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If you have ever been perplexed as to why your lips have stopped being as pinkish as they once were and are gradually becoming greyer, you aren’t alone! So don’t sweat. The lips can become darker due to some health, dietary, and lifestyle reasons, unless it is inherited. If people smoked, their lips could be darker compared to those who don’t. Makeup can occasionally contain substances that make your lips black. Lips discoloration might also result from a nutrient shortage. To get rid of black lips, keep a nutritious diet that includes plenty of veggies and fruits loaded with vitamin C. You can also get professional help from dermatologists for Dark Lips Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. Continue Reading to know all about how the treatment is carried out.

Main Aim of the Treatment:

The therapy seeks to make the patient’s lips brighter by whitening and plumping them. The basic aim is to enhance the blood flow to the lip and reduce lip discoloration by breaking down the melanin deposits on the lips.

Results of Dark Lips Treatment:

Depending on the individual patient and his/her condition, the treatment’s outcomes can differ. The outcomes of the therapy start to become more obvious after the first few sessions. The lips’ shade appears to be noticeably lighter and rosier. Outcomes will be better if the cosmetics specialist administering the procedure is experienced and well-informed. The results of the treatment vary depending on the patient. The color of the lips seems to be substantially brighter and pinker. Lips that are softer, lighter in color, and more gorgeous are the ultimate result.

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  • The procedure is highly secure and efficient.
  • The treatment yields outcomes that appear natural.
  • Decreased melanin deposit results in less hyperpigmentation on the lips.
  • The therapy’s success is assured.
  • The procedure gives the lips a fuller, pinker appearance.
  • It also lessens the visibility of lip wrinkles.
  • The lips become lush and delicious as a result.
  • The person’s overall confidence is raised, and they gain more self-assurance.

Treatment Options:

The following options for Dark Lips Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan are available at the clinic:

Chemical Peels:

This procedure is used every three to four weeks. Peeling off of the skin is not evident after this treatment, although it does result in a consequent reduction of dark skin cells, which causes the Lip pigment to be lost more quickly. The receiver can resume normal eating in three to four hours, and this therapy does not require intensive aftercare. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use chapstick with an SPF and avoid using makeup on the same day and also avoid peeling the lips.  To reduce the danger of any potential side effects and provide the greatest outcomes, a skilled dermatologist must perform this therapy.

Laser Therapy:

The lips are exposed to intense light beams that are emitted by a laser instrument. For the lips’ natural pink color to show, the melanin deposits on their skin are destroyed. To produce the intended benefits, the therapy must be administered across several sessions. It simply requires a few minutes to complete one session. Treat darker lips, there are two different laser methods.

  • Ablative: The outermost layer of the lips’ skin tissue is destroyed during ablative laser therapy for the inner, lighter layer to show through.
  • Non-Ablative: By concentrating on the innermost layer of the skin of the lips, this technique encourages the tissues below to make more elastin, which leads to a natural skin healing process.


The skin care expert administers many injectables to revive the pinkish hue of the lips. These deal with hyperpigmentation as well as lip wrinkles. The solution is applied to the lips in various locations using a tiny, thin needle. The type of injectable chosen will depend on the individual’s condition and requirements. 


After the treatment, the individual can typically resume everyday activities with relatively little recuperation time. The specialist does, nevertheless, suggest taking care of the lips and avoiding everything that may make them darker. The following post-care suggestions are important to maintain pink lips after the treatment

  • Use excellent chapstick and keep your lips moisturized.
  • Drinking a minimum of eight to nine water glasses per day to keep hydrated.
  • Avoiding using lipstick creams that contain chemicals.
  • Avoid nibbling, sucking, and licking your lips.

How long Do the Results Last?

The results of the therapy are usually permanent and can last for a lifetime. However, it depends on how well the recipient care for their lips. If the individual continues doing what made their lips dark in the first place, the pigmentation of the lips may return. Routine exfoliation and avoiding using chemical-containing lip products are also important if a person wishes to maintain pink lips.

Cost of Dark Lips Treatment:

The approximate price of the whole treatment ranges from PKR 7,999 to PKR 14,999. The actual cost may vary for each individual. This is because the cost depends on various variables which are all different for each person. These include the current condition of the individual’s lips, the total required sessions to get the required results, the technique, and technology used by the dermatologist, the level of the clinic where the treatment is taking place, and the experience and expertise of the skin specialist carrying out the treatment. The final cost is determined by the doctor after considering all the variables.

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