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Do you wish to improve the quality of your sexual life? Well, it is not a hidden fact that most men around the globe suffer from different intimate issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and many other issues that leave a negative impact on their intimate life. Are you also struggling with similar issues, well don’t worry because we can help revive the pleasure back into your sexual life. Learn more about Penile Shot Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan and how it can benefit your intimate life on our webpage below.

A Brief Intro To P-Shots Treatment:

Penile shots are one of the most innovative techniques that use PRP injections, or other therapeutic agents in specific areas of the penis to address different penis concerns. The main goal of the P-shots is to stimulate tissue regeneration, improve blood flow, and enhance overall sexual function. The technique can improve the intimate life problems that men often face due to erectile dysfunction, or other sexual disorders, by strengthening the penis and making it look larger.

Why Opt For P-Shots?

Men who are seeking to address the concerns of erectile dysfunction, and stamina, or wish to improve their overall sexual performance should opt for this treatment. If you are looking for ways to improve your sexual life but do not want to undergo an invasive technique, then this therapy is best for you.

Candidacy Criteria For Penile Treatment:

If you wish to improve your intimate life you must first visit a professional specialist, who will further inform you if you are eligible for the treatment or not, the candidates who lie in the below criteria are ideal for the therapy.

  • Men who experience mild, to moderate erectile issues should opt for p-shots.
  • Men who wish to improve their physical connection with their partner.
  • If you wish to increase, strength, and pleasure in your life.
  • Men who wish to retrieve the hardness of the penis, and make it look bigger but through non-invasive methods.
  • Individuals who are looking to restore their male sexual functions.

Pre-Treatment Care:

The first step is a proper initial consultation with our experts at our Glamorous Clinic Islamabad. 

  • Make sure to discuss all your concerns with the specialist, without any hesitation.
  • You will have to avoid your current medication if the specialist asks you to.
  • Discuss all your medical history with the doctor.
  • Have a brief discussion with the doctor to discuss the issues you are currently facing and the intimate problems you require treatment for.

Step-By-Step Guide To Penile Shots Treatment:

Below is a brief information about this non-invasive process:

  • The doctor will ask you to come to the clinic on an empty stomach because the treatment requires blood extraction.
  • The first step is to extract a certain amount of the patient’s blood in different syringes. 
  • The blood that is extracted is then placed in a special machine the centrifuge. The machine helps derive the PRP from the blood. 
  • After collecting a certain amount of PRP, the surgeon then carefully inserts it into the penis region, while targeting specific areas to enhance the stimulation and blood circulation.
  • The whole session takes less than one hour, and the surgeon makes sure to numb the penile region before starting the procedure.

The Results You Can Expect:

The duration and the outcomes of the therapy of p-shots will differ for each patient. The outcomes can last up to 18 months. Some patients may see visible outcomes within several weeks, while in some cases patients will have to attend multiple treatment sessions to reach their desired goals.

Recovery Period:

  • During the first few days, it’s normal to experience a bit of soreness, or redness due to the insertion of the needles.
  • The needle discomfort will resolve on its own.
  • Try not to engage yourself in strenuous activities.
  • Report any unusual after-therapy symptoms to your doctor.

Top Advantages:

Let’s take a look at the viable benefits that the PRP penile shot has to offer:

  • This non-invasive technique not only enhances blood circulation but also makes the penis look larger.
  • You will be able to notice enhanced sexual performance.
  • The PRP shots will help you in regaining the long-lost sexual pleasure.
  • Men can notice strength, and hardness in their penis after the complete therapy.
  • One of the best things about the therapy is that the patients can return to their normal activities on the same day of treatment.
  • It is a non-invasive plus affordable option for restoring the pleasure in your intimate life while addressing different intimate problems.

Possible Side Effects:

Well treatment is generally safe, the patient may or may not experience some of the normal after-treatment side-effects which are:

  • Discomfort at the injection site.
  • Temporary swelling.
  • Bruising in the region.

Cost Details:

Glamorous Clinic Islamabad strives to provide the most affordable Cost for Penile Shot Treatment. To get to know the final cost details, the patients will first have to have a brief consultation with our experts. The final cost of the treatment may vary due to:

  • The number of injections, and sessions.
  • The patient’s expectations.
  • The severity of the condition.
  • Surgeons experience.

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