Hair Wigs in Islamabad Pakistan is a safe and non-surgical hair loss solution to cover bald patches that may occur due to certain factors including aging, hormonal changes, androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), nutritional deficiencies or medical conditions. This simply irresistible technique is boosting the confidence of both men and women by playing an alternative role in hair transplants and micro-grafts hair restoration. We at Glamorous Clinic, custom design hair replacement systems non-surgically to deliver realistic front and side looks, natural hairline, high durability, and economical pricing. Move on and go for the right hairpiece as modern hair replacement systems are instantly making immense surgical procedures out-of-date to flaunt your perfect head of hair in front of the world!

Significance of a Full Head of Hair:

It’s the fact that looks matter. We understand that our physical appearances influence our personal, social and professional lives. All through history, hair has presented a significant role in our society – it is related to youthfulness and beauty in females and virility and masculinity in males. Your hair is one of the most significant features that dictate your personality. So, it is not surprising that hair loss can make both the genders self-conscious in their thirties and forties and in turn affects self-confidence.

Major Pros and Advantages of Hair Wigs:

Most of the people suffering from hair loss now go for hair wigs system. Our team of experts has decided to share major pros and a lot of positives so you can make an informed decision about whether it is the best solution for you. In fact, the below-mentioned advantages are fairly evident. Say NO to bald-hair-day!

  1. Non-Invasive Technique:

The biggest advantage is the hair wig technique involves a non-invasive procedure. Unlike hair transplants that have capability for surgical complications involving anesthetic dangers, scarring and possible risks of infections, this non-surgical hair replacement doesn’t require the use of any needle or knife. Thus, no pain and no such risks are involved.

  1. Guaranteed Results:

In terms of hair density, transplantation techniques take about almost six to eight months to come up with the desired results. While hair units, give a head full of hairs on the day of the procedure. This application process is quick, simple and yields fast instant results.

  1. Customized For a Better Fit:

Prior to the procedure, natural hair varieties are customized to the exact size of the client’s head. Designing Human Hairs Wig/Unit in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan commonly outsets by taking a cast of your scalp and head which is further converted into a custom-made unit base and hairs are added accordingly. This gives rise to greater protection by making your wig secure and safe. Once you’re done, you can lead your life without any fear of accidental dislodging.

  1. Styling Adaptability:

In contrast to trendy conviction, human hair wigs aren’t generally supplied in a specific cut style and are rather supplied in an ‘uncut’ style. It gives an open option to the wearer to choose a hairstyle he desired. Keeping such expectations in mind, a wig is cut and processed by a professional hairdresser. It is suggested to consult a professional for knowing the right usage and following all the necessary guidelines. As fixed hairs are fully natural, your options for styling are diverse just like your real hairs.

  • You can dye
  • You can wash
  • You can shampoo
  • You can swim/exercise
  • You can almost do anything

Variety of Fixing Techniques:

A great and considerable thing about non-surgical hair replacement is that different number of techniques can be used to put on hair wigs. The most common one is to sew it and glue it on. This technique really works well and is quite easy to master. People who want to get a wig for a longer time period are recommended to go with sewing whereas people who want to fix it temporarily are recommended to go with gluing.

Wig Care Tips for Human Hair:

Whether or not other people can tell that you are wearing a hairpiece is the only thing every wearer worries about and it totally depends on the quality of your hair wig. Besides quality, it also depends on how well you take care of it. Wig maintenance can be an overwhelming process thus, educate you in every aspect of how to care for it.  Mentioned tips can keep your wig look fresher, fuller and more natural for longer than ever before. Give it a READ!

  • Invest in high-quality products.
  • Practice proper wig washing methods.
  • Use special hair care shampoo, conditioner, and wig comb.
  • Before washing, eradicate teasing and tangles by brushing.
  • For attractive styling, it’s better to take it to the professional.
  • Wash your hair but not too often as it can dry it out and make it loose shine.
  • Everyone knows heat tools damage hair so put down your curling and straightening iron.
  • Don’t use a blow dryer for drying instead gently squeeze excess water and use a towel to absorb additional water.
  • Maintain a healthy scalp and clean hair to prevent it from residues, oil, and grease from seeping.