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A common ailment called dandruff can make the scalp swollen and irritated. White flaking may be spread across the head as a result of this. Even though this flaking is not dangerous in terms of health, it may be unsightly. The disorder of the scalp affects one in every five individuals. Cases also differ based on the individual and the susceptibility of that individual’s skin. The first step in addressing dandruff is to comprehend its root cause. It is advisable to consult a skincare specialist if you are suffering from this problem. The skin professionals at the Glamorous clinic not only help in determining the root cause but also provide the best Dandruff Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. Continue reading to learn all about the treatment

What Causes Dandruff?

There are several factors because of which a person may suffer from dandruff. Although dandruff affects most individuals at some stage in their lifetime, it seems to be more prevalent from adolescence to adulthood. The likelihood of acquiring dandruff is influenced by several variables, such as an individual’s age, the environment, their degree of stress, their health, and the items they use on their hair. Poor hygiene is not a cause, although if someone doesn’t clean or comb their hair frequently, the flaking may be more noticeable.

Some of these factors are:

  • Allergic reaction to some hair products used by the individual
  • Some medical condition affects a person’s skin and also scalp
  • Use of a shampoo that does not remove the sebum from the scalp which may lead to the accumulation of dandruff
  • Dryness may also aggravate the problem of dandruff however this cannot be referred to as the root cause
  • It may also result if an individual uses a hair brush or comb of someone already suffering from dandruff. 

Essence of Treatment:

The main aim of the treatment is to remove dandruff from the individual’s scalp. It also aims to improve hair texture and quality by providing the moisture required by the scalp.  It also controls the flaking of the scalp and reduces the itching that can be irritating for the individual.


The treatment usually results in the elimination of an individual’s dandruff problem. It also enhances hair condition, texture, and thickness. It also provides moisture to the scalp and makes the hair appear shiny and smooth. These results last as long as the individual takes care of their hair and adheres to the trichologist’s recommendation. One should not stop using the recommended treatments since otherwise, dandruff could return to full effect.

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Ideal Candidates:

A thorough Dandruff Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan is ideal for anybody who has received a dandruff diagnosis. Before recommending any course of therapy, the doctor takes the time to hear about any concerns and assess the general state of health. If an individual can carefully adhere to the recommendations of their trichologist, they can then cure their dandruff issues.  


Usually, the doctor would advise you to use an anti-fungal lotion on the affected region, like ketoconazole. The key to applying anti-fungal shampoos is to apply it to the problematic area in the bath, let it sit for five to ten minutes, and then rinse that off. Individuals frequently simply use the shampoo for a moment, which is insufficient. Never apply shampoo to the skin overnight because this will cause skin burns.

Nizoral lotion, an antibacterial ketoconazole lotion that can be used once daily on the scalp, is also recommended by the skincare expert. Topical drugs like desonide may also be used in extreme situations of dandruff to lessen the flaking and itching. It is possible to use this low-potency external steroid either once-twice every day for a week. It is advised against using antifungals over an extended period since this may result in skin weakening. The trichologist could also advise patients to use non-steroidal lotions like Protopic or Elidel if their recurrent dandruff is not under control with the use of an external anti-fungal shampooing and lotion. These products can be utilized to lessen irritation on the scalp and are non-steroidal.


Along with assisting people with dandruff elimination, the doctor also provides anyone with information about how to minimize dandruff concerns, including what they shouldn’t do as well as what they should do.  Additionally, the individual ought to make an effort to stay away from situations that cause dandruff issues. The doctor’s guidelines should be followed strictly if the individual wishes to maintain their results. This includes using the ointment, shampoo, etc recommended by the doctor and avoiding any products that may cause dryness in the scalp.


The average cost of the Dandruff Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan may range from Rs. __ to Rs. __. The actual price of the treatment varies for each patient as the products used and the technique applied differs for each individual according to their current condition. The skincare specialist determines the cost of the treatment after considering all the cost-affecting factors.

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