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Cellulite is a normal and inevitable thing, and about 90 percent of women have it. Important thing is that you should not be ashamed of it. But if you want to get rid of it due to cosmetic reasons and you want to improve the appearance of your body then try the advanced Cellfina Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. Cellulite is formed due to excess deposits of fat tissues in areas like butts, thighs, and arms. Cellulite can occur due to different reasons such as genetics also playing a role in it. It’s your choice whether you want to get rid of it or not. Want to know more about the treatment then keep reading the following article.

Causes of Cellulite:

Some main causes of cellulite formation are as follows:

  • Slow metabolism
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Hormonal changes
  • Eating too much junk foods
  • Sitting for a long period
  • Overweight
  • Too much stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Nutritional issues

How Does Cellfina Work?

Cellulite is skin depression that occurs when the band of connective tissues pulls the skin deeper and forms dimples in the layer of the skin. The cellfina treatment works on these dimples and this treatment is FDA approved and uses subcision technology. In subcision technology microblades are used to target the cellulite, the microblade will help in losing tightened bands of connective tissues. This is the most advanced method to get rid of cellulite. 

Are You a Candidate for Cellfina Treatment:

The skin therapist will examine your skin condition and will tell you if the cellfina treatment will work for you or not. A good candidate for the cellfina treatment are as follows:

  • You have cellulite appearance on thighs, buttocks
  • You have minimal skin laxity
  • You want a non-invasive treatment
  • You do not have any bleeding history
  • You are having a good skin elasticity
  • You are near your ideal body weight
  • You are self-conscious about your body appearance
  • You have realistic expectations regarding the treatment
  • Exercise and dieting are not working for you
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You do not have a serious medical condition
  • You do not have active cancer
  • You must be above the age of 25
  • You are overall a healthy person

How to Prepare Before the Treatment?

Before getting the Cellfina Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi the skin therapist will give you guidelines on how to prepare your body. The reason for preparation is a smooth procedure without any complications. Some general guidelines include:

  • Do not use cosmetic products and lotions before the treatment
  • Do not take blood thinners as it increases the chances of bleeding
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Before coming for the treatment take a good sleep
  • Use good quality and medicated sunscreen before going out in the sun
  • If you have any skin allergy then must inform the doctor
  • Inform the doctor if you are taking certain medications

Cellfina Procedure:

The skin expert starts the procedure by cleaning the treatment area. He then applies a numbing cream on that area. After that, he uses a special handheld device that contains fine needles. These microneedles break the fibrous bands and minimize the cellulite dimples. The procedure can take about an hour to complete or depending on the amount of cellulite in the targeted area. The doctor makes sure that the whole procedure is painless. You might feel pressure but that is not considered pain. After getting the cellfina treatment you will get a smooth and even appearance of the skin. 


As it is a minimally invasive procedure so you do not need a long recovery time. You can return to your life activities after 3 days. You may feel pain in the treatment area, but that can be controlled by taking certain medications. Some people also get swelling and bruising but that is temporary and will fade away in a few days. Before returning to your daily life activities you should keep some instructions in mind. Some of the aftercare guidelines which you need to follow after the treatment are as follows:

  • Use prescribed medicines to minimize the pain
  • Do not touch the treatment area as it will be sore and tender
  • Use cold compresses to minimize the swelling
  • Do not do heavy exercises which can cause pressure on the body
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight 
  • Avoid washing the treatment area to that no infections occur


You can see the results of the treatment after 4 to 5 days. With a single session, you can get results that will last for a very long time about two to three years. If you want to maintain the results then maintain the ideal weight of your body. The satisfaction rate of patients is much higher after getting the cellfina treatment.

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The cost of Cellfina Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is different for everyone. The price is not fixed as it depends on several factors such as the number of sessions, desired results, skin condition, dermatologist fees, and the pricing policy of the clinic. If you want to know the exact cost then consult our team.

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