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Acne scars on your face create an uneven tone that is normally considered an aberration and people prefer to get rid of this condition using different methods. At the outset, individuals rely on cosmetic products to deal with the issue of acne-based scarring. However, this rarely produces results that could be considered effective and long-lasting. In this regard, the use of Radio Frequency for Acne Scars in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is very crucial to treating the condition of scarring. This method utilizes radio waves to heat a specific layer of the skin while the top layers remain unaffected and undamaged. This process of heating triggers dermal remodelling and softens the scars and spots left by acne. Read more about the treatment on the page below 

Aim of the Treatment:

The primary objective of the radio frequency treatment is to get rid of acne scars through a non-ablative technique in a way that produces long-lasting results with little discomfort to the patient. Also, this kind of treatment aims at producing new collagen which in turn induces softening of the tone of Acne Scars.


Studies carried out to compare and contrast different techniques that are available to treat acne scars reveal that radio frequency-based procedure offers the best solution to the problem of scarring. after three to four treatment sessions 50-75% of the targeted area experiences the change of tone.

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Among the available methods of treating acne scarring, this technique is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this technique focuses on dermal remodeling leaving very little chance for the scars to reappear. Secondly, this technique uses radio waves in a highly targeted manner leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. Thirdly, the recovery time is relatively very short. and finally, the cost of the treatment doesn’t exceed the level of results it produces. 

Ideal Candidates:

Radio frequency is useful for people having mild to moderate acne scarring. Normally, it requires three to five sessions to destroy and remodel the scar tissue which in turn softens the tone. Besides this, fresh acne scars, that aren’t much older (not more than six months) respond greatly to radio waves.

How does Radio Frequency Work?

The Radio Frequency for Acne Scars in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan works by exposing the skin to high-energy radio waves which in return stimulates the underlying layers of the skin to produce more collagen. This collagen production results in smoothening of the skin and clearing of the acne scars. 


The first consultation with an experienced dermatologist involves talking about the patient’s skin problems and issues. The doctor physically examines the patient’s skin and also analysis their medical history. Some other tests may also be carried out by the doctor to ensure the eligibility of the candidate. After completing the initial checkup, the treatment is planned according to the person’s requirements and condition. To prepare the individual for the treatment, they should follow the instructions provided by the doctor

  • The skin should not be exposed to the sun for several weeks before the treatment
  • Chemical-containing skin and makeup products should not be applied to the skin
  • Blood thinning medications and other medicines that can affect the treatment should be avoided


  • The dermatologist cleans the skin with a sterilizing and disinfecting solution. This removes any dirt, makeup, or bacteria from the skin.
  • A numbing cream is applied so that the recipient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The cream is left on the skin for at least an hour
  • When the skin is numbed, the cream is wiped off and the dermatologist starts the treatment
  • The eyes are first covered to protect them from the radio energy
  • A handheld device is then taken that emits high-frequency radio waves onto the skin. The frequency of radio waves is adjusted according to the skin
  • This radio energy penetrates deep into the inner layers of the skin where they stimulate the tissues underneath to produce more collagen
  • This collagen production smoothens out the skin and covers up the acne scars
  • In the end, a soothing ointment is applied and an ice pack is provided to apply to the treatment area


The post-procedure care instructions are provided to the recipient by the dermatologist that needs to be followed to get the best results

  • The patient should use sunscreen with a high factor to protect the skin
  • The ointment provided needs to be applied according to the prescription
  • A cold compress or ice pack is advised to be applied to swollen region
  • Makeup and any other skincare products that contain chemicals should not be applied for at least a week
  • The skin not be touched unnecessarily as it can cause infection

Cost of Radio Frequency for Acne Scars:

The cost for Radio Frequency for Acne Scars in Islamabad & Pakistan is determined by the dermatologist after the initial checkup and consultation. It varies from person to person depending on their skin condition and the number of sessions required. Several other factors also play an important role in determining the total cost of the treatment.

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