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Sex is an important part of any couple’s life. But when low sexual desire or no pleasure takes over, it can make the relationship a bit complicated. Women often struggle with having no sexual desire, during their adult life due to certain reasons such as childbirth, genetics, congenital pathology, or due to the effect of some drugs. Are you also struggling with your sexual relationship due to your low sexual desire, or lack of interest in sex? Well, read on to learn more about how the treatments for Feeling Enhancement in Islamabad Pakistan might be the best solution to helping you regain your long-lost intimacy desire.

A Brief Intro To Feeling Enhancement!

The techniques and treatments that mainly focus on addressing the issue of low libido, and low intimacy interest in women which arises due to different factors are known as feeling enhancement treatment. These techniques have proven to be very effective, and have helped many women in regaining their sexual pleasure back that was lost due to certain factors. The main aim of the treatment is to use different plastic surgery techniques to enhance the vaginal blood flow, to improve the vaginal walls, and to enhance your sexual pleasure.

The Results It Provides:

The feeling enhancement treatment will have a good impact on your mind and emotional well-being. Women who undergo this therapy feel more sensitivity and sexual stamina. The treatment promises to enhance your sexual life by helping you achieve your long-lost intimate pleasure. After the therapy, women feel more confident, and comfortable in their sexual life.

Why Opt For Feeling Enhancement Therapy?

Women mostly opt for the feeling enhancement treatment when they suffer from the following issues in their lives:

  • If you wish to improve the blood flow in the vaginal area.
  • Women who have undergone a natural delivery process often suffer from having loose vaginal walls, which affects their intimate life.
  • Individuals who wish to improve the functional integrity of their vagina after childbirth.
  • If you wish to enhance your sexual life.
  • Women who are facing a decrease in sexual desire due to certain reasons want to overcome this problem.
  • Individuals who have damaged vaginal cells also opt for this treatment.

The Right Time To See The Doctor:

If you are struggling with low sexual drive, a low libido, or no lack of confidence, and interest in your sexual life, then it is high time that you decide to see a professional gynecologist or a psychologist. Our experts at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will help you in providing you with the most suitable treatment for your issue after examining the root cause of your low sexual desire.

Treatment Options For Feeling Enhancement:

At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad, we always strive to use the best, latest technology for addressing different sexual issues. For feeling enhancement we use the following treatment techniques:

  • Laser Technique:

Well, the laser is one of the most effective, and FDA-approved methods that works wonders on the vagina by emitting thermal energy on the surface of the vagina. The thermal energy from the laser addresses the looseness of the vaginal walls and also enhances the lubrication and elasticity in the vaginal region. This is a non-invasive, safe, and quick procedure.

  • O-Shots:

O-shot is another effective method that helps overcome the aging changes that occur in the vagina. This method requires the patient’s PRP to make the O-shot. The surgeon carefully inserts this shot into the vagina, or the clitoris region while the patient is under the sedation of anesthesia. The process helps achieve maximum flow of blood, and a much better stimulation in the region.

  • G-Spot:

To enhance the stimulation, and to improve the sexual experience the surgeon will insert a hyaluronic acid solution between the area of the G-spot, the vaginal walls, and the urethra. This method is quite effective and offers promising, lasting results.

  • PRP:

The utilization of the effective enzymes, minerals, and vitamins from the PRP is proven super effective in treating feeling enhancement in women. The process has benefits in both medical and aesthetic history. All the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals work wonders to improve elasticity, and to promote collagen production in the intimate region.

Top Benefits:

The right treatment technique for feeling enhancement will help one enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experiencing better orgasms.
  • Women will be able to experience a stronger erection.
  • The techniques are safe, risk-free, and FDA-approved.
  • Individuals can experience more sexual stamina.
  • The lubrication of the intimate region gets better.
  • No more worrisome about the looseness in the walls of the vagina.
  • A better sexual life, and a healthy relationship.

Potential Side-Effects:

  • A slight soreness.
  • Numbness for quite some time, in the treatment area.
  • A pinching like slight pain.

The patients should not worry much as these are only minor side effects that may or may not occur. In case of any other major symptoms, or side effects make sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible.


The Cost of Feeling Enhancement in Islamabad will be disclosed to you after having a proper consultation with our experts, the price may vary depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, and the type of treatment method they undergo.

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