PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma abbreviated as PRP is a non-surgical three-step procedure for controlling hair loss. In this medical treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn, processed and further injected into the scalp. Scientific approaches have proven that PRP injections prompt the natural hair growth by supplying golden fluid found in growth factors to the hair follicles. These growth factors play a role as messengers, signaling hair cells to function. Initially, the researchers have hypothesized that PRP can also help in growing hair that occurs in androgenetic alopecia. That’s why this treatment has gained tremendous popularity in restoring hair growth as well as preserving the existing hair. At Glamorous Clinic, we stand committed to delivering the safest, newest and most effective methods of hair loss.


You must need to know, PRP doesn’t deliver immediate results. So, you shouldn’t suppose to expect a full head of hair overnight. You will need to take 3-4 sessions followed by an appointment each with a gap of 6 weeks and then yearly a booster session to maintain your new hair growth. Results vary from person to person depending on the natural variation in the quality of platelet-rich plasma, overall health, and blood platelet levels. That’s why multiple sessions are required to obtain the desired outcomes. That’s why it is said that the first round of treatments takes a few visits to see the initial results.

What Are The Contradictions?

We are highly committed to providing a rewarding experience to all the sufferers of hair loss. Our doctor thoroughly assesses the client’s condition before prescribing any treatment. Both males and females experiencing hair loss can undergo PRP treatment. But the restriction is if you have any of the below-mentioned conditions you shouldn’t have done this non-surgical hair therapy:

  • You are on chemotherapy
  • Don’t go for PRP if you’re pregnant
  • You have an impaired immune system
  • You are a sufferer of HIV, HTV or immunosuppressive disease

How is PRP Performed?

Following simple and easy steps are performed by a professional hair specialist for the new hair growth that takes about 40-45 minutes. Once you are done with the session you can return to your normal activities without limitations. Most improvements are observed after having a few sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart.

  • A very small blood sample (10-20 ml) of the patient is extracted which is processed following a particular protocol.
  • Sample is put into a centrifugation machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids of different densities.
  • The fluid is separated into three layers taking about only 10 minutes i-e, platelet-poor plasma (PPP), platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and red blood cells (RBCs).
  • Separated PRP is drawn up into syringes and then injected back into the different areas of the scalp.

Above mentioned procedure not only activates the natural hair growth cycle, but also increases the blood supply to hair follicles. This aids in making your hair stronger, thicker and speeds up the healing and recovery process.

Post-Operative Care Instructions:

Once you are done with PRP treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, you must follow the following instructions to see better results and comfort:

  • Avoid washing the treatment area for 24 hours
  • Resume hair dye and coloring treatment after one week
  • Do not use topical medications and hair products for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking for 3 days after your treatment
  • You may feel soreness and some bruising for 2-3 days on the area of treatment
  • In case of pain, you may take a pain killer according to the doctor’s prescription
  • You may experience mild pain, scalp tenderness, and headache at the injection site

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Book your FREE consultation with our medical practitioners today to learn more about PRP treatment. They will probably let you know that the effects can depend on several factors. Remember one thing, signing up for a package of multiple sessions will lower your PRP injections cost. Presently, male or female with mild to moderate hair loss who has decided to get this non-surgical hair procedure should ask a doctor whether they are likely to benefit from the treatment or not. Contact our office and schedule your consultation appointment today.