Ever worried about sudden hair loss? Does it seem like your hair is thinning in a certain area? Is hair loss affecting your personality? Consider our advanced hair restoration in Islamabad. It contains numerous FDA-approved surgical and non-surgical treatments that are effective for both men and women even in severe hair thinning.

We’ll help you regain confidence and look great! Our experts strongly prefer this hair restoration over headscarves, turbans, or headwear, or perhaps any obscure treatment that may allow you to experience difficulties in the future. Read on to find out more about the best hair restoration solutions we offer.


To address, assuage and provide solutions for hair loss, we conduct the assessment tests. This typically includes analyzing the common cause of hair thinning. If it is genetic or possibly any other injury, the choice of treatment will vary.

After a treatment option has been recommended to you, our specialists will explain the details of the procedure, its expected results, as well as possible complications. After all, we do not hide anything from patients.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration:

While considering non-surgical hair restoration, the prospect must go beyond irrelevant shampoos, supplements, and other leave-in products. That’s being said, non-surgical hair restoration must be of a trusted source to benefit your hair loss condition. This usually helps in the early stages of hair loss.

Check out the following hair restoration methods performed at the Glamorous Clinic.

Hair Loss Supplements:

The counter hair thinning caused by androgenetic alopecia is controlled with a basic hair loss supplement called Minoxidil. It’s FDA-approved and comes in both ointment and tablet form, and is recommended primarily for women. In addition to Minoxidil, there are other options that you will be guided on later by our specialists.


The PRP therapy offered at the Glamorous Clinic uses your own platelets. Our specialists will first take your blood, separate the blood platelets by passing them through a centrifuge mechanism, and inject those platelets back into the scalp. Since your blood contains growth factors and proteins that accelerate tissue repair, healing, and new hair follicle growth, this treatment is safe and comes up with amazing results. Experts usually advise going through its 3-5 sessions.

Laser Therapy:

As proven in a study published in 2019, laser beams have been confirmed effective in restoring thinning hair. We have been performing laser hair loss therapy for many years to cope with severe hair loss. According to experts, this is the most effective hair restoration in Islamabad especially when painless hair restoration is requested.


Microneedling radically improves the structure of the scalp, covering it like dots on the scalp. It gets a fuller head in which the dominant hair follicles are visible. In addition to this, it also increases collagen production, stimulates growth factors, and thus potentially treats hair loss and accelerates hair growth.

Surgical Hair Restoration:

For those who have severe hair loss, we advise surgical hair restoration to restore the naturally growing hair permanently. Advances in the hair industry have allowed us to provide modern FUE and FUT hair transplantation. It is the logical step against baldness, and it involves placing grafts from the donor part to the balding part. The grafts are extracted from the donor portion using the FUE or FUT method. There may be incisions or stitches in the FUT, but the FUE uses a special puncture instrument for extraction which does not require any incisions.

Important Considerations:

Earlier hair restoration or perhaps after it, there are some instructions one must follow. As such, standard pre and post-operative apply, including no smoking, no drinking, and no blood thinners for a week before any hair restoration treatment you are considering. Alongside this, there are some other considerations your doctor will advise you after assessing your medical condition. Please follow all of these guidelines to truly appreciate the results.

Hair Restoration Cost:

Hair restoration can get expensive and therefore affordable depending on the type of treatment you choose. The average cost of hair restoration in Islamabad starts from 10,000 PKR, which often goes up to 150,000 PKR depending on the treatment chosen. Prices are highly dependent upon the amount of work done by the experts.

Glamorous – Islamabad’s best Hair Loss Clinic:

Hair Restoration is a simple answer to the intricate question of overwhelming hair loss! Being the best hair loss clinic in Islamabad, we value our patients in terms of giving them the best results considering their comfort level and exactly what they want. Another plus? Our hair restoration treatments are affordable and personalized. Please let us know your inquiries so that we can guide you accordingly.

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