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It is normal to suffer from a skin condition. At least one in fifty persons has some kind of skin disease or condition. The problem only becomes worst if it is not taken care of in time. If any individual starts noticing some kind of abnormality on the skin which also causes irritation and does not get better with home remedies, it is advisable to get it checked by an experienced dermatologist. One such condition is known as Eczema. An individual is to take home remedies to get it under control however if it does not improve, it is important to get professional help. This is because it can also lead to an infection. You can get the most effective Eczema Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan from renowned skin specialists. Continue reading to learn more. 

What is Eczema?

Eczema, commonly referred to as “dermatitis,” is an inflammation of the skin. It is not communicable and is characterized by intense stinging, burning, leaking, and flaky sores. These signs may be uncomfortable, and they may also result in skin color changes and sores. Dermatitis is caused by allergies in some people.

In time, dermatitis appears and disappears. It causes high – sensitivity and chapped skin, and it may be aggravated by being exposed to irritants like pollens or dust mites. Makeup, lotions, cleansers, and creams with strong smells are additional popular allergens. Dermatitis can also get inflamed when exposed to household cleaners and scents. Some person’s eczema could become more severe as a result of stress, colds, other diseases, changing weather (particularly dry wintertime air), or any of these factors. A red rash or red spots on the skin, particularly in the arm and knee bends, dry skin that could perhaps split and bleed, and itching is signs of eczema.

The Essence of the Treatment:

Eczema and dermatitis therapy aim to reduce the need for medicines while alleviating the symptoms and indications of the skin condition. Our specialists advise using at-home remedies to treat and avoid minor blemishes, and they also provide light therapy and medicine to those whose signs don’t go away after over-the-counter remedies. 


Eczema typically manifests as periodic flare-ups throughout a person’s lifetime. Sores might require several weeks to go away after treatment. If people don’t restrict their interaction to irritants, there’s a chance that future flare-ups may happen as all these patches are the result of adverse immunological reactions. 

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Dermatologists with specialized training in allergies can address skin diseases like eczema that are frequently brought on by an adverse reaction. The first step of the treatment is the diagnosis of the problem where a person will probably be questioned about the kinds of soaps, detergents, and products for skin care they use, in addition to any potential environmental triggers for their dermatitis.

A prick examination, which typically involves applying a diluted irritant with only a prick or piercing to the top layer of skin, might well be carried out by the allergist. For around fifteen minutes, the allergist keeps an eye on the tested part of the skin to see if a lump (wheal) or burning (flare) appears. For both individuals and children, the testing is often performed on the shoulder or forearm, with many irritants being evaluated concurrently.

The physician will rule out any additional disorders that could result in skin irritation. A therapy strategy for the particular disease can be developed by an allergist thanks to their specialized training. The ability to live a life that is as typical and symptom-free as feasible is the main focus of the doctor. The allergist may be able to identify potential allergic causes of dermatitis and make therapy recommendations to help alleviate symptoms and irritation.

Treatment Options:

Eczema has no known treatment. However, medications can lessen discomfort. Depending on the severity of the signs, as well as the location of the outbreak, the skin specialist will advise a particular Eczema Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan. A few are administered topically to the skin. Others are consumed orally.

  • The doctor may prescribe specific dermatologically tested ointments to be applied to the infected area
  • Some oral medicines may also be given that are to be taken according to the prescription
  • Corticosteroids are used topically to reduce skin irritation and may also be prescribed by the doctor. The improper strength of these lotions and ointments applied to sensitive places can harm the skin.
  • For some, the skin specialist may recommend Phototherapy. It is a treatment with ultraviolet light that targets the infected area
  • Another treatment of wet wraps may also be carried out where wet cloth is wrapped around the areas where there is irritation 
  • Another therapy of bleach baths is also often carried out which includes taking a bath in a very diluted solution of bleach


The skin may not clean up for several days following therapy. The healthcare practitioner may give oral or external drugs to lessen the discomfort more quickly. Consult the therapist if the pain persists after therapy or does not go away within a few sessions. 

Insurance Coverage:

Health insurance providers have certain SOPs they follow and also some requirements of the treatments that are to be covered. This treatment does fall under medically important procedures needed for the health of the individual and is therefore generally covered by the insurance company. However, it is advisable to confirm with your insurance providers if the cost of the treatment is covered.


The average price of Eczema Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan may range from Rs. __ to Rs. __. The cost of the treatment may vary from person to person as it depends on the number of sessions required since the whole treatment cannot be completed in a single appointment. Some other factors affecting the cost are the current condition of the patient, the dermatologist’s experience and qualifications, and the clinic’s level. All these factors are kept into consideration by the doctor when determining the cost of the therapy.

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