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Contrary to prior forms of hair extensions and previous methods of transplantation, Biofibre Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & PakistanΒ allows patients to receive the highest number of hair implants with nearly little danger of rejection or problems. To give individuals’ scalps a fuller appearance, a surgeon uses the biocompatible prosthetic hair transplant process known as bio fiber. Males and females can both benefit from bio-fiber hair implants, a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that can treat balding, thinning of hair, loss of hair, and dermatitis. In contrast to conventional hair implants, surgeons employ artificial (full-grown) hairs on individuals during biofiber therapy.

The Essence of the Treatment:

Bio-fibre transplantation aims to place fine fibers that resemble human hair in terms of texture and structure. The specialist will work with the individual to choose the kind, color, and structure of hair before the process even begins (smooth or curly). The strands will then be altered to resemble real hair, and the individual will undergo a routine hair restoration procedure under local anesthetic with the hair being placed and often recovering in a few days.


Results from a bio-fiber hair transplant are seen right away. However, it may take these strands 3 to 4 weeks to properly integrate into the head. The healing period is shorter than with a conventional hair transplant. It is even asserted that there is never any downtime. You’ll probably have the length, thickness, and shade you want right away following the process because the strands are entirely created from the beginning.

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  • Within only a few hours, achieve high hair density.
  • There are 13 different colors of natural-looking, aesthetically beautiful hair.
  • As no hair must be extracted, bio-fiber hair plugs are less costly than traditional hair transplants.
  • The hair is made of special fibers that resemble actual hair in appearance.
  • Having Biofibre hair implants, you can select among straight, wavy, or curly hairstyles.
  • Biofibre strands do not gradually become white as normal hairs do.
  • A full session lasts a few hours, and after that, you can resume your daily social activities.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

Anyone who has enough loss of hair, a healthy scalp, is in fair overall health, and has realistic expectations is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. Results from the treatment performed by a knowledgeable, qualified, and trained surgeon are long-lasting and natural-looking. During the initial consultation, the dermatologist examines the candidate’s eligibility. To make sure the patient does not experience an allergic reaction, several tests may also be performed.

How Does the Bio-Fiber Hair Transplant Work?

A normal transplant or automated machine can be used for the Biofibre Hair Transplant procedure, which is a minor surgical procedure that transplants the necessary amount of hair with no discomfort or trips to the clinic. Medical and biological research have demonstrated that Biofibre hair plugs are removable if required, as well as safe and well-tolerated by individuals. This method requires proper aftercare, routine check, and yearly implant touch-ups to maintain the finest cosmetic appearance.


Polyamide fiber-based hair strands are used in synthetic hair transplant procedures. Using an implanter pen, the transplantation procedure is carried out under local anesthetic. The artificial hair strand is implanted into the scalp by the implanter at a depth of around 0.3 mm.

An implanter is used to open each microchannel individually during the implantation procedure. A knot positioned beneath the scalp stabilizes the implantation of the bio fibers. Following the transplant procedure, the body fills the loop of the artificial fibers as it attempts to seal the incision channel by producing new soft tissue. The synthetic hair will become more securely fastened to the head as a result.


The patient must adhere to a careful aftercare regimen following the Biofibre Hair Transplant in Islamabad & Pakistan to make sure that good scalp hygiene is maintained and that no hard actions are made on or near the scalp. A qualified surgeon will provide you with advice on how to take care of the hair, including cleaning it after transplantation, and the recuperation period for hair transplants. Antibiotics are typically given to patients as part of a 7-day treatment to prevent infection. Synthetic hair is required to be handled with particular caution because it is more susceptible to damage from causes like heating (hairdressers, blow dryers), and chemicals (hair stylers).

Side Effects:

Patients have a likelihood to have skin infections that appear to be inflamed. In turn, this will result in the production of unsightly scars, resulting in skin with an inconsistent and harsh texture. Regrettably, a natural hair transplant cannot be done within the same area of the scalp if an individual who has had a biofiber hair transplant has gotten such an infection.


The average cost of the treatment varies for each individual. It may range from Rs. __ to Rs. __approx. This total expense depends on several variables which differ for each patient. These include:

  • The current condition of the patient
  • Their expectation
  • The size of the area being treated
  • The number of biofiber strands requires to fill up the bald area
  • The experience and expertise of the dermatologist
  • The type of biofiber stands used by the hair transplant specialist

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