Laser Treatment for Dark Spots in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Price

Everyone experiences hyperpigmentation, which is a natural occurrence. It may appear on the face, the armpits, or any other region of the body. The term “melanosis” also applies to this ailment. The extra melanin is created in this disorder, giving the epidermis an appearance that is darker than the rest of the body. There may be a variety of causes for this excessive melanin production. It could be brought on by a clinical ailment or another factor unrelated to one’s health.

There may be a desire to remove this additional color. There are clinical strategies and solutions available for this purpose. The individual may receive expert assistance if the products do not work. Laser Treatment for Dark Spots in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is one such treatment that helps the individual get clear and smooth skin.

The Essence of the Treatment:

The purpose of the therapy is to lessen the visibility of dark patches on the skin and remove the all types of Dark Spots. The darkened area is targeted with a device. The highly concentrated light is used to destroy the melanin cells which results in hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that the pigmentation will return. It seeks to create a skin tone that is uniform.


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Laser Techniques:

There are two primary laser treatment modalities:


Ablative laser treatment involves the application of a strong laser beam to the skin. The laser light vaporizes the skin’s epithelium. It also warms the skin, which promotes the production of collagen and gradually improves the appearance of the skin.


Nonablative resurfacing is a procedure that uses lasers to renew the tissue without seriously harming it. It improves skin complexion and texture. It functions by activating the deeper epidermis with thermal energy to stimulate the body to produce new elastin.

Outcomes of the therapy:

The treated area has skin that is evenly toned as a consequence of the procedure. The treatment approach determines how long it will take for the outcomes to become apparent. The plastic surgeon might also advise combining treatments for optimal outcomes in less time.

Sessions Necessary:

The number of appointments necessary will vary depending on the type of laser being used, the person’s type of skin, situation, expectations, and anticipated outcome, in addition to how well their skin responds to the treatment. The typical range of treatments needed is between 3 and 6.

Insurance Coverage:

Usually, insurance firms cover the price of required medical treatment (s). The sole purpose of Laser Treatment for Dark Spots in Islamabad & RawalpindiΒ however, is cosmetic. As a result, it is often not reimbursed by the person’s health insurance.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

The dermatologist’s choice of laser therapy will determine the total cost of the procedure. The selection of therapy is based on the patient’s current health, the outcomes they want, and the number of sessions needed to achieve those outcomes. The overall cost of the therapy, which is decided by the doctor after taking all the considerations into consideration, also significantly depends on other factors like the dermatologist’s level of experience, location, and clinic quality.

Negative Effects:

There are a few tiny, transient adverse effects, but they eventually go away. These side effects could include inflammation, burning, and bruises at the targeted site. The procedure is carried out by an experienced professional to prevent any potential negative effects.

How do I Choose the Best Cosmetic Clinic?

Before selecting the plastic surgery center, a thorough investigation must be done. The doctor and clinic that are selected determine how well the treatments work. When choosing a dermatologist, keep the following things in mind.

  • Before visiting a clinic, it’s imperative to do some research on its reputation. Reading internet reviews or chatting with a person who has visited the facility previously could help.
  • Second, it’s critical to establish that dermatologists and specialists are qualified and have good standing. The personnel information is often accessible on clinic websites.
  • Thirdly, one must make sure that the information is accurate and that their issues are addressed.


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