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The face is part of the body that is the center of attraction for everyone. Like the different body shapes, several face shapes are also present. Out of which the fondest is oval or V face shape. The majority of people have numerous issue that relates to the shape of their face. They have a double chin with no definition of the jawline. Aging, genetics, and obesity is the major cause of a double chin and the collection of fat in the face. With increasing age, the skin starts losing its elasticity and eventually becomes unable to hold the fat in place. The fats start cumulating under the chin area which makes the face shapeless and sagging. Dermatologists are forthcoming with several treatments. Similar to V Shape Face Treatment that helps to provide a faultless outline to the skin.

What Is It?

This treatment helps to provide proper face angulations and proportions. Dermatologists offer a variety of procedures that can make a person look younger and provide a perfect shape of the face. Following the present beauty traits, angular jawline and chin fat reduction are the main prominences. V-shape treatment for the face will provide you with these features without any pain and risks.

Treatment Options:

There are numerous treatments that lie in the category of V-shape face treatments. All the procedures help to lift the face and provide a V-shape by making the jawline noticeable and tightening the skin through collagen production. Moreover, all these procedures are non-invasive and have no permanent side effects. Following are the methods to achieve a V shape face promptly.

  • Aqualyx Injection:

It is a material that helps to dissolve fats in any area of the body. Dermatologists mostly use them in removing abdomen, chin, or thigh fat. However, it is a very effective treatment for removing stubborn fats under the chin area. They insert the aqualyx with the help of an injection that melts the resistant fats. This fat absorbs in the lymphatic system and excretes from the body.

  • Dermal Fillers:

They are not only helpful in providing a v shape face but also beneficial in delivering poutier lips and youthful skin. The experts mostly hyaluronic acid to gain the lost volume of the face and resolve the fine lines. Ultimately, it helps to contour and sculpt the face.

  • Jawline Fillers:

These fillers result in a pointed jawline that primarily defines the face. The consequences of this treatment are excellent. It brings forth the v shape of the face. And making the face features way more prominent and sculpture.

  • Thread lifts:

Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure. In this procedure, dermatologists insert the threads in the dermis of the skin and stretch them. This stretch tightens and lifts the skin. It prominent the face features at length providing the face a V shape and obvious jawlines.

Aim of the Treatment:

All of these treatment options have similar aims and results. A V-shape face treatment is all about compelling a noticeable jawline and eradicating the sagging skin from the face. The aim of this treatment is to render a more youthful and aesthetically fine appearance.


The results of these procedures are instant and obvious. The enduring of results depends on the treatment you opt for. The outcomes are long-lasting. Still and all the results totally depend on the treatment method you opt for, the dermatologists, and the clinic you choose to undergo the treatment. V-shape face treatment in Islamabad gives the most effective results as we have professional and well-qualified dermatologists that perform this treatment.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for this procedure is the one who does not want a round face appearance. The candidates who have the following features are eligible for this treatment

  • Has an undefined jawline
  • Wants to get rid of face fats
  • Willing to have a sculpted face
  • Has a double chin
  • Slacken and loose skin
  • Wants to get a perfect face shape

Pre Procedure:

The first step before taking the treatment is consultation with the doctor. Your doctor will examine your skin condition and your medical history. After the consultation, he will advise following some measures before the treatment to avoid any risks or complications.

  • Quit smoking prior to the treatmentΒ 
  • Do not use harsh chemicals for 2 days before the treatment
  • Keep your skin clean
  • Prevent using blood thinning medication
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Do not take any other treatment for 2 weeks before starting the treatment.


Dermatologists mostly perform this procedure in their clinics under their supervision. The methods of these procedures are quite similar. Unlike thread lifts, all the procedures are non-invasive. Thread lift itself is minimally invasive and causes a little pain. Following are the steps of this treatment

  • Firstly, dermatologists will examine your skin and make sure you are eligible for this treatment.
  • He will then cleanse your skin and apply local anesthesia on the skin to reduce pain signals.
  • Injects the fillers in the skin in the jawline and under the chin respective of your selected treatment method.
  • In the case of thread lifts, dermatologists insert the threads with the help of the needle.
  • He performs this procedure very carefully to avoid any kind of complications.


This treatment is not invasive at all and has no complexities afterward. But temporary symptoms may appear after the treatment. It includes redness, bruising, and swelling of the skin. These symptoms do not last for a longer time and resolve on their own without any treatment.

  • Cleanse your face with a gentle moisturizer
  • Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Avoid any kind of facial treatment for a month
  • Do not use harsh chemicals and exfoliants on the skin
  • Keep your skin away from sun exposure
  • Use sunscreen every time.
  • Do not touch your face with your hands to prevent infections
  • If the aftereffects of the treatment become worse, consult your doctor immediately
  • Keep yourself in touch with your doctor.


These procedures have several benefits. It does not need recovery time. Moreover, the client does not need to wait for a long time for results to appear. It is way better than surgical treatment. And has several advantages that can help to achieve a younger look in no time.

  • Reduce the round appearance of the face
  • Tightens and lifts the skinΒ 
  • Makes the jawline more prominent
  • Reduce the double chin
  • Makes the shape of the face more contoured and angular
  • Increase the self-confidence
  • Non-invasive procedure and causes no pain
  • Requires no recovery time


We have proficient dermatologists who offer V Shape Face Treatment in our clinic in Islamabad. Our well-qualified doctors provide this treatment in a cost-effective package. To get to know about the cost of treatment visit our clinic in Islamabad.

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