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The nose is the most prominent feature of the face, everyone wants a straight and beautiful nose, now medical advancement makes it possible to alter your facial feathers as per your wish, no need to live with irregular or defective feathers you can contour your face, but people frequently experience anxiety while considering facial surgery, but no need to fear the invasive technique, Cosmetics Islamabad offers a very convenient and non-invasive technique which is liquid rhinoplasty for your nose, you should not lose hope for your nose reshaping desire. This procedure helps you to repair the nose with fillers and threads. The technique is appropriate for people who have minor nasal abnormalities or who are just not ready for major surgery. It will simply use fillers to make the hump or minor flaw disappear. If you want to know the details and Cost of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Islamabad Pakistan, then keep reading this blog.

Aim of Liquid Rhinoplasty:

A liquid nose job in Islamabad is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. in this procedure, the expert reshapes your nose by utilizing dermal fillers injected under the skin of your nose. These injectables consist of hyaluronic acid, which is also an essential element of your body Your physician can straighten your bumps, address asymmetry, and design a distinct shape for your nose by injecting appropriate filler. It is a long-lasting nose job that helps you to enhance your facial appearance, reduce the impression of a dorsal hump, or straighten a nose. It shows instant outcomes and no negative consequences.


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What Issues Does It Address?

This non-invasive treatment is similar to cosmetic repair; injections do not damage bone and cartilaginous tissues, but simply aesthetically shape and add volume to them. If you are going through the below-mentioned nose problems, then it is the best choice to fix them:

  • If you have dimples on the dorsum of the nose,
  • Too narrow a nose tip or a pointed tip
  • Humpback.
  • The nose bridge is flat.
  • Ptosis of the tissues
  • Asymmetries.
  • If your nose became deformed after rhinoplasty surgery,

Pre-Procedure Instructions:

There is no need to take extraordinary precautions before the operation because it is non-surgical and non-invasive, but you need to follow the below-given tips for effective effects:

  • Avoid using drugs and blood thinners.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Discuss your previous medical conditions and medicines with your expert.
  • Take a healthy diet and complete rest before the procedure.


The treatment will be performed at the clinic, and you will be able to sit or lie down during it. It is accomplished in the following steps:

  • Initially, the expert deeply cleans the targeted site.
  • Then the doctor will highlight the targeted area.
  • Then numbing cream or sedative products will be applied to the targeted site to make the patient relax.
  • Anesthesia utilization depends on the severity of the error.
  • Then the doctor will inject the dermal filler solution into the targeted area with the help of tiny needles.
  • Then the expert will gently massage the area for equal distribution of the mixture and effective outcomes.
  • The process is completed within 20 minutes, but it is not fixed. It depends on the condition of your nose.

Post-Procedure Care:

After getting done with a non-surgical Liquid Rhinoplasty, you must follow the aftercare guidelines. The expert will suggest some guidelines to protect you from infections and quick healing. Applicants must follow the below instructions:

  • For a while, avoid facial workouts and therapy.
  • Do not scratch and rub the targeted site.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Only use prescribed medications.
  • In the case of itching, apply ice packs.

Cost of Liquid Rhinoplasty Islamabad:

The Liquid Rhinoplasty cost in Islamabad is very reasonable compared to a competitive market. At Glamorous Cosmetic, it ranges from 12,000 PKR to 25, 000 PKR, but it is not consistent; it can be changed for all patients because it depends on multiple external and eternal factors, but when something is related to your beauty, then never compromise it and bother with cost because the outcomes of the treatment depend on the expertise of the doctors. You must understand that it is a cosmetic procedure that cannot be covered by any insurance provider, following are cost-influencing factors:

Cost Affecting Factor:

Prices for each treatment are not constant anywhere because many things affect the cost. The main interfering things are enlisted below:

The Doctor’s Experiences:

If the expert is highly qualified and experienced, they will charge a premium because they are very efficient in their service efficacy and effectiveness, and they also carefully administer the fillers in the proper manners.

Selection of a Nose Job:

When you select the procedure based on your nose issue, different ways are conducted at varying cost levels, because each method has a different speciality and uniqueness, which can influence the expenses, When you eventually decide on a method, the cost may rise or fall. Furthermore, non-surgical nose treatments such as liquid and thread lift procedures will be conducted in numerous sessions, with a fee levied per session.

Clinic Location:

If the clinic is well-known and located in a posh area, then the price will be accordingly. The location and reputation of the clinic are quite important. As the prime located aesthetic center, it delivers qualitative services and is an environment-friendly place.

The Severity of your Nose:

If the patient’s nose is in a very irregular shape and wants more concentration to fix it, then the amount of filler will be utilized more for proper asymmetry.

Why Choose Us?

If you are interested to know the Cost of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Islamabad Pakistan, then don’t worry about the outcomes and healing. We have highly experienced doctors to perform liquid rhinoplasty, and they are delivering satisfactory service at an inexpensive cost. It is preferable to consult with our top plastic surgeon, who will assist you, offer the appropriate treatment, and do it accurately. You will have a memorable experience.