Treat your hair loss timely! It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. Around 40% of people suffer from this so don’t feel bad it’s not just you.

Experts believe that losing 50-100 strands in a day is normal but only when if you grow them back. The majority lacks here! And indeed at this point, they become a victim of hair loss. Going for certain medications, shampoos, hair treatment or even oils is the utmost preference of many people. But finding a reliable hair loss solution is quite tough nowadays. No matter what you try sometimes it seems like hair loss just won’t go away. But not anymore! The dynamic clinic offers the world’s best Hair Loss Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan to provide beautiful, thick hair that can groom your personality.

Through our guide, you can easily identify the best hair loss treatment as per your alopecia extent.

Early Symptoms:

Hair loss can hit you in diverse ways. It might come suddenly or just gradually affects your scalp or even the whole body. Below are some early signs of hair loss. In case you observe such consequences don’t take it for granted. Quickly consult to the nearest trichologists:

  • Hair Thinning
  • Hair Loss patches
  • Complete Baldness
  • Full-body hair loss

Don’t Self Diagnose!

The first and most important thing is to avoid self-diagnosis. Because hair regrowth tonics, creams, gels, or sprays fail for long term benefit, either due to their expensive prices, or the need for repeating the procedure every week. Most often there is a possibility of bearing certain side effects and skin allergies that they may cause such as, irritation, swelling, redness, inflammation, rashes, blemishes, acne, etc.


Plenty of hair loss treatments in Dubai available to stop hair fall. Apart from ordinary medicines or topical ointments, we offer the most reliable conducts. From mild to even severe they can trigger every sort of hair loss fear securely. Please check out.


PRP is the natural way to stopover hair loss. It’s the simplest procedure of only three steps to take control of the receding hairline or patchy scalp in just 20 minutes.

In its procedure, a specific amount of blood is drawn from the arm and then it’s passed through a small machine. This drive filters out the blood to separate plasma and red blood cells from it. Afterward, a doctor injects the extracted plasma into the targeted areas of the scalp.

The entire idea of PRP is focused on increasing blood supply into the scalp. Within a couple of weeks, you can notice the difference in hair loss conditions. By getting touchup sessions you can preserve its consequences for the long term. Somehow, there is a possibility of lifetime benefit through a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care routine.

Acell therapy:

Hair loss treatment in Dubai is also endorsed through Acell therapy. Sometimes PRP alone cannot help much as it’s needed. At this point, Acell therapy is implied to grip severe hair loss by ensuring proper growth. This non-surgical treatment involves the injection of Acell and Plasma for repairing the damaged tissues safely.

Typically it’s done to increase the effectiveness of hair transplant surgery.

Laser Therapy:

A leading hair loss solution is LASER! It’s a powerful FDA- approved procedure that uses the latest laser technologies to rejuvenate the new hair follicles by repairing the rotten ones. This practice is highly advised to those who’re in the initial stages of balding.

Patients can expect to see the results within a month. It might be expensive than other hair loss solutions but its cost is entirely worth It. 

Hair Transplant:

For the individuals who’re dealing with patchy scalp or baldness, a hair transplant remains the only finest solution. It’s the surgical procedure performed under general or local anesthesia to offer promising results for the scalp.

Doctors usually take out the hair follicles from the backside of the head and then implant them on the bald region. Its extraction practice is carried out through FUE or FUT. While FUE is the latest one and minimal invasive however FUT is traditional usually executed when more grafts are required.


There are numerous myths and forever-changing fashions regarding proper hair care. Due to this, you might be confused and thinking that what to do and what to avoid. Simply just don’t panic, visit experts at Glamorous for correct diagnosis and appropriate guidance regarding hair loss treatments. No matter whether you had the conduct or not, consider the following instructs. For sure they will help you in having a healthy scalp.

  1. Comb your hair gently.
  2. Be careful of fraud hair products.
  3. Don’t get a hair wash daily.
  4. Preserve a healthy diet.
  5. Go for every single guideline from your doctor.
  6. Escape hair dryers or iron rods for some time.

How hair Loss Treatment can Benefit you?

Our incorporate positive hair loss treatments can drastically upgrade your social and aesthetic life. Calling upon the coveted route, our all procedures are proven to treat pattern baldness, thin hair, and patchy scalp. The formula to energize the hair roots improves the texture and gives a shiny finish to the scalp.

You have the privilege to pick one option from PRP, Stem cell, Laser, mesotherapy, and so on. This one-time investment can let you style your hair your way despite hiding bald patches through different hairstyles.


Just with every procedure, hair loss treatment is also allied to some side effects but that doesn’t crop up to be frustrating to handle. Some people may have an infection, especially those who are allergic, however, this isn’t common. What people usually complain of is itching, bruising, and needle pain.

The only downside to hair loss treatment is the price. Even though it’s not as high but over repeated sessions mold it. Any treatment you decide on must be redone every month to avoid the upcoming of hair loss in the future.

Note that: 5-6 sessions are reported maximum for a lifetime benefit. 


The cost of hair loss treatment in Dubai differs as per the procedure you acquire. From PRP to hair transplants we offer numerous hair loss solutions. Typically PRP starts with AED 700 and indeed hair transplant with AED 6999. Based on your hair loss extent and complexity of the procedure our experts can give you an estimate of the cost.

To determine exact charges, book an appointment with us.

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