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A typical infection caused by a virus known as a cold sore develops when tiny, red lesions appear on the lips, cheeks, or face. Some individuals also get cold sores on other parts of their bodies, like their hands, ears, or even inside the lips. Skin infections sometimes referred to as fever blisters, are frequent skin conditions that typically go away completely by themselves in 2 to 3 weeks. In practice, there is currently no treatment for cold sores, and our immune systems are responsible for the entire process of healing. Nevertheless, there are cold sore therapies and natural remedies which can help individuals regulate the breakout, lessen the discomfort from the blistering, & in certain circumstances, speeds up the healing process. Continue reading to know all about the Cold Sores Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.

Causes and Symptoms of Cold Sores:

The virus of herpes simplex comes in two varieties. The type 1 herpes simplex virus is typically the reason behind cold sores (HSV-1). Approximately 80% of individuals have HSV-1 infection. The majority of people become contaminated as children, and the virus lasts a lifetime. But in many individuals, the viruses can stay inactive, which means that cold sores might never manifest. The pathogen might become active for a variety of reasons, leading to one or many cold sores. They may consist of:

  • chilly conditions
  • physical or psychological strain
  • fatigue
  • solar exposure or sunburn
  • cycles of menstruation or other hormone imbalances
  • infections of the upper airways (i.e. common cold)
  • Lip irritability physically
  • fever brought on by several diseases or the stomach flu

Some patients experience no symptoms during the initial attack, while others experience flu-like illness and oral ulcers. Although every person’s symptoms will vary, the following represent the most typical:

  • Lip stinging is frequently felt before the onset of cold sores.
  • Lips and mouth sores that start tiny, grow, rupture, and then dry over.
  • Skin irritation, inflammation, and itchiness on the mouth and the lips.
  • discomfort in the mouth and the lips.


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Ideal Candidates:

The doctor determines if the candidate is ideal for the treatment by first carrying out thorough testing and diagnosing the diseases. After that, the best course of action is chosen according to the patient’s condition.  

How Does the Treatment Work?

Since there is no cure for cold sores, hence the treatment works by soothing the discomfort felt by the patient. It also works to lessen the healing time.  

Treatment Options:

Treatment for cold sores can fall into the following categories:

  • Topical Treatment: Acyclovir, penciclovir, and docosanol are two examples of topical medications that can be acquired over the counter without the need for prescriptions. The length of the cold sore can be decreased by around one utilizing these therapies, which are often lotions that are applied to the infected area directly or, in the case of Sitavig, a tablet put under the lip.
  • Oral Medication: Medications, such as acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir, involve taking oral pills or capsules for the length of the cold sore. All systematic therapies need prescriptions to be utilized, just like the majority of other medications taken to treat cold sores. It has recently been demonstrated that systemic treatment can shorten cold sores’ timeframe by as much as two days. The best results are obtained when both oral and systemic therapies are given within 72 hours of the occurrence of a cold sore.
  • Laser Therapy: Lasers that can destroy viruses. The cold sore is the focus of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which also kills the live virus inside its tracks. The entire procedure is absolutely simple and lasts no over twenty minutes. For minutes, the beam is kept over the cold sore. The person experiences rapid comfort from the sores, as well as the scab, which goes entirely within just a few days.


The dermatologist provides some guidelines to the patient on how to manage cold sores. These are to be followed by the patient.

  • Ice can be applied to the area to numb it and relieve discomfort. Nevertheless, using ice on the skin directly could aggravate & harm the skin tissue, hence it is advised to use a cold pack instead.
  • Aloe vera solutions have indeed been demonstrated to hasten the healing of cold sores.
  • Additionally demonstrated to speed up cold sore healing is lemon balm extract.
  • Supplemental vitamin C helps hasten the recovery of cold sores. The HSV virus has been demonstrated to be inactivated by vitamin C.
  • If anxiety was the cause of the skin infection, reducing stress can hasten to heal.

The patient must also make an effort to reduce exposure to the aforementioned triggers. For instance, sunblock with an SPF of 30 or greater must be used on the lips and face at least 30 minutes before going outside in the sun if radiation seems to cause the individual cold sores. Additionally, staying away from tanning beds is advised. Cold sores may be avoided by reducing stress with healthy food, adequate rest, exercise, and relaxation.

Insurance Coverage:

The cost of the treatment is often covered by insurance companies as it falls under medical treatments that are important for the individual’s well-being. However, it is advisable to talk to the insurance providers first to confirm the coverage of the treatment. 


The average cost of Cold Sores Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan ranges from Rs. __ to Rs. ___. The actual price of the therapy depends on the method of treatment chosen by the dermatologist, the current condition of the patient, and the number of appointments required by the patient. The doctor determines the final cost of the treatment. 

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