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A Secret to the Glowing Skin!

Is any individual seeking a remedy to lighten & brighten the tone of the skin? With modern cosmetology, there are several methods to attain a whiter & brighter tone & smoother texture of the skin. One of those methods includes the usage of Glutathione Injections!

What is Glutathione?

Does damage from the sun has affected your skin so badly that sunspots, skin that has drily wrinkled, and dark spots are extremely visible? Here at our clinic, we are presenting the solution of Glutathione to lessen minor aesthetic defects, brighten the complexions, and rectify the uneven tone of the skin. In addition, the therapy lessens dark patches, acne, sun spots, wrinkles, and free radicals from the body. Prior to the treatment, learn about the method and the affordable Glutathione Injection Price in Islamabad, Pakistan, and book us right away!

Glutathione Injections Uses:

The injections of glutathione are used for:

  • Treating individuals who are going through shaking or stiffness.
  • Lessen the risks of chemotherapy.
  • Brightening the tone of the skin.
  • Fights with the signs of aging.

Expected Results of Glutathione Injections?

The outcomes of the method will be observed after a single drip, but if the client is stressed, or has a weak immune system, and interacts daily with the exposure to the sun, then the client will require 3 to 4 drips in a month with some intervals.

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How Long Does It Take to Show the Results?

This varies on the metabolism of the client. This is because, some candidates will observe the consequences like reduced breakouts, and smoother texture within 14 to 21 days while others will require months to develop optimal outcomes.

Are Glutathione Injections Safe?

The amazing & wonderful part of the therapy is that it is safe and this is the reason the method is a very popular way to rejuvenate the skin of the individual & bring back a younger and flawless radiance & glow!

What is the Process?

The therapy of glutathione is quite the same as the vaccine dose. On the day of the method, the client will be asked about their medical history and they apply anesthesia to numb the site of treatment & to make the client comfortable. The anesthesia is applied to the arm of the client. After that, the expert at Glamorous Skin Whitening Clinic will infuse the needle into the skin to deliver a solution of saline solution.

What are the Pros and Cons?

As we are all known about the fact, with every method there are numerous perks and a few side effects that are affiliated with the process and so is this method.Β 

Glutathione Injections Benefits:

  • Enhanced energy.
  • Brighter & glower skin.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Mesmerizing results.
  • Even outs the tone of the skin.
  • Reduces the number of breakouts.
  • Eliminates wrinkles.
  • Enhances appearance.
  • Improves health.
  • Fades signs of aging.Β 

Glutathione Injections Side Effects:

  • Rashes.
  • Soreness.
  • Discomfort.
  • Numbness.

Who is the Perfect Candidate?

As per the experts at Glamorous Clinic, below are mentioned the criteria for the best individual for the method.

  • Observing wrinkles or facial lines.
  • Want to brighten the tone of the skin.
  • Observing hyperpigmentation & aging signs.
  • Must have practical assumptions.
  • Not happy with the darker complexion.
  • Not able to sleep properly.
  • Appealing to have a radiant glow.

What are the Charges?

At our clinic, we are offering the Best Glutathione in Islamabad that are cost-effective. Anyhow, the standard cost of the process starts from PKR 10,000. However, this is not the fixed cost as there are various other factors that impact the cost of treatment and thus it will be known at the initial meeting with the expert of the skin. For instance:

  • The reputation of the clinic.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • Expertise & proficiency of the expert.
  • Application of anesthesia.
  • Condition of the skin.
  • Additional expenses.

The Glowing Skin!

Get the most affordable Glutathione Injection Price in Islamabad, Pakistan, and have amazing perks. We assure to deliver you the most effective and mesmerizing treatment to sort your concerns. If you have any further concerns, fill out the below form and book us right away!

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