Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost & Price

RCT- Root Canal Treatment!

The exterior part or crown of teeth is a three-coated structure, known as Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp. if the decay of the tooth is restricted to the first two coatings, it can be rectified with filling or restoration. But in case, the tooth decay has reached the third coating and causes bacteria or inflammation of the pulp, a Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan is all you require. To know more, keep reading the informative page to ease sort out your concerns!

What is the Goal of the Treatment?

RCT- Root Canal Treatment, also recognized as Endodontic Treatment is a treatment that is carried out when tooth decay reaches the innermost part of the tooth that causes inflammation. It is essential to save the destructed tooth from extraction. This process is carried out by an endodontist who is also known as a Root Canal Specialist. The purpose of the method is to repair & save a badly damaged or infected tooth.  

What are the Symptoms?

Following are quoted the symptoms for the requirement of RCT:

  • The candidate is observing a toothache.
  • Feel pain while eating food.
  • Prolonged sensitivity.
  • Feel a hot or cold sensation.
  • Puffiness in the gums.

Expected Results:

The result of a Root Canal Treatment is considered to be long-lasting. This means the outcomes of the method are cherished for a lifetime.

Is it Painful?

As per the dental experts of Clinic, the candidates are given anesthesia to make the treatment free of pain and make them comfortable. However, a root canal is usually a bit sore or numb after the process, and can even cause mild soreness for some days.

The Pros & Cons:

With every procedure, there are multiple benefits and a few risks, and so as with this treatment, there are numerous perks and some root canal treatment side effects.

The Pros

The Cons

  • Virtually free of pain.
  • Tooth loss is prevented.
  • Boosts aesthetic appearance.
  • Degeneration of the jawbone is prevented.
  • Enhances oral & overall health.
  • Safeguards neighboring teeth.
  • Prevents the spread of infection.
  • Repairs and saves damaged teeth.
  • Severe pain or pressure lasting more then a few days.
  • Visible puffiness inside or outside the mouth.
  • An allergic reaction to medications.
  • Observe itchiness or inflammation.
  • Feeling uneven bite.
  • Discomfort & soreness.
  • Minimal pain.

Perfect Candidate: 

According to the dental experts at Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan, below are mentioned the criteria for the clients who are perfect for the method.

  • Observing the darkening of the tooth.
  • Puffiness or tenderness in the gums.
  • Having bumps on the tooth gums.
  • Sensitivity issue while eating hot or cold food.
  • Feel pain while eating.
  • Not having any chronic disease.
  • Diabetic patients are not excellent in the process.
  • Clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not excellent for the method. 

What are the Preparations? 

Below are mentioned the pre-care tips that are essential to follow to attain a safe and effective treatment. 

  • Keep your mouth clean.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Avoid eating hard food.
  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Avoid drinking.

How is the Procedure Carried Out?

Following are mentioned the stages that are carried out to accomplish the treatment of RCT.

Step 1:

In the initial stage, the dental specialist will take an X-ray to decide the extent & approach to infection. And then, local anesthesia is applied on the site of treatment to numb it and make it free of pain.

Step 2:

In the second stage, the preparation of the cavity is carried out. It is made by being assured all the infected tooth material or previous filling material is eliminated and a proper and accurate strategy for the inner part of the tooth pulp is established. 

Step 3:

In the following stage, the expert will disinfect and form the pulp canals. The pulp that is infected is cleared out entirely. The canals are cleaned and shaped. And thus, disinfection is attained.

Step 4:

The canals that are cleaned and disinfected are then filled and sealed with a fixed rubber-like filling material.

Step 5:

In this final stage, restoration & crowning are done. The portion of the crown of the tooth cavity is restored with a filling, followed by crown cementation.

After-Treatment Care Tips: 

After the process, the dental expert will provide some essential tips to follow to attain optimal and effective results.

  • Refrain from putting pressure on the tooth.
  • Refrain from eating hard and crunchy food.
  • Brush your teeth carefully.
  • Prevent brushing harshly.
  • Prevent smoking and drinking.
  • Floss your teeth regularly.
  • Refrain from sticky food like gum.
  • Avoid taking too hot or cold beverages.

Recovery Duration: 

Usually, the recovery time of RCT lasts for less than 7 days. Mild soreness & discomfort might be available for a few days, but this can be supervised with medication. If the candidate has extreme pain or discomfort that stays for a long duration, then it is suggested to have a word with the treatment expert.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment Islamabad: 

The standard charges at Glamorous Clinic are variable from PKR 22,000 to PKR 49,000. But this is not the fixed cost as there are many other influencing elements of cost such as the experience of the dental specialist, the reputation & location of the clinic, application of anesthesia, the state of the client’s teeth, and some other expenses. However, the real charges of the process will be known at the initial meeting with the endodontist. 

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