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A large penis is what often every other man wants. The good news is that now cosmetic surgical procedures can help enhance the size of the penis, and can also reconstruct it if someone requires the reconstruction process. Phalloplasty in Islamabad Pakistan is a type of cosmetic surgery also known as gender-affirming surgery that can help enhance the size of the penis, repair it after an accident, or in some cases reconstruct it for people who are transgender. Discover more about this surgery and how it can benefit you by reading more about it in our guide below.

Understanding Phalloplasty:

The surgical procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry which aims to repair, reconstruct or fix a congenital issue of the penis is phalloplasty. Transgender men often opt for this surgery to achieve a functional, penis. The surgery also helps in gender affirmation. The phalloplasty surgery is required for individuals seeking alignment between their physical appearance, and their gender identity. The surgery has different steps in which it constructs a new penis, and in some cases, it may help overcome an injury, trauma, or congenital issue in the penis region.

Who Should Opt For Phalloplasty?

After a proper consultation with the patient, our expert surgeons will let you know if you are suitable to undergo this surgery. The candidates who lie in the below criteria can opt for it:

  • Individuals who have completed the necessary psychological assessments and evaluations.
  • People who are in good health, and do not suffer from serious health disorders that may put them at risk.
  • If an individual suffers from aphelia (i.e. the individual was born without a penis).
  • If you have ambiguous genitalia.
  • Individuals who have suffered from a burn accident, trauma, or circumcision complications should opt for this treatment.
  • Men who have suffered from penile fracture because of a sudden bending.

Preparations Before Phalloplasty:

It’s essential for patients to first undergo certain tests, and assessments before the surgery. The candidates will also have to follow certain instructions before their surgery day.

  • Our experts at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will guide you all about the procedure, its risks, and its benefits.
  • The patients should remove the genital hairs months before the surgery. But do not use any hair-removing methods a few days before your treatment because that may lead to irritation.
  • There will be a proper mental health evaluation of the patients.
  • The surgeon will ask you to quit the habit of smoking because that will lead to a lot of complications.
  • You may also have to discontinue using certain medications.

Procedural Details:

Let’s take a look at the procedural details of the phalloplasty procedure;

  • The first step is a thorough consultation between the patient and the surgeon to discuss all the goals, expectations, and the patient’s medical history.
  • The surgeon will select the area from where the surgeon will take a large amount of skin for the creation of tissue grafts to attach to the groin.
  • To take the tissue grafts the doctor will either consider one of the sites. The donor sites are the forearm, thigh, or other regions.
  • If the patient is undergoing the surgery for FTM transgender surgery then the doctor will remove the female genitals.
  • The next step is to extend the urethra area. The extending will help the patient pee while they are standing.
  • In the next step, the doctor will construct the neophallus using the donor tissues.
  • The next step is to construct the scrotum and implant the device to enable the erections.
  • The surgeon will also insert artificial testicles in the scrotum.

Post-Surgical Care:

  • The candidates must try to follow all the post-operative instructions.
  • The patients should attend all the follow-up sessions so the doctor can monitor their healing and progress.
  • Try to limit your chores, and physical activity and try to rest well.
  • Changes the dressings over time, to make sure there is no risk of infection.
  • Take painkillers that your doctor prescribes in case of pain.

Advantages of Phalloplasty:

let’s take a look at the benefits of this surgery:

  • The treatment provides a more fulfilling life experience.
  • Helps individuals with their journey towards self-acceptance.
  • The surgery helps enhance the penis length.
  • It also helps in overcoming any injury, trauma, or burn accident that has caused damage to the penis region.

Potential Risks That May Occur:

There are always some risks associated with any surgery. Some of the side effects that may or may not occur are:

  • Issues due to anesthesia.
  • Scarring.
  • An infection.
  • Poor wound healing.

If a professional surgeon performs the surgery there are fewer chances for the risks to occur. But keep in mind that poor wound care, or not following the aftercare instructions will increase the chances of developing the common side effects.

Cost Details:

The Cost of Phalloplasty Surgery in Islamabad will be disclosed to the patients after a brief consultation and examination of their condition by the surgeon. The cost may vary due to different factors. Such as:

  • The severity of the condition.
  • The type of treatment method your surgeon uses.
  • Reputation of the clinic.
  • The expectation of the patient.

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