A tattoo is the oldest body art technique, its design is made by pigments. Popularity is still going especially in the celebrity world because it acts as a source of self-expression and artistic freedom. People get these tattoos on their bodies for seeking attention but it is the fact after some time they start considering it as one of their absurd choices. Luckily we have several techniques available for erasing it. Earlier only surgical treatments such as dermabrasion, excision, salabrasion, and cryosurgery, were available for eliminating unwanted tattoos but today we have a variety of non-invasive procedures as well. Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Islamabad Pakistan is the best option available for eliminating tattoos.

Aim of the Treatment:

Laser tattoo removal aims to provide a non-invasive painless procedure for those who don’t want to undergo a surgical treatment for eliminating the faded and smeared tattoo permanently. The treatment helps many people by directing laser beams of different wavelengths on the skin. They penetrate deeply in the skin and play a very important role in the tattoo removal process.

Who is the Candidate?

You can opt for permanent laser tattoo removal in Islamabad if you are fed up from wearing that tattoo anymore. Before undergoing the procedure make sure you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. You are an ideal candidate if,

  1. You want a permanent solution of tattoo removal
  2. You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  3. You are above 18 and looking for a non-surgical procedure
  4. You are in good physical and mental health

Some other Facts About the Treatment:

It is a minimally invasive and pain-free procedure that aims to remove an unwanted tattoo without requiring anesthesia. People of all the skin tones (darker or lighter) can get benefit from it, with no downtime. Results can vary from person to person depending on the color and depth of the tattoo, skin type and texture and especially on the expertise of the practitioner. We either use Q-TERRA NDYAG Laser or Q-Switched ND YAG Laser for achieving the desired results for tattoo removal and Laser Hair Removal.

  • Minor side effects include swelling, redness and bruising but they will fade away with time
  • The cost of laser tattoo removal depends upon the size of the tattoo, ink color, the experience of the dermatologist.


You must have realistic expectations to come up with this strong decision. The procedure has a lot of advantages such as,

  1. It is a painless procedure as compared to other tattoo removal techniques
  2. Minimal recovery and downtime
  3. You will be able to remove the tattoo permanently that is for whole life
  4. No scarring, stitches, and bleeding
  5. It does not require local and general anesthesia even for eliminating stubborn tattoos

Instructions – Before the Treatment:

You have to follow some instructions to prepare yourself for the Laser Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan and to get the expected results

  1. Before undergoing the treatment, do not wax or thread the treated site
  2. Clean the treated site properly on the day of the treatment
  3. Get a calm sleep one night before the treatment day
  4. Avoid taking aspirin-containing medications, inflammatory drugs as they can slow down the recovery process
  5. Prohibit smoking and alcohol consumption at least for one week before the treatment
  6. Wear sunscreen and sunblock before going out. Avoid excessive sun exposure


A lunch hour, the out-patient procedure involves following steps

  1. Bore starting the procedure numbing cream is applied on the treatment site
  2. After 25 – 30 minutes numbing clean be wiped off
  3. By using a laser handheld device, high-intensity laser beams are directed on the area containing tattoo.
  4. The laser breaks down tattoo pigments into small bits, making easy for the immune system to remove it
  5. The treatment will require 3-4 sessions until the entire tattoo is removed
  6. Ice packs may be applied to minimize the discomfort
  7. After the session cooling gel will be applied for soothing irritated skin

Instructions – After the Instruction:

Following are the instructions that you have to follow to get incredible desired results

  • Use antibiotic ointments to minimize the side effects.
  • Keep the treated area clean
  • Avoid tanning and bathing for at least 3-4 weeks of the treatment
  • Apply sunblock and sunscreen before going out otherwise there are maximum chances of side effects.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching on the treated area. Do not pick or scratch skin


After getting the treatment take good care of the treated area. Prevent your skin from sun exposure for some days. You might feel bruising, redness and irritating sensation on the treated site but it will normalize in a day or two. 2 or 3 weeks will be required for complete recovery and excellent results.

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