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People love to get plumpy lips these days. The trend is more common in women. The best procedure by which they can make their dream a reality is the lips botox treatment. The process will give them the aesthetic and enhanced look they want. Different products are used to provide them with the appearance of the lips they want. This is sometimes the Juvederm, Restylane, or other silicone injections. If your lips are thin and you are not liking them then you can get the same treatment as well. To know about the Lips Botox Price in Pakistan Islamabad. You just need to read the blog present below!

What Does a Lip Botox Do?

Botox is made from a botulinum toxin bacterium. When these are injected into the lips it gives various cosmetic benefits. The appearance of the lips gets improved. Mostly, the effects of the treatment remain there for almost 3 months. The limit of change in lip shape depends on the location where it is injected and how the insertion is carried out. To inject the Botox Injections in the lip area. The doctor uses syringes having that specific product in them. Once the injection is done, the botox causes the lips muscles to get relax and the lips get curled gaining a plumpy shape. The lips then look larger and raised. The overall procedure time is around 10 to 15 minutes.

What Can Be Achieved?

With the botox treatment for lips done the lips get a fuller appearance, the looks that an individual wants. There are certain reasons because of why a person is required to obtain the treatment. Firstly, it enhances the volume of lips and gives a more improved personality. Overall facial glances become more defined. Lips that are damaged due to genetics, smoke, and sun can be treated by the treatment.


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Kinds of Lip Fillers:

There are different types of botox that are available for lip filling. These are as follows:

  • Sometimes these are synthetic
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen botox for lips
  • Biodegradeable 

The components that represent the injections are Dysport, Xeomin, and the jeauveau. 

How does it Gets Done?

To do the process, the doctor applies the injections into the middle part of your upper lips. The injection gives a curly shape to your lips. The overall length of the treatment gets enhanced. The number of filling products depends on the need of the patient. These injections do not need any recovery time as it is not surgical procedure. The patient can continue all the daily chores on the day of treatment. When you will visit your dentist, he/she will guide you accordingly. 

Lips Botox Price in Pakistan:

The location, standard of the clinic, and many other factors decide the prices of lips botox treatments. The Lips Botox Price in Pakistan Islamabad varies from PKR 35000 To PKR 70,000. Anyhow, the actual charges will be determined at the initial meeting with the dentist as there are various factors that will impact the price.

  • The Specialty of the Doctor: 

The skills of the expert will impact the price of the process. It is recommended to get the process done by an expert who is qualified & experienced.

  • Location:

 The site of the clinic determines the price of the method. More upgraded areas and high quality will affect the charges of the method.

  • Condition & Requirement of the Patient: 

The wish of the individual is valued a lot. If a patient wants more plumped lips more products will use. Hence, the price will be more. 

Why Choose Us?

Patients who get Best Lips Botox Price in Islamabad Pakistan from our Glamorous Clinic have shown a lot of satisfaction. The individuals obtain the desired results they want. The aesthetics which a patient wants to be gained by them after the treatment are guaranteed. All our products that are in use are FDA-approved. Once you meet the doctors you will get to know about your condition and the type of treatments that are available. 

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