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Dental Retainers!

Dental Retainers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan are usually utilized by orthodontists as the final step of the treatment of orthodontics. Mostly, as the last stage after wearing braces or Invisalign. The retainers ease to keep the teeth straight and rectify the bite. The process also perfectly lessens the natural shifting of the teeth, which occurs after the removal of braces. This therapy will let the client have a newly straightened smile.

Purpose of Retainers?

The purpose of the method is to ease the client to hold the teeth in their final position after the braces are taken off. By using a retainer, the teeth of the client are kept straight and aligned by preventing the movement that occurs naturally after Invisalign or braces. Anyhow, our teeth change their position regularly, so utilizing retainers after straightening the teeth is a technique of holding & positioning the teeth in their new position.

Expected Results:

The effect of Dental Retainers is a very effective and beneficial technique that delivers proper structure and formation of the teeth. This can be noticed and observed after removing the braces for a long time.

Amazing Benefits:

There are many benefits of wearing retainers, below are mentioned some of the benefits of the treatment:

  • Helps in oral hygiene.
  • Can be removed.
  • Are invisible.
  • Longevity is long.
  • Amazing visible difference.
  • Maintenance of structure.
  • Eases the client to avoid clenching.
  • Assists in breathing and speech.

Types of Retainers:

There are usually two types of Dental Retainers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan: Removable & Fixed:

Removable Retainers: 

This is the most prescribed removable retainer that appears like a clear and plastic mouthguard. The incredible part about them is that they can be easily removed and placed back. For instance, while eating or playing any sports. In some scenarios, the client might be given a removable plate retainer with a wire. The wire is fixed to an acrylic plate that sits comfortably at the top part of the mouth and can be taken on and off in the same way as a clear molded retainer. Another amazing part of the removable retainers is that they can be easily cleaned.

Fixed Retainers:

These are fixed or bonded retainers, they adhere to the back of the teeth of the client with a type of dental filling material and are mostly used in cases where the teeth are more likely to observe spacing or crowding. In this scenario, the client will have a thin, single wire cemented at the back of the teeth to maintain them in their position for the long term and mostly permanently.

How Long Should Retainer be Worn?

This is variable on how long the client appeal to maintain their teeth straight. If the client wants them to be permanent, then they will need to wear them for a lifetime. For a few weeks, the candidate will need to wear them all the time, apart from eating and brushing. 

The clients who have been prescribed a removable retainer can expect to wear it every night for a few months to a year, but it can be even less than the mentioned time period. Anyhow, after that, the client will only wear them for some nights in a week.

If the candidate is prescribed a fixed retainer, the candidate can expect to wear them for a lifetime. However, the bond utilized for fixed retainers is powerful, and many clients will find their wire remaining in place for years after the process. The plus point of these retainers is that they are not noticeable and most candidates do not remember that they are wearing them. 

Cost of Dental Retainers Islamabad:

The cost of the method is variable from PKR 16,999 to PKR 26,999, this is because there are many other impacting factors of cost such as the type of appliance chosen by the candidate, the follow-up visits with the orthodontist, the name and location of the clinic, the expertise and qualification of the dental expert, and some other expenses.

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