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In contrast to a standard transplantation operation, a Robotic Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan does not necessitate the participation of a cosmetic surgeon. Instead, a robot-assisted by a technology and digital imaging aids in the procedure of extracting hair cells from the donor site and implanting those retrieved shafts into areas where the volume or thickness of hair is significantly less. Because it is more accurate and less harmful to the overall health of hair follicles, this procedure is more beneficial. It is typically used to increase hair density, volume, or dispersion on the head.

What Is The Treatment?

Image guiding is used by interactive, machine technology to improve hair shaft harvesting. The most difficult components of Follicular Unit Extraction have been made easier by the first robotic hair transplant system. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) also has given it the go-ahead for use.

A medical professional-controlled, cutting-edge device makes it possible to extract hair follicles for use in hair regrowth surgeries. Along with a graphics robotic arm, unique imaging techniques, tiny dermal holes, and a computer interface, it has many other useful characteristics. To use the FUE method, the Machine can recognize and extract specific follicular units. At a pace of up to 1,000 per hr, the equipment can pluck specific hair cells under the guidance of sensors and 3-D photographers.

The Essence of the Treatment:

The main goals of this tech’s development are twofold: 1) it eliminates the need for human intervention in the removal of the hair shaft, which reduces problems and boosts efficiency; and 2) it is directed by cutting-edge technology like AI technology and digital photography, eliminating the chances of making mistakes.


A few weeks after the treatment, the transplanted hairs start growing, form their blood flow, and newer strands of hair are visible. Throughout a full season, new hair keeps growing, making the person’s looks eventually obvious to everyone else.

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Benefits of The Treatment:

Compared to more intrusive, conventional hair restoration techniques, robotic FUE is much less painful and allows for quicker recovery to routine daily tasks. For more spectacular results, this surgery extracts good, functional hair shafts from the person’s scalp’s areas most affected by baldness. The recovery period is brief, and unlike with other hair transplant techniques, there is no sequential wound as a consequence. The only indication is microscopic, white marks in the treated skin that resemble those created by traditional FUE.

Who Is Eligible For the Treatment?

The consultant would probably recommend getting a hair transplant if you have balding areas on the head and are experiencing regular baldness. When hair fall first begins, it can be stopped with protective measures, but after that period has passed, there is no way to reverse it other than by restoring the hairline with a hair transplant.

How to Prepare For the Treatment?

The person’s head is first given a comprehensive examination by the skincare specialist, who then has a long talk with them concerning their problematic areas, worries, and treatment goals. The surgeon may also advise a blood sample before the treatment and review the health history to discover what is affecting the participant’s hair loss and thinning. After the initial assessment, the physician creates a therapy strategy based on the patient’s requirements and prepares the patient for operations.

  • To get ready for the procedure before having this done, the patient must follow some of the doctor’s suggestions.
  • The applicant must stop taking all blood-thinning medications, supplements, and minerals before treatment.
  • It’s a good idea to refrain from smoking and drinking.


  • To reduce any irritation and pain during the Robotic Hair Transplant in Islamabad & RawalpindiΒ the skin is initially anesthetized with a local anesthetic.
  • A small, rectangular instrument in the form of a photo frame is then employed to target the rear of the forehead.
  • Instantly, the robot equipment positions itself in the donor area.
  • A punching device is used to examine the head for prospective locations for follicles removal.
  • A double punch technique is used when the follicle units have been identified.
  • The interior sharper tool cuts the epidermis all around the donor site while the outside blunt tool isolates the implant from the outer tissue.
  • The robot arm then locates the following graft to be retrieved.
  • The process is continued until all of the indicated locations have been harvested of grafts by the robot.
  • After the treatment is complete, the team delicately removes the implants from the scalp.
  • The device is then moved to another position for a later collecting cycle.
  • It continues until an adequate number of follicle units are extracted.
  • The surgeon carefully inserts these implants into the receiver area which requires more hair once the plucking procedure is complete.


The individual is required to follow a few important post-instructions given by the doctor. They are essential to achieving the greatest results and preventing or lowering the likelihood of any postoperative problems.

  • Even though the therapy region could itch, no scratching or touching should be done
  • Rigorous exercises, such as jogging that makes the head perspire, must also be avoided.
  • Both drinking cigarettes and alcohol can affect the results and recovery process; as a result, these temptations should also abstain.
  • Surfing or swimming should also be avoided for however long the specialist prescribes.


The Robotic Hair Transplant in Islamabad costs, on average, between ____ and ____. It varies depending on several factors, such as the quantity of implanted hair cells, the patient’s expected results, and the doctor’s level of expertise. The doctor estimates the final price after accounting for all the factors that influence it.

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