Regenera Activa For Hair Restoration in Islamabad Pakistan Micrograft

Watching your hair getting loose and your scalp appearing bald makes you sad. This condition leads to alopecia which makes people worried in their lives. There are certain reasons by which your hair gets lost. These are genetics, eating habits, stress, and illness issues. There are different methods to treat your hair loss problems. One of the modern and the most effective treatment is the Regenera Activa in Islamabad & Pakistan which uses natural cells and growth factors to reduce hair loss as well as regrow the hair as well. We are providing this procedure so that you can get the most effective treatment at the most reasonable price. 

What is Regenera Activa?

A procedure in which the hair follicles are extracted from the patient’s own scalp using the micrograft technique. This offers treatment by the utilization of the patient’s growth cells, progenitor factors, and stem tissues. The hair follicles start growing naturally after the process. The outcomes of the treatment are long-last and cause remarkable effects. One of the best things about the procedure is that it does not leave any side effects on the patient and the candidate can obtain the results in a safe and secure way. The treatment is also beneficial in treating skin issues and restoring its tone. 


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What are the Outcomes?

To observe the final results of the procedure you need to wait for almost twenty-one days after which you can make your hair fall stop. The exact visible result will be visible after six months. The density of the hair will increase and the scalp will appear healthy. Moreover, your hair will be more smooth and silky. The healing of the process is short.


The advantages that are obtained as a result of this Regenera Activa are as follows:

  • The hair loss will be reduced after the process
  • The treatment will cause the regrowth of your hair follicles
  • A safe and secure procedure that does not cause any issues
  • A short procedure by which you can get your treatment in a day and can continue your activities on the same day
  • Your confidence will get increased 
  • You will get your desired results
  • The recovery period will be short and the patient does not require a long time

Ideal Nominee:

The people who want to treat their hair loss issues by Regenera Activa in Islamabad, Pakistan should have the following attributes:

  • The bald patches should be according to the requirement of the treatment
  • If you are scared of the surgical procedures
  • Want to treat yourself in a natural way 
  • When the respective women are not pregnant or lactating
  • Epilepsy patients should avoid the procedure
  • Diseases like diabetes and chronic illness restrict people from receiving treatment.


The process will take around an hour to get complete. First of all, the doctor will apply anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain. To start the procedure the physician will take a small piece of a dermal layer having some amount of hair follicles on it. Then the doctor will put these withdrawn follicles in a separating machine. After which the treated hair strands will be inserted into the targeted area with the help of a syringe. The technique which will be used in the process will be mesotherapeutic. The outcomes of the treatment will become visible after one session. The hair will start growing back and the patient will see visible results.

After Care:

When the treatment is done it is advised to do the following, carefully so that no problem occurs:


  • Avoid the sunlight for almost 15 days as the skin is sensitive
  • Stop applying any kind of chemicals on the hair skin 
  • Do not dye your hair
  • Limit taking baths in the swimming pools and saunas 
  • Do not go for hard physical activity
  • Avoid washing hair twelve hours after the procedure so that your hair does not fall away
  • Eat healthy food and take nutrients

Side Effects:

The side effects of the treatment are minimal and almost none. Mostly, you can feel irritation and discomfort. Maybe, you can sense burning. The problems will vanish away after some time and you will become normal & can continue your daily activities. 

Why Choose Us?

If you are having issues with your hair loss you should not have to suffer permanently with this. You need to get treatment for this so that the issue gets resolved. For this, we are providing a safe and secure procedure. Our professionals are really skilled and know how to tackle sensitive procedures. This Regenera Activa For Hair Restoration in Islamabad Pakistan is done by sterlized instruments and all the techniques that are in use are modern and innovative giving the perfect desired results. You can say bye to baldness and can achieve a smooth natural hair look. You can also get free from the tension of paying heavy treatment prices as we are offering cheap and affordable treatments.

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