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A frequent fungal skin illness that results in a rash that resembles a “ring” on the skin is called tinea skin infection, often known as ringworm. It’s ironic because it’s unrelated to worms. Although it can occur practically everywhere on the skin, it frequently affects the legs and hands. It impacts individuals of all ages, but children are more prone than adults to it. In hot, humid regions, it happens most frequently. It is possible to spread the disease from individual to individual by sharing private care equipment like combs or by coming into touch with affected areas of the skin. There is a chance that humans and pets will both contract the virus. Ringworm can frequently be found in multiple places on the body at once. Continue reading to know all about the Tinea (Skin Fungal Infection) Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.

What Causes Tinea Skin Fungal Infection?

Tinea capitis is a fungus, despite the name of ringworm. The skin, hair, and fingernails are home to this kind of fungi. Nevertheless, the fungi begin to grow out of control if their habitat becomes hot and humid. Whenever the fungus infection on another person’s skin comes into touch with the skin, people could contract this condition.

The epithelial layer is a favorite food source for infections of the skin fungi, particularly warm, damp skin. The chance of becoming infected will increase if people sustain even a minor scalp abrasion. Tinea capitis can be brought on by at least 8 different fungal infections, although the two most common forms are Trichophyton and Microsporum fungi.


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Who Gets the Infection?

Anyone can get ringworm at any age. An individual is more likely to suffer from the infection if they:

  • Have poor immune systems or an immunological condition like lupus
  • Take part in physical activities with heavy contact, like boxing
  • Excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis)
  • Use the public restrooms or showers
  • Spend time with animals that may have ringworm closely

When to Consult a Skin Specialist?

It is advisable to consult a dermatologist if a person starts noticing any weird-looking rash or infection. After the fungus that causes the infection comes into touch with the body, symptoms usually start to show four to 14 days later. Under the following circumstances the patient should visit their skin specialist:

  • Spherical patches or scales in the form of circles appear on the skin
  • Spots that are flattened with a high, rounded edge
  • The skin feels rough, itchy, and red
  • The person starts experiencing loss of hair or bald spots on the infected area


The doctor does a thorough diagnosis during the initial session to determine whether an infection is present. The medical professional can identify the fungal infection by examining the skin and evaluating the signs. To examine the skin under a microscope, they can scrape the area to take a sample. Ringworm is often identified by examining the scales. Once the presence of infection is confirmed, the doctor carries on with the planning of the therapy according to the patientโ€™s current condition. The following testing may be carried out:

  • Skin Culture. To determine the type of fungi that is growing, a specimen of the epidermis may be submitted to a lab. We refer to this as a culture.
  • skin scraping. Using a small tool, the medical professional could remove the surface of the skin. This is not harmful. A microscope is used to inspect the scraped cells. This examination can support the diagnosis.
  • Biopsy. The healthcare professional will collect hair or nail-cutting specimens to examine under microscopy to determine the fungal if somehow infection is in the head or the fingernails.

Treatment Options:

The following treatment options are available to help with Tinea (Skin Fungal Infection) Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan:

Antifungal Creams and Powders:

Only apply this medicine to the skin. The treatment area should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Usually, twice daily, or as your doctor instructs, administer this medicine to the affected area of the skin. The type of disease being addressed determines the dose and duration of the therapy. Use this only as directed; must not apply more frequently. Although the disease won’t improve more quickly, negative effects can get worse.

Use enough medicine to coat the affected skin as well as a small portion of the skin around it. Hands should be washed after administering this medication. Unless the doctor instructs you to do so, avoid wrapping, covering, or bandaging the affected region.

Oral Medication:

If an individual has ringworm on their scalp or other regions of their body, the doctor might prescribe them an oral antifungal medicine. Most prescriptions are written for one to three months.

Antifungal Shampoo:

The spreading of scalp fungus may be stopped using antibacterial shampoo. It won’t heal it, but it might be able to keep the infection under control. Additionally, patients must take an oral antifungal drug as directed. The shampooing may be helpful to unaffected family members as well.


A fungal infection that is not severe will go away in several weeks. Therapy for more severe infections may last six to twelve weeks.ย  The patient is given certain instructions to help the healing process. These consist of:

  • Dry off and keep the afflicted area clean.
  • Use antimicrobial creams, gels, or lotions for the full course of treatment.
  • Before addressing other areas of the body, rinse your hands thoroughly and refrain from touching the affected area.

Insurance Coverage:

The treatment for tinea aka ringworm infection falls under medically important therapies. This is because it directly impacts the health of the individual. The cost of the treatment and the medications are therefore covered by health insurance. It is however advisable to talk to the insurance provider to ensure the percentage of treatment covered.


The average cost for the Tinea (Skin Fungal Infection)Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan may range from Rs. __ to Rs. __. The actual price depends on the method of treatment adopted by the doctor, the duration of the treatment, the expertise of the doctor, and the clinical level. All these cost-affecting factors are taken into consideration by the doctor when determining the cost of the therapy.

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