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A Female Dermatologist in Islamabad Pakistan is a medical professional who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the skin, nails, scalp, and surrounding tissues. Furthermore, a dermatologist’s role extends beyond skin care; they can also support your general health. Going to a specialist could help determine the root reason for the individual’s condition because the skin mirrors the entire well-being of the person. Scheduling a dermatologist consultation not only has the potential to improve the looks but also a person’s overall health.

The treatments dermatologists perform are not all aesthetic. They mostly address treating skin conditions such as rashes, inflammatory and intrinsic dermatitis, lupus, rosacea, and problems with the scalp and nails. They can also identify melanoma, and some of them have advanced training in tough skin malignancies’ tumor excision. The early assessment of sexually transmissible illnesses, which all include skin signs, is frequently made by dermatologists.

Results of the Treatments:

Due to the professional’s treatment and attention to the skin’s disorders and problems, the skin quickly becomes clear and flawless. Following a precise diagnosis, the root causes of the issues are finally fixed. The therapies and methods are designed by the person’s objectives and the scenario at hand. To get the greatest results, it is essential to consult a knowledgeable and experienced skincare specialist.

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Importance of Dermatology:

The greatest tissue of the body, the epidermis, is the subject of dermatological study, which is simultaneously undervalued and underestimated. Skin disorders are essential as they are widespread, place a heavy financial and mental cost on patients, and have the potential to be fatal. Even some doctors in other disciplines say it’s “simple” or bordering on insignificant.

Skin conditions are frequently deadly, and a lot of them may be extremely dangerous. A malignant tumor is an established hazard, but non-melanoma skin cancer also significantly increases death and morbidity. Furthermore, significant health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are linked to basic skin issues like psoriasis.

How to Choose the Best Dermatologist?

One of the most sensitive organs in the human body is the skin. As a result, extra caution must be used while managing skin-related issues and choosing a specialist to consult. When speaking with a dermatologist, keep the following in mind.

  • Before anything else, it’s vital to look into the standing of the clinic where the dermatologist practices. Reading internet reviews or chatting with someone who has visited the institution previously could help.
  • Second, it’s critical to establish that dermatologists and other specialists possess the required certifications and good standing. The personnel information is frequently accessible on websites.
  • Thirdly, make sure that they receive accurate information and that their questions and concerns are properly addressed.

When to Consult?

Visits to a reputable Female Dermatologist in Islamabad & Rawalpindi with the appropriate credentials can quickly and effectively address a number of the most prevalent skin issues. Through straightforward and non-invasive treatments, conditions including acne, eczema, and sensitivities are easily cured. Using one of the various surgeries and treatments skincare specialists provide, additional problems including unbalanced tone, saggy skin, creases, spider veins, and even unwelcome tattoos can be remedied. One can be more comfortable and at ease in their skin by getting therapies like injectables, PRP, laser contouring, and tattoo removal with lasers.

Numerous skin conditions have significant effects on one’s life quality. Patients with chronic conditions, such as hypoglycemia, heart conditions, or kidney problems, for instance, display no visible symptoms and can blend into society. At the same time, those with specific skin disorders frequently face onlookers who are repelled by their appearance or who believe they may be infectious. Individuals who have noticeable skin conditions also frequently feel ugly. (Remember you’re terrible hair days and double it by tenfold; that’s the lot, all day, each day.) Additionally, an irritating, flaky rash can seriously harm one’s ego and impede social interactions. Individuals with a wide range of chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and pimples, have significant rates of anxiety and depression.

Signs to Look Out For:

Skin symptoms can also be seen in inner and viral disorders. These include the discoloration of the epidermis in liver problems, the fingertip darkening that implies arsenic poisoning, the dry, scaly epidermis of thyroid disease, the itchy skin, the red zits over the epidermis of the tendons typical of dermatomyositis, and the soft-tissue benign tumors that can suggest Cowden’s disorder, which predispose an individual to breast, thyroid, and also uterus cancer, the little red patches that may indicate leukemia, septicemia, low platelet levels, or vasculitis.

Dr. Shahnaz Muazzam – Best Dermatologist in Islamabad:

The best surgeries and treatments are provided by Dr. Shehnaz. She is a qualified dermatologist and Cosmetologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon. Her background, education, and experience enable her to do any dermatological procedures that the patients may need. She employs cutting-edge technology and contemporary methods that guarantee the required results. Her warm demeanor and patience create an atmosphere that is quite cozy for the patients. She takes her time to discuss each patient’s issues and expectations for the course of treatment with them.   

Being a member of the following societies gives her the credibility often required by patients when choosing a doctor.

  • Member of Pakistan Association of Dermatology (PAD)
  • Member of Pakistan Association of Aesthetic Dermatology(PAAD)
  • Member of Pakistan Hair restoration Society (HRSP)

Treatments Carried Out by Skin Specialist:

An aesthetic dermatologist might do:

  • Treatments using laser and light/wave technology to enhance skin texture
  • Dermal fillers or wrinkle injections are examples of anti-aging therapies.
  • Therapies to improve complexion or undertone and Skin firming
  • The tummy tuck, fat freezing, and fat-dissolving treatments are some methods of removing excess body fat.
  • Non-surgical enlargement of the nose or face
  • Papule excision, therapy for stress urine leakage, and vulvovaginal or urethral symptoms of menopause
  • Elimination or lightening of scars, discoloration, or scars
  • Laser hair and tattoo elimination
  • Surgical enhancement of the nose or face (depending on training)
  • Men’s and women’s hair restoration techniques after the loss of hair
  • Decreasing the visibility of cellulitis

Cost of Female Dermatologist:

The skincare treatments carried out by the Female Dermatologist in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan cost between PKR 2,000 and PKR 5000. The kind of treatment delivered by the dermatologist, the client’s health condition and expected results, the required length of appointments, and the expertise of the skin specialist all play a role in determining the precise cost. Each of these factors is considered by the doctor when estimating the cost.

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