Cracked Heels Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

When the foot rubs and rubs repeatedly against the surface, blisters on the feet develop because of the persistent pressure. The skin around the heel’s rims thickens and dries out as a result of the extra strain on the heels. Even though the foot could be subjected to a significant amount of stress in the summers, skin is often drier in the wintertime, so the feet might feel dry throughout the year. If left untreated, the illness can lead to problems and is quite painful to suffer.  Standing may be difficult if the fissures are quite deep. In such cases, people need to take extra care of their feet and moisturize it frequently. However, if that still does not help, they can get Cracked Heels Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan which guarantees desired results. Continue reading to learn all about it

What are Heel Fissures?

Heels endure a significant amount of abuse, even in the best of situations. They support more of our body weight while we are upright compared to any other region of the body. They are subjected to a variety of conditions while we move, such as walking and running on rocky, tough, and irregular surfaces as well as in our shoes. Heels on the feet could become extremely hard, a condition called cracked heels or heel fissures.

Aim of the Procedure:

The main essence of the treatment is to heal the cracked skin on the feet and leave them soft and smooth. It aims to get rid of any dry and dead skin that can accumulate on the feet and moisturize them so that in the future the condition of cracked heels can be avoided.


The feet will appear and feel great after professional treatment. It makes a personal promise to oneself of how much better they’ll care for their feet in the future and flaunt off their cute little toes.

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Perfect Candidates:

The skincare specialist first carries out a detailed checkup to ensure that the individual is ideal for the treatment. The person should not have an infection on their cracked heels. It is also a prerequisite that the candidate does not suffer from any skin condition which may make the current condition worse. Apart from these any person who wishes to get smooth and soft ankles and wants to have a relaxing “me-time” is perfect for the treatment.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The therapy works by removing dead skin cells and moisturizing the skin of the ankles. Different serums and ointments are applied to heal the cracks. The choice of serums and ointments largely depends on the condition of the person and the dermatologist’s preference.


The skincare expert first decides if Cracked Heels Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan is suitable to address the problem before performing any treatment on the person’s heel cracks. After examining the patient’s health records, they wear gloves and start to look for infection and wounds on the feet and legs. The person must not undergo therapy if the cracks are surrounded by pink color (a sign of a probable infection), inflammation, or any evidence of oozing; instead, the person will be given an ointment and medications to treat the infection first. The professional will tailor the therapy to the patient’s condition and the demands of their heels if they decide that the customer can benefit from the service.


The skin specialist starts the treatment by preparing the feet for therapy.

  • This is done by first wiping off the feet with a wet and warm towel.
  • Then a cleanser is applied to the feet and massaged until it dries out.
  • Both feet are then covered with a warm towel and then the skin specialist prepares for the next step.
  • After a few minutes, a scrub is applied and rubbed for several minutes to exfoliate the skin.
  • This step especially focuses on the calluses making them soft.
  • A wet towel is then used to remove the scrub. The foot is then covered with a towel and the step is repeated on the other foot.
  • A massaging product is then applied and the foot is massaged focusing on specific points to relax the individual
  • After the massage, a treatment mask is applied and the foot is wrapped in a plastic bag. It is then covered with a warm cloth and the step is repeated on the other foot.
  • Then the wrappings are removed from the feet and a callous softener applied
  • This is left on the ankles for several minutes so that it can set in and soften the hard skin on the heels.
  • Once it is soft, a wet towel is used to wipe off the softener.
  • The region is then dried and exfoliated carefully.
  • The exfoliation removes all the dead skin and callous from the heels leaving them soft and smooth
  • The feet are then cleaned and a moisturizing lotion or a healing serum is applied to finish off the treatment.  


The skincare specialist provides a list of guidelines that are to be followed by the patient to avoid any heel cracks in the future. Following these instructions helps an individual maintain their soft and smooth heels. They are advised to

  • Keep their skin moisturized specially the skin of their heels and feet
  • Exfoliate their heels to remove any dead skin cells that may form callous
  • Use the ointment prescribed by the dermatologist on their heels
  • After a shower, moisturize the feet every day with a rich body or foot lotion.
  • Even in warmer weather, try wearing stockings, socks, or closed-toe footwear to preserve the ankles.
  • Be careful to launder the socks frequently.
  • Stay away from applying excess moisture, like lotion, around your toes.
  • Ensure that you give your feet a chance to breathe every day.
  • Socks should be made of either cotton or woolen to let perspiration evaporate.


The approximate cost of the Cracked Heels Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan ranges from Rs. __ to Rs. __. This is different for all individuals depending on the current condition of their heels and the type of technology and technique adopted by the dermatologist. In certain cases where the condition is worst, the patient may be required to get additional sessions, this increases the cost of the treatment. The final cost is decided by the dermatologist after considering all the cost-defining variables.

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