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Skin loses color due to vitiligo. The appearance of a person is impacted when white patches develop on the skin. We at the Glamorous clinic are aware of the particular difficulties associated with having this illness. Vitiligo patients’ life quality is frequently disregarded and undervalued. The cosmetic aspect of the illness can lead to unneeded anxiety and have a poor effect on an individual’s self, body image, and close relationships. These problems frequently prompt individuals to look for therapy. Since the precise process is not well understood, treating vitiligo can be challenging and calls for a diverse strategy. To improve your appearance it is advisable to get the Vitiligo Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan from a highly experienced skin specialist to get the results you desire. Read all about the different treatment options involved in treating Vitiligo. 

What Causes Vitiligo?

Lack of melanocytes, skin pigment-causing cells, is what causes vitiligo. Melanin, which gives the complexion, is produced by these skin cells. Lack of functioning melanocytes prevents the skin from producing sufficient pigment when someone has vitiligo. Sun exposure, contact with particular toxins, and skin trauma or injuries are examples of common triggers. The heritage of the family may also be a factor. The disorder may run in families. Additionally, some immunological illness sufferers are much more susceptible to vitiligo. These might include thyroid disorders, hypertension, arthritis, and dermatitis (hair loss).

The Essence of the Treatment:

The main aim of the treatment is to reduce the appearance of pigment-less patches on the skin and enhance an individual’s appearance. It also aims to make the person more confident and satisfied with the way they appear. 


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Treatment Options:

After a detailed physical examination of the patient’s skin, the skin specialist customizes the treatment according to the patient’s condition by choosing the most suitable option.


Once vitiligo first manifests, topical medicines (given directly to the skin) help restore skin color. On little regions of the skin on the forehead and neck, these lotions work well. Systematic drugs can reduce or stop quickly spreading vitiligo whether administered by mouth or intravenously. Therapies include lotions containing cortisone, Tacrolimus, and pimecrolimus-containing immunosuppressive agents are used to control an excessive immune response.

Laser Therapy:

A razor-sharp UVB radiation ray is produced by the stimulated emission laser. Using a pen tool, specialists target the lasers precisely on the skin’s lighter parts. To give white regions of skin color, the UVB radiation may encourage repigmentation. It takes only about 30 minutes to complete this simple operation in a doctor’s office. Specialists may advise two or three times treatments each week for 4 to 6 months before deciding whether additional treatment is necessary because multiple sessions are typically necessary to produce the intended results.

Light Therapy:

The same UV radiation that is present in natural sunshine is used in light therapy, but it has been specifically processed to only contain the frequencies that are most effective at promoting repigmentation. The number of melanocytes in parts of the skin afflicted by vitiligo may rise with contact with this concentrated Uvb radiation, which can also stop the formation of new white patches. Phototherapy has been shown to have few adverse effects, however, it could involve skin tingling or discomfort, as well as a response similar to a sunburn.

Miniature Punch Grafting (MPG):

It entails the removal of good skin tissue circles from the thighs or buttocks. The pigmentation tissue is subsequently transplanted, or “grafted,” onto regions of white skin. The transplanted region will mimic the normal, pigmentation skin nearby. MPT does not increase pigmentation creation like MPG since it just moves tissues, not epithelial tissue.

The doctor will perform this outpatient surgery while:

  • Uses local anesthetic to make the skin numb
  • Removes tiny, circular lumps of healthy, pigmentation tissue using a device
  • Utilizes the same tool to remove the tiny, circular patches of skin that are indicative of vitiligo
  • Uses dissolvable sutures to graft good skin cells into the vitiligo region


Since it is irreversible and thorough, hyperpigmented is frequently a final resort. If white vitiligo skin spots cover a sizable section of your face and other therapies are ineffective, the doctor might suggest this one. It is a procedure that entails the s daily use of a lotion to balance out the complexion by removing color-producing tissue. Treatment-affected skin eventually resembles vitiligo regions. 

Insurance Coverage:

Most people view vitiligo as an “aesthetic problem” due to its impact on an individual’s look. Aesthetic refers to a condition that merely has an impact on how someone appears. Vitiligo, however, is not simply a “cosmetic issue.” It is a health issue. Although the majority of insurance providers would first deny claims for the treatment or doctor appointments for vitiligo, with sufficient work, one can get a sizable portion of the associated costs covered by health insurance. Have your skin specialist send an insurance provider a letter describing the medical condition. 


The average cost for the Vitiligo Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan may range from Rs. __ to Rs. ___. The actual cost is different for each patient which is determined by the skin specialist after a thorough examination of the patient’s current condition. This cost depends upon several factors the technique adopted by the dermatologist, the number of sessions that are required to get optimum results, the doctor’s experience, and the clinic’s level. 

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