Scars & Keloid Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

People who have keloids on their bodies want to remove them permanently. For this, they search for different treatments that can eliminate these keloids. Sometimes, these keloids cause irritation, pain, and itchiness. If you are among those people who do not want to have these keloids on their skin then you need this treatment. These scars can be present on your skin either from the time of birth or can be formed when a pimple goes away. This mentioned procedure is painless and safe!

What are Keloids?

Scars & Keloid Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan are some sort of raised scars. These usually occur in the areas where an injury occurred and are now healing. This keloid can be large or small. Dark skin bears these scars more commonly than light skin tone. Keloid can be due to anything like because of burning, a cut, or some acne. The areas where the keloids are often present are the chest area, upper and lower arms, and the soldiers. 

Results of Keloids Treatment Islamabad:

The outcomes of the treatment are always according to the desire of the patient. You will get your skin free from scars and there will be no pain or aching after the process. You may need more than one session depending on your condition. To undergo the procedure you should choose a doctor who is an expert. 

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Watching the benefits of the Scars and Keloid Treatment people are opting for the treatment. The advantages of the procedure are as follows:

  • Most of the treatments are successful i.e about 95% of the  people
  • It is an effective procedure
  • You can walk with your shoulders raised
  • The skin tone will get improve
  • Your skin will be clear from scars and keloids’
  • Quality of life will enhance

How is the Diagnosis for Keloids Done?

As the keloid appears similar to many skin problems so its proper diagnosis is really important. Sometimes skin allergies look similar to the keloids. For this, your doctor will take proper examinations. When you will appear in the first appointment the doctor will withdraw a small quantity of skin so that a skin biopsy can occur and then will examine it under the skin. After this, the physician will tell what he has observed under the microscope. 

To carry out the process the doctor will apply anesthesia to the patient and the elimination of skin for testing in a lab. When the keloid will be diagnosed the doctor will go for a particular treatment if required. 

What are the Causes of Keloids?

There are many reasons for keloid formation. Sometimes when an injury occurred the body starts its repairing phenomena in which the body forms some extra skin giving a raised skin appearance. Actually, that extra skin is called the keloid. Other causes behind the Scars & Keloid Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan formation area s follows:

  • When someone got a cut 
  • Due to the puncturing of wounds
  • If acne occurred in your skin
  • People with chicken pox
  • Piercings on different parts of the body
  • Tattoos also contribute to the formation of the keloid
  • Bites of insects

Treatment Available at Our Clinic:

In directing the patient towards a specific treatment a lot of analysis is involved. After these steps, the doctor starts a specific process. There are some surgical as well as non-surgical methods to remove the keloid. Still, in comparison to the modern non-invasive methods, these surgical procedures are of no importance as by these treatments the keloids can grow back due to collagen production. The treatments that are available at our clinic are as follows:

Laser Treatment of Keloid:

This treatment is usually carried out with other medicines. This process is the best for people who are not in favor of surgical treatments. In the procedure, a laser is directed on the scar which absorbs the heat by which the scar becomes light. The keloid will get flat. A person needs more than one session to get the final results.  

Through Surgery:

In this procedure, your doctor will remove the keloid by doing a cut. In almost every case keloids treated by this technique come back. So, most people do not go for this treatment. If someone is opting for the treatment then it is carried out with other processes in which its results become 95% more accurate. 


This is the freezing process of the keloids. The freezing is carried out safely in which the inner side of the keloid remains safe. Also, the hardness of the scar decreases. To get better outcomes your keloids should be of small size. The patients need 3 to 4 sessions to get complete results. 

By Medicines:

Sometimes, injections are used to treat the keloids. Certain medicines are also in use in which corticosteroids are famous. These medicines cause the shrinkage of the keloids. This treatment can be carried out with our procedures. 

Cost of Scars & Keloid Treatment:

The cost of the Scars & Keloid Treatment in Islamabad is not fixed and known accurately because the price varies with different factors. These factors are as follows:

  • The experience of the doctors
  • Location of the clinic
  • Standard of the clinic
  • Type of treatment that is in process
  • Number of keloids present on the skin 
  • Number of sessions required 

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