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Sexual dysfunctions can cause many complications in the intimate life of any couple. These things are often not openly discussed or difficult to discuss. A common sexual dysfunction that occurs in men is Premature ejaculation. Most men suffer from this issue, as it affects their intimate lives. If this issue is causing stress in your life, or problems in your intimate life then read on to learn more about how the treatment for Premature Ejaculation in Islamabad Pakistan can help you

Understanding Premature Ejaculation:

The common sexual dysfunction in men which is characterized by the inability to control or delay ejaculation during sexual activity is known as premature ejaculation. This problem often results in distress or dissatisfaction. It is often characterized as semen leaving the body earlier than it is supposed to leave. About 30 to 40% of men are affected by this problem. But the good news is that this problem can be easily treated and controlled by different treatments and techniques.

Causes That Lead To Premature Ejaculation:

Are you also someone struggling from early, or rapid ejaculation, and wondering why it might be happening? Well below are some common reasons why this issue arises.

  • Due to anxiety, depression, or other psychological factors.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Medical problems.
  • Because of a sexual trauma, or violence.
  • Diabetes.
  • Due to changes in the hormones.

Diagnosing Rapid/Premature Ejaculation:

Experiencing rapid, or early ejaculation should be nothing to be ashamed of but one should try to treat, and control it to improve their relationship, and to enhance their sexual life. To diagnose the early ejaculation symptoms the doctor will ask you certain questions related to your past sexual encounters. The patients will have to answer certain personal questions but do not worry because at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad, we keep your information confidential. The surgeon may also carry out some:

  • Some blood tests.
  • Open communication about your intimate life.
  • Some physical examinations to monitor the nerve responses.

Treatment Options For Early Ejaculation Issue:

At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad our experts will first carefully listen to your problems in a safe, and hygienic clinic environment. In our clinic, our experts provide various ways to control the problem of early ejaculation.

  • Behavioral Technique:

The expert may suggest certain methods such as the start-stop method to control or delay early ejaculation.

  • PRP:

A PRP or growth factor shot can help enhance the blood circulation in a certain region which can help overcome and control the ejaculation issue.

  • Massage Therapy:

Certain massages on the genital regions can also help improve blood circulation, and improve the ejaculation problems during intimacy.

  • Medications:

There are certain medicines such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which can help affect the neurotransmitter levels in the brain. These drugs can help delay, and control ejaculation issues.

  • Counseling And Therapy Sessions:

Β Counseling and therapy sessions can often help overcome the problem by talking more openly about the sexual traumas, and by addressing the intimate problems.Β 

  • Exercises:

The doctor may also recommend exercises such as pelvic floor exercises which can help strengthen, and control the muscles. Doing these exercises over time can help improve the intimate life, by taking control of the ejaculation.

Why Opt For Premature Ejaculation Treatment:

Opting for the treatment of rapid, or early ejaculation is a personal decision. Below are some reasons why people like to get the treatment for this issue:

  • Individuals who wish to satisfy, and fulfill the sexual experience of both partners.
  • Seeking treatment at the right time can help enhance your healthy relationship, and will also help improve your intimate life.
  • Seeking treatment will also help reduce the psychological distress in individuals.
  • The treatment will be a step towards personal well-being.
  • Professional guidance at the right time will help individuals achieve the right treatment at the right time.
  • If you wish to last your sexual intimacy a bit longer then you should try the treatment method for early ejaculation.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • The treatment will help you enjoy a more lasting sexual experience.
  • It will provide you with satisfaction, and mental peace.
  • All the techniques are safe and have no risk.
  • An improvement in your intimate life will have a positive impact on your personal life.
  • Couples can maintain their healthy relationship with a good intimate life.

Cost Details:

The Cost of Premature Ejaculation in Islamabad is not fixed but Glamorous Clinic Islamabad offers quite affordable, and best prices to help overcome this sexual disorder. To learn more about the cost details the patients will first have to attend an initial consultation with our experts. The cost may vary due to the following reasons:

  • How much experience does the doctor have?
  • The reputation of the clinic/hospital.
  • The choice of therapy you require.
  • Medication charges.

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