Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost


Many people can have dark-pigmented lips or they are tired of applying lipsticks daily. If you are one of them then you are in the right place. Permanent lip colour treatment can give you natural pink colour lips in a less invasive way. It is the same as micro blading in which a fake illusion of eyebrows is created to give you a fulle aur eyebrow look. A skincare expert or an aesthetician provides lip-blushing services. This cosmetic procedure is becoming trendy due to the benefits it serves. Want to know about Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan then keep reading the following blog.

What is Lip Blushing Treatment?

Lip blushing treatment will give you a perfect and shaped pout without any need of applying lipstick. This is a famous beauty trick to give you fuller and enhanced lips in a less painful way. Along with providing symmetry to the lips it also boosts collagen production and gives a fresh look to your lips. Lip blushing treatment is performed using a sterile needle or a handheld device through which your desired natural pink colour is deposited into the skin surface. 

Does Permanent Lip Color Treatment Hurt?

It is a little invasive procedure so it is not so painful. The skin expert will apply numbing cream or local anaesthesia to avoid any type of pain during the procedure. Although people may feel a tingling sensation or a mild pinching during the treatment. The doctor may suggest you take acetaminophen which also helps in reducing pain.


Best Permanent Lip Color Treatment Clinic Price in Pakistan  Best Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Pakistan  Permanent Lip Color Treatment Clinic Price in Islamabad

Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Islamabad  Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Pakistan  Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Rawalpindi


If you are considering undergoing the lip colour treatment and want to know the exact cost then you can contact the team. Generally, the Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Pakistan starts from PKR 15,000. The price may increase or fluctuate for everyone as everyone has a different skin condition and wants different types of desired results. The factors which affect the cost of the treatment are as follows:

  • Treatment Area Condition:

Everyone has a different lip condition, some have loose and less elastic lips skin. Or some have very good lips. So the skin expert will examine your lip’s condition and will tell you the cost accordingly.

  • Number of Sessions:

Every person’s body response is different to the treatment and everyone requires a different number of sessions. If the number of sessions increases the price will increase accordingly.

  • Desired Results:

Some people want natural pink colour and some want dark shade tones lips, so the price will fluctuate accordingly. You will need to discuss your desired goals and colour so the price will be decided accordingly.

  • Dermatologist Fees:

A highly skilled or experienced skin expert costs more than an unskilled person. Make sure you choose an expert doctor to avoid any type of side effects. He will charge you more but will deliver the best results.

  • Location of the Clinic:

If the clinic is located in a well-reputed and famous area then it will affect the cost. The pricing policy of the clinic for every type of treatment also affects the cost of the treatment. As every skin clinic has set its price for every procedure.

Ways to Find a Qualified Doctor:

Before undergoing the treatment procedure make sure you choose a qualified and experienced skin expert to avoid any side effects. Some of the ways to find the best doctor are:

  • The skin expert must be well trained and have evidence of their experience
  • He has performed lip-blushing treatment in the past
  • He must a have portfolio and after and before pictures of the results they have delivered
  • He uses sterilised needles and sanitised medical equipments
  • He listens to all your goals carefully

Final Thoughts!

If you want beautiful colour lips permanently then the permanent lip treatment is the best option for you. This treatment is the most widely used cosmetic procedure which delivers effective and permanent results with little or no side effects. You can choose the Glamorous Clinic for getting the treatment as we have a highly skilled skin expert and esthetician who will deliver the best results. Want to know more about the Permanent Lip Color Treatment Price in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan then feel free to contact us. 

You can book an appointment with us by filling out the online consultation form and we will contact you shortly and will book a treatment slot for you. So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the treatment in a comfortable environment.