Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which excessive sweating occurs regularly. It can be embarrassing for people and may lower their confidence in the public. Sometimes excessive sweating can occur after a hard workout or extreme activity but that is normal. But frequent and regular sweating can be a cause of social anxiety and depression. If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis then go for the Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. But before undergoing the treatment the skin expert will find out the root cause of this condition and will perform the treatment after that. Learn more about the treatment by reading the following article.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis:

Sweating usually occurs when we remain in a hot temperature for a long period. We sweat when we are excited or in a state of stress. Hyperhidrosis occurs due to the overactivity of sweat glands. When more signals are sent to the sweat gland it results in more sweating. This is the main cause of excessive sweating. Some other risk factors include family history, menopause, or any medical condition or response to certain medications. Hyperhidrosis is classified into two categories: focal and secondary hyperhidrosis.

Affected Body Areas:

Focal and secondary hyperhidrosis affects the different areas of the body. Such as:

  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Palms
  • Armpits
  • Thighs
  • Groin

Candidate for the Treatment:

The skin care expert will determine the root cause of hyperhidrosis during the initial consultation and will tell you if the treatment is beneficial for you or not. You are the ideal candidate for hyperhidrosis if:

  • You want a non-invasive treatment
  • If it makes you feel embarrassed
  • If excess sweating is lowering your confidence
  • You are overall a healthy person
  • You are above the age of 25
  • You are not suffering from neuromuscular transmission disorder


You can see the results of the treatment after a few sessions of laser treatment. Your lifestyle will start improving over time. You will have to follow all the appointments in order to get the best-desired results. The results will last for about 6 to 7 months and you will need a maintenance session to maintain the results.

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Benefits of Hyperhidrosis Treatment:

Some of the benefits of the treatment are as follows:

  • The procedure is too quick, simple, and effective
  • It is a painless treatment
  • It is non-surgical and non-invasive in nature
  • You can wear any type of clothes without any fear of sweating
  • You can see an 80 percent decrease in sweating in just one session
  • With this treatment, you can eliminate stains caused by sweating
  • The recovery time is very minimal
  • There is a very low chance of side effects and complications
  • It will improve your self-confidence


Before the Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi you will have an initial consultation with the skin expert who will tell you how to prepare before getting into the treatment procedure. You are suggested to follow the list of instructions given by the dermatologist. Following are some preparation steps for you:

  • Minimise the use of makeup or cosmetic products in the treatment area
  • Before coming for the treatment clean the targeted area
  • Avoid going in direct sunlight, especially during the peak hours
  • Minimise drinking or smoking as it interferes with the recovery process
  • Do not shave or wax the area 2 days before the treatment

Treatment Procedure:

The skin expert starts the treatment by cleaning the treatment area to avoid any side effects. He then numbs the area using topical anaesthesia or a numbing cream to minimise the discomfort during the procedure. After that, he creates a small incision under the skin tissues and then inserts a cannula with a fibre tip. After that, the laser light of different wavelengths is directed toward the targeted area. The laser light will destroy the sweat glands and after that, the cannula is used to remove the destroyed sweat glands from the treatment area.Β 

What is the Recovery Time After the Treatment?

You will recover in one or two weeks of the treatment, as it is a less invasive treatment. You have to take care of your skin and avoid using any chemical product as it can cause skin irritation. You will need to go for all the follow-up appointments to avoid side effects and complications. The skin expert will give you aftercare instructions according to your skin condition. Some of the instructions are as follows:

  • Use the medicated creams and medicines on time
  • Do not touch the targeted area without any cause
  • If you feel redness and swelling then use ice packs and cold compresses
  • Do not go outdoors to avoid sun exposure
  • Do not scratch the skin as it can cause scarring


The cost of Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is different for everyone. The reason for cost fluctuation is the number of sessions, treatment area, skin condition, skin expert fees, and pricing policy of the clinic. If you want to know the exact cost then you can contact our team.

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