Microneedling with PRP Under Eyes in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost

By depositing platelets, one of the constituents of blood, and sliding acupuncture needles from over the skin, Microneedling with PRP under eyes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is an aesthetic procedure that promotes collagen creation. Microneedling might be more effective if PRP from either the blood is added to the treatment. Plasma is fluid in the blood, whereas platelets are particles. Platelets are crucial for wound healing and injuries because they aid in blood clotting. PRP is plasma that has a higher proportion of platelets than other blood constituents. Platelet-rich plasma injections can be used with microneedling behind the eyes to encourage the formation of new cells and accelerate healing. To improve their outcomes, some patients additionally mix microneedling with serums that contain vitamin A or are rich In vitamin c. Continue reading to learn more about it 

What Causes Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes?

Dark circles, which can seem black or even brown based on skin tone, are extremely frequent in both men and women. Eye bags, which are characterized by puffiness, can make an individual appear older than they are as well as make one appear ill or sick.

Among the body’s weakest areas is the skin around the eyes. Its delicately textured skin lacks sebaceous glands and therefore is prone to developing dark circles, rims, or dark spots. Since there is no connective tissue behind the eyelids and the epidermis is not fully supported like the skin on the other parts of the face, undereye circles around the eyelids appear highly noticeable. Because of a deficiency of collagen, growing older and climate conditions cause the skin texture to lose its suppleness and smoothness.


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What is the Essence of the Treatment?

It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that improves the epidermis all around the eyes and face to make a person look younger. PRP penetrates the tissue when used in conjunction with microneedling because of the microscopic passageways that are formed by the needles. The advantages of microneedling are enhanced with PRP. PRP also treats eye bags and swelling around the eyes to make the individual look more refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Why Get the Treatment?

  • The epidermis will be more resilient, youthful, and largely wrinkle-free.
  • Additionally, any bothersome acne scars and overall aging indicators are reduced by this technique.
  • This technique can give the person best skin for somewhere between twelve months and 2 years, based on the epidermis and metabolism.
  • Age can affect how effectively some treatments perform, however, PRP has been proven to be effective on individuals of all ages.
  • Almost all of this procedure is organic.
  • There is certainly less likelihood of a negative reaction because it is produced by the body.
  • It aims to restore youthfulness while being less dangerous for both physical and aesthetic health.
  • It lasts significantly longer than that other therapies and is healthier.
  • PRP is a secure, organic method for treating troublesome facial areas.
  • PRP eye regeneration will target these trouble spots, such as crow’s feet, skin problems, or creases in general, and the receiver can experience benefits very rapidly.

Who is Ideal for the Therapy?

Patients who suffer from lupus, psoriasis, acne, or other inflammatory illnesses should avoid this treatment. Because PRP needs some blood to work, it is also inappropriate for individuals with a diagnosis of bleeding disorders or who use blood-thinning drugs. PRP shots are highly successful at treating under-eye problems, even though they are used to lessen the look of aging across the skin by stimulating tissue creation in novel ways.

What is the Procedure Like?

Following a little sample of blood, the dermatologist uses a topical anesthetic to sedate the area under the eyes. Then they’ll run a microneedling or derma-roller across the area. This apparatus not only starts the natural healing process of the skin but also makes passages for the PRP. Furthermore, the tiny tears in the skin boost collagen synthesis in the skin’s deeper parts, which aids in rejuvenation by reducing the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  • The microneedling portion of the procedure typically lasts about 30 minutes, giving the practitioner plenty of room to process the blood sample into PRP.
  • The specialist will next administer PRP under the eyes. This facilitates the platelets and beneficial bioactive chemicals in PRP’s deep penetration, enabling it to do amazing skin-rejuvenating wonders
  • The specialist will next rub a medication over the treated area to reduce the swelling and irritation. There is usually very minimal to no downtime during the entire treatment, which usually takes around two hours. The next day, individuals often return to their daily routines. 


You no longer have to worry about dark circles and under eye bags. You can get clear and smooth skin with the best Microneedling with PRP under eyes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan! To learn more about the treatment, you can contact our experts at the number provided or visit our clinic.