, we are also providing online consultations. You can now quickly get professional assistance at home by calling or contacting us through our helpline portal. We mostly reply to all queries within 12 hrs time slot.